WWE Amasses 20 Million Viewers Over The Past Week

WWE issued the following press release on Friday:

STAMFORD, Conn., August 9, 2013 – WWE amassed 20 million viewers during the past week across all of its action-packed, drama-filled programming including: SmackDown® on Friday, August 2 on Syfy; WrestleMania® 29: The World Television Premiere on Saturday, August 3 on NBC; Total Divas™ on Sunday, August 4 on E! Entertainment Television; Raw® on Monday, August 5 on USA Network; and Main Event™ on Wednesday, August 7 on ION Television.

Key highlights include:

Friday Night SmackDown – Friday, August 2 on Syfy
• SmackDown was the most watched program on cable among all Males

WrestleMania 29: The World Television Premiere – Saturday, August 3 on NBC
• WrestleMania 29: The World Television Premiere ranked #1 with A18-34, M18-34, M18-49 and K2-11
• The television special was up +39% with A18-49 from the prior 4-weeks in the time period on NBC and generated more than 3 million unique Viewers

Total Divas – Sunday, August 4 on E! Entertainment Television
• In its second week, Total Divas built week-to-week viewership in key demos including P18-49 (+4%), W18-49 (+5%), Viewers (+14%) and HH (+13%)
• The telecast ranked as the most-watched unscripted series for the time period among P18-34 (557), W18-34 (367), and M18-34 (189) on all of cable
• The episode paced above prior 4-week averages by double-digit percentages across key targets including P18-49 (+42%) and Viewers (+48%)

Monday Night Raw – Monday, August 5 on USA Network
• Raw generated 8 million unique Viewers
• The show was watched by more M18-34 than every other program on broadcast TV

WWE Main Event – Wednesday, August 7 on ION Television
• Main Event was the most watched program on ION across all demos
• The program was watched by more Viewers than every program on The CW, AMC, Spike TV or Bravo

  • Dave Barton

    Meltzer and Alvarez debunked this today. WWE is assuming unique viewers for every show, and they’re treating each hour of Raw as its own show (as if everyone who watched the first hour were separate ppl from the second and that they were all separate from the third). Quite a bit of trick math to make it all add up.

    • Dave Barton

      And Meltzer is already retracting…jeez, what an ass.

  • dean

    Dave Meltzer and his sidekick bryan alvarez are such pains in the asses. no wonder vince McMahon hates their guts. those two dirt sheet writers act like they are vince McMahon’s “conscience”. wwe BELONGS to the McMahon family. wwe is McMahon’s creation. I loved it when McMahon told congress in 2007 that dave Meltzer was a dirt monger and a parasite in his eyes.

  • It’s a WWE press release, touting their viewership. No reason to “debunk” anything. The company is creating hype through their own PR. This is important with several key TV deals coming up, including Smackdown this fall.

  • Masch

    LOl … WWE again spread lies and fake numbers, but Meltzer and Alvarez are assholes? These numbers are ridiculous! 8 million viewers watched RAW?

    • Dave Barton

      According to Neilson ratings, it all adds up…but that’s according to Meltzer, who also said at first that it doesn’t add up.

      • Haha. It doesn’t add up. Wait it does. Oh my.

  • dean

    wwe is an ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY. McMahon is a promoter whose job is to push his product with all the hyperbole and bravado he can muster from his mind and body.
    Meltzer and alvarez act like the rassling business is “important” in the real world when mainstream society sees it as a form of circus entertainment.

  • michael foulds

    “The telecast ranked as the most-watched unscripted series” – Total Divas seems more scripted than Raw to me.