WWE Announces That The Bella Twins Have Been Fired

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The official WWE website just posted the following announcement:

WWE.com has learned that The Bella Twins have been fired from WWE.

As previously reported on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, The Bella Twins decided to let their contracts expire. Click here to view the full announcement.

  • CaliburUK

    Just randomly fired? They have to put an angle to this or it makes no sense

    • Mp

      Their contracted ended today and they chose not to resign with WWE

      • Thisguy

        I get where that guy is coming from. Yes, they chose not to resign. But realistically speaking, why would they get “fired”, but in the meantime, Brock Lesnar is off “breaking COOs arms” and not being immediately “fired”

      • CaliburUK

        I know that, my point is that they didn’t get the usual best of luck message, just a statement that they’d been fired with no explanation as to why, you don’t fire someone for no reason so they should have at least made one up for those regular fans who don’t hear about the behind the scenes information

    • Angel Psymon

      I agree. Normally, there is more to these announcements. Like, "Fired for insubordination" or "Fired for being unable to follow guideline #234".

      To be let go or have their contract expire (like it did) is one thing, but to announce "fired" with nothing else seems random. There should be more to it.

      • eurosario

        No they are going to say they’d quit they were not fired.

  • Kleck

    Off to porn they go!

    • Luda

      Would love to see them in that lol

    • AJG316

      Hopefully (please let it be a lesbian twin scene PLEASE)

    • Wwe4L76

      Hahaha 😛

    • land grabber


    • Logan_Walker

      Now That Would Be Good.

    • Thisguy

      That….was funny. They do look like some porn stars though.

    • An0n

      one can hope

    • With one rolling out of bed and the other popping up from under it to take her place when she's almost beaten… the guy will think she is a machine….. not that I've ever seen porn of course.

      • CaliburUK

        I’d pay to see that lol

  • Rick

    That porn would break box office records! And sell millions more than any wwe ppv DVD!

  • It’s good

  • TheAwesomeJames

    No wishing well in future endeavours? No explaination? Just a "They got fired, that is all we have to say." Something seems a little screwy….

  • James M>>>

    Good. Now they get to spend more time at home with me

  • Jay Riverz

    i wouls stack nikki on top of brie and see how “identical” they REALLY look! C’mon Buttman, This is Your Chance!!! lol and smh…!!!

  • TEX

    As for the Bellas getting fired, any smart wrestling fan knows that their contract expires as of last night and they didn't resign. The Bellas will be wrestling for Northeast Pro Wrestling show in June.

  • Casey Mac

    Can anyone spell T.N.A.?