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Do you think the ratings for this week's Monday Night Raw would have been higher if they would have included Bret Hart Appreciation Night?

I haven't heard why WWE didn't want to include Bret Hart Appreciation Night on the live Raw broadcast but it was broadcast on The Score in Canada in addition to the WWE App in the United States. WWE wants more exclusive content for their App in order to encourage fans to download it and this was seen as a test for possible Raw post-shows. I haven't heard how the segment drew in Canada but I'm not sure it would have had a big impact on the ratings. Memorial Day is usually an off holiday for WWE in terms of Raw viewership.

I read your response to Brock Lesnar keeping sponsorships he previously had before entering WWE, do you think this could open the door for talent not signed to WWE to seek out sponsorship prior to signing with WWE, or does WWE force them to Cancel those sponsorships?

Brock Lesnar is a different case and receives special treatment due to his name value. In order for a name to come in like Lesnar with their own sponsors, they would have to be considered a major draw. Vince McMahon made it a priority that WWE would be the only place Lesnar would work following his UFC career. Vince was very aware of how well he drew for UFC and didn't want to miss out on "his guy."

If a fan subscribes to the WWE Network, what are they all entitled to as far as a viewer standpoint? Are PPV's included?

WWE's monthly pay-per-views will be the centerpiece of the forthcoming WWE Network. Every pay-per-view except Wrestlemania will be included at no extra charge. While this may change, I have been under the impression that non-subscribers will still be able to order the shows at their normal price tags. In addition to the pay-per-views, the WWE Network will provide content 24/7 365 days a year. From original programming such as reality shows to retrospective content from their tape library. All for a price ($13-$15 per month) that is lower than currently ordering one pay-per-view event. Internally, WWE is looking for one million subscribers to begin making a profit. Under that, the WWE Network will be seen as an investment.

What is the Powerslam Newsletter I see promoted here on the website?

The Powerslam Newsletter is the newest feature to WNW Premium (signup here). It features top stories and exclusive backstage news from WWE and TNA. We've ran a new issue every day since its debut on last Friday, May 24, 2013. We also send it to Premium Members via email if they choose to have it sent to them. Members are high up on it and I've had a blast doing it. Check it out.

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  • RJH

    In addition to the pay-per-views, the WWE Network will provide content 24/7 365 days of the week.

    should be:

    In addition to the pay-per-views, the WWE Network will provide content 24/7 365 days of the year. ???

    • Loren Goldstein

      Gotta love the proofreaders 🙂

      • Typos happen, and we all try to cover for each other, but typos are always going to slip through. It happens.

        • Miles Wisker

          Then be consistant and stop demandingcorrect grammar and spelling!!! The shoes on the other foot….

          • Snap

            We all make mistakes from time to time and I don’t think a question which made a similar mistake would be overlooked for something so small, but would you want to have to dredge through examples like “Do u no wen Cena iz gunna turn heel?!” or massive, rambling run-on sentences?

            Perhaps the worst example would be when the most important part of the sentence is left out and makes the question nearly incomprehensible, such as this alteration of one of the questions above: “Do you think the for this week’s Monday Night Raw would have been higher if they would have included Bret Hart Appreciation Night?”

            However, I don’t see anything wrong with people bringing typos to light and correcting them, so long as they don’t do so in an insulting manner. I know there have been times when I catch a typo too late or didn’t delete enough words when I decide to change the wording of a comment and would have liked to make an edit.

            Therefore, I don’t think giving priority to questions with proper spelling and grammar is unreasonable at all. Would people rather there NOT be any future editions of Ask WNW?

          • Miles Wisker

            I have better things to worry about than correcting others

  • Gonna be honest and ill probably get hate for this but sometimes it seems that Richard you make these questions up yourself, to answer what you feel like. I can’t honestly believe anyone would care so much to ask what the Powerslam Newsletter is.

    There seems to be at the very least one question a week about some feature of the website or your plugging another part of the website. We’re here already we’re not going anywhere.

    Sorry again but just my thoughts

    • Loren Goldstein

      I’d like to believe that there are real people asking these questions. And let’s be honest, Richard does get to choose which ones he answers and which ones he doesn’t, Of course the true question is, would you rather a “feature of the site” question, or another “when is Cena gonna turn heel?” question

      • Yeah true, I know if they were all user submitted questions surely there would be a few intelligent questions. I don’t know, maybe he could answer some questions he might get from twitter or something. But I do get your point.

        • sir-rusty82

          Richard probably gets a lot of questions he does not know the answer to so he wouldn’t publish them if he cant answer them. His very informative but face facts he is only human & wouldn’t know everything that goes on

    • Dave L

      Many questions of mine have been answered on this site, if you don’t like the questions don’t read them. Do you call up radio stations and complain because they mention their call letters all the time?

      • I never said I don’t like them and I do enjoy it, in fact I read Ask WNW every weekday. I just have my doubts as to whether they are ALL legitimate questions or not.

      • Miles Wisker

        Thats not his point. Atleast refference who asked the question. The point is Grey puts out what he wants and usually twists a nothing story into something people may read. I say again. The easy part is getting people to read this site. The hard part is keeping them and tajing short cuts to keep readers is not a long term solution. More of a cop out. Maybe one day you’ll actually debate this but balls are lacking.

    • Robert Olley

      Just for the record ive asked a total of 37 questions and had 1 answered lol