WWE Adds Speculation To Undertaker Retirement With New Poll

There has been speculation for a few years now on when the Undertaker will ultimately hang up the boots and retire from the wrestling world. This year, the speculation is on again as many think that the Dead Man will "pass the torch" and put Roman Reigns over at Wrestlemania 33.

WWE has fueled those rumours with their latest poll, offering up "[Roman] will end the Phenom's career" as one of the possible outcomes of the Roman Reigns/Undertaker match at Wrestlemania.

What do you think will and/or should happen?


  • Vomkrieg

    Nope, because Roman has already had all the “rubs” one can get and he’s still not over. Having him go over Taker will be just another reason for people to find him boring and over-pushed.

    • AB

      Being a Taker fan, I do kind of want to see him go out with a victory. Of course, doing the honours is the tradition, and Taker is old school like that, so I certainly respect his decision. Despite what Vince might say, I suspect a lot of it is Taker’s call at the end of the day.

      However, I agree with you. I’m sceptical that it’ll end up achieving what WWE wants as far as Reigns is concerned, unless they go with a full blown heel turn for him. It’s the right thing to do according to tradition and building new stars, but there’s already been a lot of mismanagement with Reigns’ main event push.

  • sam

    Unless Vince turns Roman heel there’s no pay off in having Undertaker lose. However, if Undertaker is truly done..then he needs to do the honors regardless of what Vince does with Roman.

    • Marc

      Undertaker already did honors and gave it to the one person that didn’t need it in brock lesnar. The fact that roman is getting this honor when they had Bray lose annoys me. and like Vom said, roman been getting everything and still no one likes him, the heat he is getting is strictly cause no one likes him so turning him heel isn’t really going to change anything other than justifying boos and in this era where fans boo and cheer heels whenever they want, it holds no meaning to roman whether he is face or heel. Look at how braun was just pushed aside after months of build up. beating taker will only then put roman right back in title hunt with brock as the two who beat taker at wrestlemania. It’s going to be a boring year. for me at least.

      • sam

        I don’t disagree with you when it comes to Roman’s booking and the fact we the fans gain nothing and this does nothing for the Undertaker and will ultimately hurt Roman because unless he turns heel..it’s all for nothing. As for as doing the honors..it’s the time honored tradition that the returning wrestler does the honors. Occasionally it gets broken but the Undertaker is old school and has the wrestling businesses best interest. Other then that..I agree Roman has had every opportunity but you can’t blame him for shit booking