WWE 2K14 On XBox & PS3 Only?, Shawn Michaels Returning To WWE

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WWE 2K14 Update

Take 2 Games only listed Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as the platforms that WWE 2K14 will be released on October 29, 2013, however, they noted it will be published “across all major platforms and distribution channels.” Click here for coverage by IGN.

Shawn Michaels/WWE

We reported last month that Shawn Michaels is advertised for three WWE live events later this month (5/24, 5/25 & 5/26). He's also expected to appear on Monday Night Raw on May 27th in Calgary as part of Bret Hart Appreciation Night. The company is billing the aforementioned May 24th live event as Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night.

  • “across all major platforms and distribution channels.”

    pretty much means PS3 and Xbox 360

    • Well, PC is a major platform and Steam is a major distribution channel, as well as PSN, which has never had a PS3 version of the game game as a downloadable offering. Plus, one can speculate about the fact that the 3DS is a major Handheld platform.

  • Izzet

    It better be on PC. I only have PC and the latest WWE game released on PC was WWF RAW.