WWE Annual Report, New Head Writer, Rock Taking On Impact

- WWE released their 2012 Annual Report. You can read through it in PDF format at this link.

- Former WWE writer Court Bauer, who broke the news of the termination of Eric Pankowsi, has broke the news of a new head writer. Bauer wrote the following on Twitter:

- The new TNT reality series, "Hero," starring WWE Champion The Rock is set to premiere on Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 8 PM EDT. The show will be head to head against Impact Wrestling.

  • chonny42

    Punk must have just made fun of Cena

  • I dunno why but when I read Rock taking on Impact I thought he had bought out Impact.

    • lee

      That would be great, especially to see him show up on impact with the WWE title.

  • 80’s Fan

    A soap opera writer, really? How about more wrestling, less bs story lines and stupid video recaps!

  • opie

    They need to hire Neil Gaiman. Or me. I could accept either of those.