WWE Announces Jim Ross' Return To The Announce Booth Tonight

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WWE Mobile Alerts just sent out the following:

BREAKING News: Tonight LIVE at 8/7 CT on USA Network, Jim Ross returns to the Raw announce booth while Jerry Lawler continues his recuperation.

  • Monty

    Get well soon merry this is awesome and cole as always plays his character greatly. But cole has earned a lot of respect for how he handle this whole thing

  • kbunyon

    Yay! I don't enjoy writing the RAW Results as much since it went to three hours. It's a long three hours to type through, but JR is going to make tonight so much easier. I love that man!


    • amaanakter786


    • Patrick Peralta

      I enjoy watching 3 hours of any wrestling.. WWE or just DVD's or indy's online. I love my wrestling.

      Glad to see JR back I can bet Vince is not enjoying bring JR back. but he made the smart move bring in JR while Lawler Recovers.. even though he announces on NXT…

      I wish Lawler a full and healthy recovery and I'll enjoy listening to WWE once again with JR so long as Cole does not go back to his over the top heel ways.

  • SRP

    I find it a little sad that this is what it took to allow JR to call an entire show instead of a match.

  • Steven

    Richard, Does this mean there will b a 3 man team on raw tonight?

    • Mark3man

      I’m sure its only gonna be a two man. JBL said earlier it was a one off. I think JR will do the colour commentary with Cole doing play by play.

      • Steven

        Just found out its a 3 man team tonight via the WWE app.

      • mark3man

        it appears i was tottally wrong…..my bad

  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    JR the king of commentary !

  • Gage