WWE Announces RVD Is Taking Time Off

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WWE officially announced Monday on dot com that Rob Van Dam is taking time off from the company. The storyline excuse is that he needs time off after "an excruciating defeat" to World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. His comments were filmed for the WWE Battleground DVD.

In reality, RVD's new WWE contract is in 90 day increments and his most recent cycle is up. RVD will be returning for another 90 days but not before going on hiatus.

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  • Scottyo614

    How are they going to explain this every three months?

  • gpturbo81

    he’s one of few that actually made me want to watch raw.

  • H.M.

    They made him put the wrong guy over though.

  • frenchfry

    he had a good initial run id say, though putting ricardo with him was rather annoying