WWE Announce Teams, Full List Of Referees, In-House Production, Mick Foley’s Role At Survivor Series

Have you heard anything new about WWE possibly going with a three man announce team on Raw?

As I stated previously in Ask WNW, I'm under the impression Raw will be called by Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. The new Smackdown crew is John Layfield and Josh Mathews as JBL is back full-time. As for pay-per-views, Cole, Lawler and JBL will call them. There's always a possibility WWE retains a three-man booth with Jim Ross but until I hear from JR, I'm going with what we know for sure.

Are the same WWE referees that are on television on the road at live events?

Yes, WWE has a full lineup referees and they are used at all their events. The crew consists of Chad Patton, Charles Robinson, Jack Doan, John Cone, Justin King, Mike Chioda and Scott Armstrong. Developmental referees are also rotated in and include Darrick Moore, Jason Ayers, Mac Harris, Rod Zapata and Ryan Tran. WWE pairs the teams off and rotates them for TVs each week.

Who makes the video packages we see on WWE television?

Kevin Dunn is the executive vice president of television production and oversees the material made for TV. WWE has an in-house television production staff and a lot of people that go unrecognized for their stellar work. If you are looking for a particular job description of these individuals, browse the listings at this link.

What purpose does Mick Foley serve as the team captain at Survivor Series?

The original plan was to rehash Mick Foley's confrontation with CM Punk from back in September and that it would create enough hype to sell the pay-per-view. The problem is the announcement didn't go over well and Vince McMahon felt like Team Punk vs. Team Foley wouldn't sell. He changed the main event and now we're left with Foley as a random team captain. We can discuss in detail why it didn't work but I want to also note something I bring up a lot and that is the limited lifespan a character has when they can't wrestle. As good as Foley was, he has to be used sparingly when he can't work. The same goes for other legends like Bret Hart and Steve Austin. When overexposed, their inclusion on programming becomes meaningless.

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  • [email protected]

    they can make him a special guest ref or enforcer

    • Chip Walker

      Or they can just leave him out entirely. I love Foley as much as the next guy but now that Punk is no longer a team Captain, Foley doesn’t need to be one either. I rather have Team Rhodes Scholars vs Team Hell No!

    • PainOfDemise

      That actually would be the better idea. Have Foley as the special ref in the triple threat match and just forget about him as team captain.

  • Jbreed

    When is the WWE gonna realize Jerry Lawler is a terrible commentator. He either needs to retire or they should give him a new role. Raw is bad enough most of the time and with Lawler at commentary it makes it even harder to watch.

    • Monty

      You need to shut it jerr and jr are the best. Also cole has earned a lot of respect from us the core fans with how well and respectfully he handled lawler attack. Also JBL is a lot of fun too

      I feel like smack down has the best team because smackdown feels a lot like a free rolling program while raw is very rightly gripped by Vince. I also believe 3 man teams can work on a 3 hrs raw program I would live to see cole Jerry and jr but could also settle for cole jerry and JBL

      • Jbreed

        If you like a commentator who says only about four words at a time any time opens his mouth and who never offers any real insight to a match, well than it's you're problem.

    • HugeRockStar

      Agreed. I much preferred the 3 man team of JBL, JR and cole, to having Lawler there.

    • diddy

      You are and idiot jbreed only you thinks he is terrible so please stop watching raw if you do not like it nobody will miss you.

      • Jbreed

        You're the idiot diddy and you must be frikkin' illiterate too because it seems like some people actually agree with me.

    • Austin

      I agree. Cole earned my respect during Lawler’s attack to but I still can’t stand him or Lawler as commentators. It just seems like they’re laughing at something stupid as much as they call matches.

      • Kevin

        Hey, JBreed, do us all a favor, will you? Take your opinion of Jerry Lawler and engrave it on a piece of marble. Once you've done that, take a clean towel and buff the marble until it shines. Now that the marble is shiny and pretty, pick it up, turn that sumbitch sideways, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!!!!! Jerry Lawler and JR were the bomb! The mistake the WWE made was replacing JR with Cole. I have much respect for how Cole handled the Jerry Lawler heart attack, but aside from that, Cole is NOT announcer material. I've never liked him. The WWE broke up the best announce team ever when they split JR and Jerry Lawler. Big Mistake.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Ryback should've stayed in the Classic Survivor Series match in Team Mick Foley. He shouldn't mess the WWE Championship match up. Cena and Punk is enough in carrying the match. Ryback seems so, out of place between Cena and Punk. He didn't deserve the spot for the title at all. All with me?

    • William Shatner

      No one's with you, you douchenozzle. No one's with you. No one will ever be with you. You have no friends. You have no life. You have no future or hope for one. Nobody likes you. Everybody hates you. You really should go outside and eat worms. After that you should go and jump off a bridge into an oncoming express train and put us all out of your misery.

      **Deep breath**


      • Chip Walker

        Sir, that totally unnecessary! First of all, the guy is simply voicing his opinion, there is absolutely no need to bash the fella like he’s some kind of monster. I dunno where you from but we live in America headed by the greatest damn president in the world Barack Obama! He beat Romney! He beat that conservative bastard! Barack brough the troops who! He ended the war! He helped folks with Heath Care reform. This country is the greatest country in the world and do you know why? Because we are free! We are free to voice out opinions and we are free to do way we please! I bet your from that stinking country you call Canada or as I’d like to say Mexico North, and I apologize to all th Mexicans out there!! Don’t be jealous sir, you can always cross the border and come live here!

    • Ricky


    • A2H

      Im with you!!

  • Etbluffer

    Diddy as bad as ratings are, he may very well be missed!!

  • John

    I hate the way they have changed the main event! it's amateurish to completely change the booking without explanation. And as far as the original match not being over enough to warrant it's spot on the card.. Didn't the WWE headline a PPV this year with Cena vs. Laurinaitis ? Give me Team Punk vs. Team Foley any day over that !


    WHy not have Wrestlers and Divas who DONT get used on TV live to instead do Commentary???
    We all know how well CM Punk to name a few did on commentary and it was pretty good. Give or take most will do good and it would be a 1st to have a diva to do full time commentary…..

    Your Welcome….

  • pocco

    Hey chip walker, good job on defending the guy who got insulted for nothing. Oh and by the way, good luck in the next four years as now you can live in the greatest shithole country on the planet with the most useless president in the history of america, or as us Canadians call it “The shitty faced no good for nothing, douche dribble, whinners beneath us.” Im curious if an idiot like you even watches wrestling. Im willing to bet that you are twenty something, have no job, live in your parents basement and troll the sites looking to try and make your self feel better about being a failure in your parents eye. We all accept that some people have a different opinion of wrestling but we dont need some shit for brains asshole like you insulting us. I know alot of people will insult me for what I just said about america but its people loke you that give the rest of the world that impression of america.