WWE Addresses Investor Concerns Over New Hulu Deal & Impending WWE Network

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WWE posted the following on their investor relations Twitter account:

I mentioned the tie-in between YouTube, Hulu and the impending WWE Network here in today's video report.

  • Ken

    In other words, Vince knows his rather overambitious idea of having his own network is tanking, just like the XFL tanked, just like the WBF tanked, just like virtually all if not actually all WWF/E film ventures have tanked, and he was looking for an alternative, only some investor saw the obvious and called Vince on it and now Vince is backtracking to cover his butt before the rest of the investors.

    • The Dude

      Yep. That’s actually what happened.

      • Ken


  • Kevin

    I used to be able to watch Raw on the inet if I missed it on television due to work. Now, I'll have to pay to watch it on the inet if I miss it on television. Every link I used to use now has a notice up that WWE has pulled it due to copyright concerns. This sucks.