WWE Announces Free Access To The WWE Network For One Week

WWE.com announced Monday morning that fans now have free access to the WWE Network until next Monday, July 14.

The article says "There's no credit card required and no strings attached; simply create a free account to start watching!" You can view the post here.

  • Frankieeebaby

    Is this just for America or can we get it in the uk?

    • Bob’s Diner

      The network is only available in America. Not sure how a free week would change that

      • Trapdoor

        Exactly. Their biggest mistake was realising on the WORLD wide web, but only making available to the USA, not only leaving the other 195(ish) countries without, but continuing to advertise as though it’s available to all who watch the show(s).

        (Don’t know about other fans, but each time they harp on about the network on a show now, it just *^%$# me off, they don’t say “For those of our fans in the US” or a simple *Only in America (for now)/Coming to rest of the world soon, on the vids.)

        • Tom Mayer

          Netflix didn’t start out in every country either. Just like you and me, they have a budget to work with, which they will eventually/gradually roll out.

          World-Wide launchs tend to be failures. I know it sucks, but hang in there..They will launch in your country soon.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Netflix is still not in every country – certainly not available in mine.

            The WWE Network is NOT Netflix and never will be.
            Netflix is successful

          • Trapdoor

            I understand that, but the biggest gripe is how they promote it worldwide, as though available to all, without even acknowledging the fans that can’t view it. (Making them feel ignored &/or not important.)

        • Mysterion

          You know what pisses me off the most? Making the PPV pre-shows Network exclusive. So literally, without streaming the network illegally, on US viewers can actually watch some matches. It’s horses***.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Yup, that is absolutely my biggest gripe with the whole thing; it is a slap in the face to their worldwide fans. They actually encourage illegal downloading by doing that. It is absurd

  • shawn

    Only for America.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Wow they must REALLY be getting desperate…

  • BlackLotus

    just checked out the network (with the free trial) and i am a little disappointed that i cant watch some monday nitro. ppv wise its all there but tv wise not so much. though that could a restriction of the free preview.

  • Splat

    I really enjoy the Network. If it bombs totally and goes away I’m going to be sad…

    • Snap

      In the event that I, ultimately, opt against getting the Network (though I imagine I would at least get it for one six month period to check it out, I would certainly hope WWE wouldn’t axe it if it didn’t meet their expectations. No sense in punishing those who already have and enjoy the network, though I could see a price increase, at the very least.