WWE Should Apologize For Lana's Promo; SummerSlam 2014 Commercial

WWE Should Apologize For Promo

The Daily Mail has a new article online that covers the ridiculous promo by Lana at Sunday night's WWE Battleground pay-per-view. As previously reported, WWE is facing criticism for a line where she referred incredulously to the MH17 airplane crash prior to Rusev's match against Jack Swagger. Click here for The Daily Mail article.

Richard Reacts: Senseless, irresponsible and reprehensible are good adjectives for Lana's promo at Battleground. As I noted on social media on Monday, it's one thing to accentuate stereotypes (e.g. American xenophobia or Russia being an international powerhouse) but it's another to recklessly throw a real-life tragedy into a meaningless promo. 298 innocent people died on Thursday as the result of evil and WWE owes their families an apology.

SummerSlam 2014 Commercial

WWE has posted a commercial for SummerSlam at this link. You can also watch embedded in the video below:

  • K!NG

    my Japanese friends find the move the Atomic drop offensive but im sure wwe wont apologize for that.

    • Dave Barton

      Likewise, shouldn’t we (as Americans) be offended by the term “he Pearl Harbored him!”

  • wwe rules

    wwe SHOULD apologize for lana’s scripted promo. wwe needs to STAY OUT of real life tragedies because no good can come from it. Vince McMahon always says the goal of wwe is to put “smiles on people’s faces”. you don’t see the circus referencing real life tragedies in their make believe, fantasy shows.

    • Dave Barton

      I agree. There was a time when using stereotypes worked (Ivan Koloff, Iron Sheik, even Fritz Von Erich in the 60s), but its just an entirely different landscape now.

      • Joe

        The different landscape being, everyone is too sensitive these days.

  • Kevin

    The worst thing is there is no proof Russia shot down that plane it could have been the Ukrainians or a western false flag. I’m a proud American but honestly I trust Vladamir Putin over my own government.

    • Frank Rizzo

      Doesn’t seen like you’re that proud then, wrong choice of word. If you trust Vladimir Putin, try living over there and see how you feel about the guy.

      • Kevin

        “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from his government” Thomas Paine
        My pride in being American is the reason I don’t trust my government which has overridden our constitution (which never allowed for such a large powerful central government) Is controlled by financial bodies over 1bn donated by Wall Street in the last election and seems desperate to pursue war against foreign nations despite the overwhelming desire for peace from its people my only wish is to see America remain as the land of the free.

        Ps I have actually spent time in Russia and Putin is very much respected by a vast majority of his people he has pursued a Orthodox Christian ethos and a focus on solely Russian affairs and prosperity over aggressive foreign policy the nation has come a long way in such a short time following 70 years of brutal socialism and has values American used to but now unfortunately not have.

  • Ryan

    People are too sensitive. It’s a fictional promo, for goodness sake. It’s purpose was to piss people off…seemed like she did exactly what she needed to do. Nothing to apologize for here.

    • This is such a copout. 298 people died. It shouldn’t have been brought up. Play up Russia as a powerhouse, play up xenophobia but leave the tragedy out of it.

      • K!NG

        All she said was recent current events. which has been the whole political unrest in Ukraine.

        • It’s not like they’re having a civil debate about climate change. Innocent people are being killed. Human life. Lost.

          • Cef Fracker

            As far as i can tell, People love to go on about how they want an edger WWE program, but when WWE gives them them something they get up in arms. Yes people died, Yes it as a tradgidy. the fact is Lana is being booked as a russian who is a bad person. people were not crying fol when the iron sheek was running his gimmick, but prehaps in this day and age his gimmick would nevre get off the ground, It is a TV program lighten up

          • K!NG

            our involvement in Afghanistan was no civil debate either but I’m sure no Afghans are up in arm about Lana bringing that up in her promo last night. im sure innocent lives were lost and killed there as well.

          • Nick k

            Very intelligent post.

          • Nick k

            Happens every day, how many weddings have your beloved president attacked with drones? Media doesn’t report it but it happens and I don’t see you saying anything about that.

          • Fishcakes

            Richard. Human lives were being lost all this time ANYWAY. When WWE first brought up Putin, who is responsible for REPREHENSIBLE acts against homosexuals in his own country, YOU DEFENDED IT. When Putin HIMSELF was the cause, you defended them talking about him and celebrating him.

            Now that Ukrainian rebels shot down a plane in the Ukraine, with the only connection to Russia being Russian weapons, you now change your mind?

            Innocent people were being killed in Russia for a long time, Richard. It didn’t bother you before.

      • Ryan

        Not a copout at all. Just sick of hair-trigger PC nonsense that says you can’t say something just because it might be insensitive. The event itself wasn’t mentioned, and, given the priorities of most of our citizenry, a good portion of the audience probably didn’t even know what it was referencing. In fact, she had a perfectly valid point.

        • If it was an American airliner shot down in Texas, many of you all defending this would feel differently IMO

          • Ryan

            If that were to happen, and we blamed Mexico for it (without having any evidence to prove it), I would have no problem with ADR coming out and cutting a heel promo in which he vaguely referenced it. That part is the difference for me; it’s not like she said “You stupid Americans accuse us of shooting down that little airplane the other day” or something similar. She mentioned “recent events.” Like I said, a large portion of the viewership probably didn’t even know what she was talking about. Now, a serious question for you, Richard, because so far all we have is your opinion…I would like some actual facts. What I am wondering is did Lana come say this on her own, or was she instructed to mention it in some way? I’m assuming it was probably #2, and IF (and that’s a big if IMHO right now) someone were to be punished, who is most likely to catch the heat for this? Although I don’t know that she was told exactly what words to say, I’m pretty sure she was told to mention it somehow, and I don’t see how she can take heat if she’s just following what she was told to do.

          • Joey


          • Nick k

            It’s not about the crash itself it’s about the agenda driven media pushing an anti Russian agenda which it is 100 % doing.

          • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

            Why Texas Richard? Why not any other State? What do you have against Texans?

          • Fishcakes

            It wasn’t “brought up”. It was mentioned it passing. They never said anything about the plane. They didn’t laugh at those who died. They didn’t insult those who died. They didn’t mention those who died.

            They mentioned American blaming Russians for things they didn’t do. And given that it was the Ukrainian rebels that shot it down over the Ukraine, which is NOT RUSSIA for you Americans that don’t know geography, then it is true.

            But that’s if she was referring to that. Because she never explicitly stated anything about a plane.

            You were adamant that this is just a story line, and it’s just wrestling and they are characters. Now your view has changed because something bad happened and Lana made something that could be construed to refer to it?


      • Richard, how do we know it was a reference to the plane? How do we know it wasn’t a reference to the Crimean Crisis?

  • Logan

    What happen to “Richard Reacts” for the PPV?? I didn’t get to watch it, & was hoping to hear it from Richard, but it’s not posted ..

  • Nathen

    I have no personal problem with the promo. I was shocked when Lana said the now infamous line.

    But nobody died from the result of evil. Evil is a construct invented as a tool of fear. There are actions and perspectives. There are acts heinous and disturbing. But no such thing as an act of evil.

  • BIG M

    I wasn’t going to write anything about this subject but considering the fact that I’m Australian and that there were 36 Australian’s on that plane I feel compelled to say that Lana’s promo was just simply inappropriate in the current climate.
    Us Aussies aren’t easily offended but I have to say Lana’s promo at battleground considering recent events honestly upset me a little.
    I also feel compelled to say to the American fans defending it that they wouldn’t be so quick to tell people to lighten up if 36 Americans were on that plane in fact those fans would be livid and rightfully so.
    Thats honestly the thing I’m MORE upset about that SO many people on here are living up to the American Xenophobia stereotype that Richard mentioned by saying “I don’t know what the big deal is its only kayfabe”
    When really what they mean is “Whats the big deal its not like 198 Americans died on that plane”.

    • Ryan

      Actually, bro, what we mean is “no big deal it’s only keyfabe.” Plus, she didn’t even mention the event in particular. And haven’t we been blaming Russia for just about everything lately while our President is, in fact, too chicken to take action about anything? Seemed like the only problem with her promo–as an American–is that it was way too spot-on.

      • BIG M

        I actually like your president (better than your last one at least).
        And I always thought he couldn’t do anything because he can’t pass anything through because the opposing political party in your country has the more people in government than his party (the biggest drawback of a Presidential democracy compared to a Parliamentary one).
        But this isn’t about politics its about wether Lana mentioning “Recent Events” in her promo was in bad taste and in my opinion it was a little.
        But whats even in worst taste is people feeling the need to defend WWE’s decision not to pull it.

        • Nick k

          I don’t see how any intelligent person could like Obama more than bush, they’re exactly the same only Obamas been more shady, lied more and abused his power more.

    • Nick k

      Did you know anyone on that plane? If not it means just as much to me as it does to you.

  • The Spinebuster

    Disgusting decison from WWE in my eyes

    • Joe

      Boo Hoo

  • Nick k

    Wwe shouldn’t apologize it won’t make a difference. This overly sensitive world smh.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    Frankly I’m more upset over our President saying it looks like it might be a terrible tragedy then made jokes and went to 2 fundraisers than what Lana said. She said current events and nothing specifically about a plane. IMO she has been hitting on a lot of nerves by saying our President is weak and now they have their I gotcha moment. And Richard if this had happened over Texas our Govenor would have had a much stronger response.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Hold up, weren’t you the one saying the other day you are “disgusted” WWE are going to Mexico, just because they arrested an American who ‘accidentally’ arrived at the border with a bunch of guns?

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

        Yes I am. Seems like everybody can cross the border into the US but one man that made a wrong turn. You act like he deliberately set out to go into Mexico with guns.

        • Bob’s Diner

          You don’t see the lack of logic? How is it OK for WWE to use the deaths of almost 300 people to further their angle, yet because one man made a mistake and is going through legal troubles they should boycott an entire country?

          • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

            There was never any mentions of deaths in her promo. She never stood there and said she was glad a plane was shot down and people are dead. There have been tensions between Russia and the US before this ever happened and I am NOT pro Russian. They need to be held accountable. Until Mexico does something on their end about the border and let our guy loose I say boycott.

          • Bob’s Diner

            She alluded to it.

            So you would be fine with Alberto Del Rio coming out and alluding to this guy in a Mexican prison right now?

          • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

            She alluded to current events. If Del Rio wants to allude to the American in the Mexican prison go for it. But I bet the media would never make a big deal out of that one.

  • ToddFurey

    Good lord Richard you are taking this way too far. It was a heel promo, it looked like its intention worked. Got you all riled up

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Someone should tell The Daily Mail that she is supposed to get heat, being a heel and all that.

  • Bryan N.

    Let’s take emotion out of the equation for a moment, however callous that may sound. WWE did not appear to be backing off from the pro-Putin gimmick 48 hours before Battleground. It was almost to be expected they wouldn’t and that they would still go full-bore with the gimmick, regardless of the tragedy.

    Last night, they did indeed reference it (vaguely, but enough for those engaged to understand) and the reaction was evident among those in the crowd who caught it. They certainly got the heat they were looking for, no matter how cheap it was to insert what happened into that promo.

    I’ve seen full blown opposition and support for how the promo was delivered and whether or not it should have been allowed to occur. Those on both sides have made excellent points. It was not only tasteless, but utilizing the deaths of 298 innocent people to further assist the gimmick is disgusting. Regardless of the nationalities of those people, 298 people were senselessly killed over a situation that grows bloodier and bloodier by the hour.

    Lana got the job done and got a reaction, something we haven’t had much of in mid-card storylines lately. People are starting to invest in this situation, and it seems it will only increase in the wake of this promo and the controversy that has stemmed as a result. They did an effective job of merging real-life into storyline and blurring the line between kayfabe and reality, but anyone who did not anticipate the company utilizing the event is kidding themselves.

  • D.L.

    If your mother, or father, or sister were on that plane and you heard that promo from Lana, how would you feel?

  • Vic Jose

    There isn’t even any proof as of yet that Putin or Russia had anything to do with the tragedy. Seems like it was the separatists if anything.

    • Bryan N.

      And it’ likely that was the case, but those in Putin’s camp sure aren’t doing well in deflecting if they were involved or not. The biggest point is, 298 people had their lives snuffed out without cause. And that itself is unforgivable, regardless of who is truly responsible.

  • Howard Stern

    I forget, is this FOX news or WWE

  • Blacktag

    Lana’s promo was hard but good.
    So the creative team could write lines for Zeb Colter about “those people sneaking in our country” when a lot of people are actually dying near the mexican border, they could make jokes about Pearl Harbor or the Jerry “the king” Lawler’s near death experience but now it’s too hard to talk subtly about an airplane accident ?
    Ok, too soon maybe but it wasn’t too harsh. I had a smile – not a laugh – in front of my tv. Well done !
    Beware or Lana will be back next week saying with her accent : “you poor americains always the crying babies”.
    What’s next : a joke about Gaza ? No way…