WWE '13 DLC, Hornswoggle's WWE Studios Film, The Rock On Raw

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- The first downloadable characters for WWE '13 will be released on December 4th.

- The WWE Studios film "Leprechaun: Origins" starring Hornswoggle is due out on Blu-Ray and DVD in March 2013.

- The Rock is being advertised for the January 28th WWE Raw taping in Las Vegas and February 18th Raw taping in Lafayette, Louisiana. With The Rock confirmed to work Wrestlemania 29, expect several Raw appearances in the buildup.

  • Nick B

    Why is horswoggle (who is loved by the kids) playing a serial killer in a movie? That seems like a very bad idea.

    • I think the real question is why the hell is that movie even being made? Why were any of them ever made, they're horrible!

  • Harry Firkins

    it is the 2nd dlc park released on the 4th not the 1st dlc pack that was released on day1

  • Andrew

    I’m bored of the rocks return already and he hasn’t even returned yet


    If the Rock is returning, that means he has gone form WWE which means he never really stayed………

    Your Welcome!

    • snap

      Well, to be fair, John Cena has also been said to “make his return to RAW” after a one week absence in the past, so the concept of “returns” has been diluted for some time.

      I still think people were far too literal with Rock’s “never going away again” line. There is a big difference between Rock making sporadic appearances through his movie schedule than a complete absence for half a decade.

      I mean, up until last year’s Survivor Series, it had been at least seven years (coincidentally the length of Bruno Sammartino’s first WWWF championship reign) since he had participated in a match. He’s had two matches since then and is advertised for two more.

      I don’t think he should actually win the WWE championship at the Rumble, though, not unless he will be making regular appearances on WWE television OR, at the very least, appearing with the championship during his promotional appearances.

      • basss

        John Cena was injured so he had to be asbent

  • Michael

    What other dates if The Rock advertised for up till Wrestlemania?