WWE Announces That Raw Supershow Is Expanding To Three Hours Beginning July 23rd

John Cena Tweeted at today's USA Upfront Presentation that WWE Raw Supershow will be expanding to three hours permanently beginning on July 23, 2012. Below is the official press release:


@JohnCena Tweets Historic Announcement From USA Upfront Presentation

NEW YORK – May 17, 2012 – WWE Superstar John Cena® announced via Twitter today that WWE Monday Night Raw will expand to a three-hour event 52 weeks a year. The extended telecast will kick-off July 23 at 8/7C on USA Network and marks the 1000th episode of the WWE Raw franchise and a television record – no other series has ever reached this milestone.

The announcement was tweeted today by Cena (the No. 1 most influential male athlete on Twitter last month) during USA’s upfront presentation in New York City. The move firmly put WWE’s stake in the ground as one of the most powerful social brands in the world and an integral part of USA Network’s social media initiative.

“The WWE Universe is one of the most socially active and passionate fan bases in all of television,” said Chris McCumber and Jeff Wachtel, co-presidents USA Network. “The powerful three-hour block of live TV truly makes USA the year-round destination for young male viewers on Monday nights.”

“WWE is proud to celebrate this historic milestone with our partners at USA Network,” said WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. “Our new three-hour Raw represents the next generation in interactive television where our fans won’t just watch the show, they will help create it.”

The expanded WWE Monday Night Raw will transform television to an unprecedented level of viewer interaction. Fans will have new ways to get involved in the show through WWE.com and social media by deciding matches, stipulations and new character development. WWE will brand this unprecedented fan interaction as “#RAWactive.”

  • The Breaker

    Is this the "Revolution" they've been talking about?

  • Jim P

    Meh. Raw hasn't been able to hold my attention for two hours lately and judging by the ratings, I'm not alone on that. It just seems like the WWE brass is guessing at what might get people excited. They're putting all of their eggs in that basket and they're guessing wrong.

  • BOB“

    I just hope that there will not be a plethora of time-wasting segments.

  • Chris Koudouris

    They cannot entertain for 2 hours a week, what makes them think that 3 will be any better??

  • Keagan

    as long as they put on more wrestling and less filler than I will be happy about the change.

  • thatguy

    this really isn't good at all. I don't like this idea. Don't they remember Nitro was 3 hours long and impossible to watch that whole thing every week. it just gets so dull. Let lone when its the same amount of time as PPVs, then what's the point?

  • Frenchfry

    oh shit really? thats huge news

  • havoc525

    Are theu going to pull a Nitro and have rotating annoucers? Maybe they’ll do a special segment with cruisetweights for an hour, or up and comers, to get them TV time.

  • jus2cme

    3hrs is 2hrs too long. Hopefully this means that matches will last longer

  • Blazeking

    3 hours; weekly? Lemme see what the fans think about this…..

    "No! No! No!"

  • Muscle man

    I feel this open new/better doors to wwe and it’s storylines and programing.

  • Philip

    This can be a good or bad thing, hopefully a good thing but I have my doubts.

  • Jeremiah

    3 hours omg i dont want 2 watch 4 that long i have others shows i watch every monday before raw now what am i suppose to do

  • Rob UK

    If WWE are going to do this then they need to spend more time building storylines and developing younger talent. We have two of the best wrestlers in the world heading into a PPV match this weekend with little to no bulid. These guys should have been the focus on raw not Lesner, hunter, heyman or cena.

  • the arbiter

    This is why i never watch the show live, fast forward for the win

  • Jester

    I think this is great news. I love wrestling so the more there is the happier I am. Those of you that think the wwe sucks why do you keep watching? You should all go watch gossip girl like my girlfriend it’s on Monday night. I think you guys would like that since you all seem to be little girls that like to bitch a lot!!

  • Ric Flair

    They better start displaying more talent on the show, and maybe add one more tittle to the mix (hardcore cruiswerweight or european tittle) if they want to keep people interested. More wrestling and less talking. This can either go great, or horrible wrong. Its up to you Vincent. Woooooooo!

    • WyFo

      If they add another title, there almost has to be more promos. They’ll have to build on a storyline for the title. I wouldn’t mind if they replaced the U.S. title with something else. That title is being forgotten about. Adding a new title would be the death note to the U.S. title. They should just replace it. The Hardcore title wouldn’t be good to bring back because of PG. They don’t get very Hardcore anymore. European title would be nice to bring back. Or maybe something new!

  • Josh

    It would be cool if one of the hours was for an FCW-type show, that would help build up-and-coming talent

  • HOFsavageNOW

    Exactly my thoughts we will probably just get more recaps. Would love to see more happen in the tag team division.

  • Chris

    Wasn't Nitro going 3 hours the end of WCW, just sayin.

  • Matt Scott

    Yay!! More commercials!!

  • Maybe this is why we’ve not seen the annual post-mania releases yet.

  • Laterial

    Hopefully, they’ll use the extra hour to push new talent and reboot the Divas and Tag divisions.

  • green_eyz41

    I would love the 3 hour show if they have more matches–less talking and re-caps!

  • Alex

    Wow, I think they might be pushing themselves a bit too hard here. WCW tried the 3 hour format and it didn't work and to be honest it doesn't work for WWE when they do their special event raws.

  • Kevin

    I wonder if the new 3 hour Raw isn't setting up the demise of Smackdown! They've already combined the 2 general manager slots into one. Now Raw is going to 3 hours. Perhaps they'll soon announce the end of Smackdown and just have one show a week. Maybe Vince sees TNA as a threat after all. TNA just announced that they're going to run from 7-9 instead of 8-10. Perhaps Vince sees some good strategy there. Hard to say right now, but I have to agree with several of the other comments: If they're just going to fill the other hour with more recaps of previous matches and shows, then it's not going to be worth watching. We need new matches with new talent.