WWE '12 Creative Director Discusses WWF No Mercy Comparisons

ComputerandVideogames.com has a new article online featuring a Q&A with WWE '12 creative director Cory Ledesma. In it, he discusses comparisons to the critically acclaimed WWF No Mercy video game. Below is an excerpt:

We understand the nostalgic appeal to No Mercy and we understand what they did very well. Sometimes those things get put on a pedestal and get raised to a level that isn't fair to compare with [us]. It's not an apples-to-apples comparison.

But the things they did really well was that the game was extremely well balanced as a fighting game product. [We] Loved the back-and-forth momentum, loved the controls, loved the depth of the combat... It was really well balanced in terms of not being able to pull off strong grapples right away - you had to wear down your opponent. Things like that they did excellently. And so those were the things we look at as inspiration. But the game is dated, obviously, so we look at it just from that inspiration standpoint.

The other thing is that we don't really want to make No Mercy. We want to make a different game. We know people want to play No Mercy again, but that's not what WWE 12 is. So we don't really like to look at ourselves and say let's be like 'this' - we want to make our own name for ourselves, and maybe push the envelope past No Mercy. I know maybe that's a lofty goal, but it's one we want to rise up to the challenge rather than just resort to past success.

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  • sal

    wwe 12 controls are very bad in wwe 12

    • John

      What does that even mean?

    • Matt

      Only controls that are bad are the backstage walking. Other then that there awesome

  • Pipebomb

    WWF No Mercy is the best WWF/WWE game of all time in my personal opinion

  • Tim

    No they are not. Take time to learn them. BTW, what game was that again? You didn't repeat the name enough in your post.

  • whammaster

    its kinda sad, but the story in WWE 12 is actually more interesting then the story that is going on in wwe atm.

  • wish i could make a good response to this but sadly i cant, only because i have yet to receive my Pre-Order 🙁

  • Blazeking

    " we want to make our own name for ourselves, and maybe push the envelope past No Mercy."

    Then stop doing yearly rehashes and actually take time to build a game engine that ages gracefully. Take2-3 to develop it! THQ has had plenty of time to do it. I bought WWE 12 to see how good it was. It's basically Smackdown vs Raw 2012 with better gameplay. It's not a complete game rewrite like they were marketing to people who are coming back to WWE games. THQ imo needs to stop the madden-like development cycle if they really want to "push the envelope past No Mercy". No Mercy took time to develop.

    • Lee

      They dropped the name smackdown vs raw theme because they are on the supershow n when was the last bragging rights ppv

      And sal the controls are great if you think there bad meet me online i'll be on the ps3 all day 2day

    • Silver

      It's stupid to blame THQ for the yearly releases when it's the WWE that makes them do it. If THQ didn't agree to release a product every year, then the WWE would stop giving them licensing rights to make games for them and find another developer.

      Considering the very tight schedule they have, I think they put out a very solid product most of the time.

  • Wendy

    I still play No Mercy every once and awhile. A Nintendo 64 was the last video game console I purchased (over 10 years ago now, WOW, where does the time go?) and it will probably be the last. I hope WWE 12 will be for the new generation of WWE fans what No Mercy was for me; timeless, and raw!