Survivor Series 2013

WWE Announces Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

WWE has announced that The Shield will team up with The Real Americans to oppose WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust, The Usos and a mystery partner in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match.

Click here to read the match preview in its entirety.

  • smark calloway

    survivor series – mystery partner ! ..ive gone back to 1990 …” take a look at them hamhocks ,its the undertaker “

    • Xavier

      Remember Savage being a mystery partner in 1993? He filled in for Mr. Perfect

      • smark calloway

        but that was far less momentous and a last minute thing..i remember the hype for the mystery partner in the million dollar team went on for weeks leading up to ss 90. i was so stoked back then ..heres a factoid you might not know though. at survivor series 1990 there was also the giant egg in which the ill fated gobbety gooker ( which was one hector guerrero under the mask ) popped out , but before that was decided there was talk of mark calloway portraying a gimmick called ” the eggman ” in which HE popped out of the egg! but obviously ( and thankfully ) they decided to give him the undertaker character instead..but imagine if fate dealt another hand, we could be talking about the phenom known as ” the eggman ” and ” the eggmans ” undefeated wrestlemania streak !!

        • Xavier

          Lol, yeah I remember the giant egg at Survivor Series.

        • Rayner Chee-bai

          Funny how Teddy Long announced the heels should’ve face “The Eggman” in some of the SmackDown’s main event back in 2005.

  • Mike McCarthy

    Had this whole match predicted minus the mystery partner, thought Big E Langston would be the 5th, would much rather have a returning Mysterio

    • Xavier

      Read my mind perfectly. I hope it’s Mysterio as well

  • Charlie

    this is going to be good

  • Ridiculous

    That is so f******* stupid, nobody cares about The Real Americans

    • Xavier

      Actually a lot of people care about Antonio Cesaro

      • Carter James

        maybe Evan Bourne

  • Justin Lal

    I’m going to call it right now that the sole survivor of this match will be Antonio Cesaro.

    • Xavier

      Or the mystery partner. I really hope it’s Mysterio

    • GOR

      The mystery partner & cesaro will fight in the end & then go on to have a rivalry !

  • Agustn Filippone

    Mystery partner?mmm… sounds like Rey Mysterio

  • Bob’s Diner


  • Calling it now. Sami Zayn debuts as the mystery partner.

  • stoney

    Mark Henry or Big E Langston

  • stoney

    Mark Henry or Big E Langston

  • Malboja

    I’m calling it mystery partner is the real American hulk hogan

  • Swieb

    Read the link….WWE allready announced there it´s Rey Mysterio

  • TheDiz

    Why has no one said Hogan yet!!!