WWE App Voting, CM Punk & Blown Table Spot, Sheamus Update, Thin Roster, Plans For Rhodes/Goldust

If the WWE App voting is legit, how do they script the matches?

From the situations I have heard, voting has been legitimate. When WWE holds App polls they have an idea who is going to "win it" and thus plan for that winner. There are sometimes surprises and in that situation the match will have to be called in the ring, which is something you can expect to see more of.  However, performers are still told a general plan and obviously an outcome before they go to the ring. We have more details on spots being called in the ring at this link.

Was CM Punk really banged up after the table spot on Raw. Was it planned or was it botched?

CM Punk's head was busted open from the botched table spot from Ryback on this week's Monday Night Raw. Ryback messed the spot up but it was what was said afterwards that sparked controversy. We have the story here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium.

What's the latest update on Sheamus?

Sheamus is still out recovering from his torn labrum that required surgery last month. He went home to Dublin earlier this month and is expected back some time early in 2014. The latest update we have on him features a photo of him standing outside the house he grew up in. Click here to view it.

Do you find the lack of main event talent in WWE disappointing? You can count them on one hand.

The WWE roster is razor thin right now and ravaged by injuries but WWE has done a surprisingly good job in creating new stars in CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio. There are others, such as Ryback, WWE is hoping will take that next step but sometimes I think fans are a little hard on WWE for not creating any new stars. In the same breath it would be delusional for me to sit here and tell you the main event picture is thriving because it's thin right now.

What are the plans for Cody Rhodes and Goldust?

The latest step in the storyline is that Triple H has "invited" Cody Rhodes and Goldust to next week's Raw to hear a "lucrative proposition." I heard there were plans a couple weeks ago to do The Shield vs. The Rhodes Family at Battleground next month but there was a hang-up about Dusty actually competing. As I mentioned on Wednesday, Cody is back in WWE and his leave of absence to get married is over.

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  • 1molly23

    Keep sloppy workers like Ryback, Lesnar, ADR, Barrett (to name a few) in the picture and the WWE roster will continue to stay thin!

    • Anderson White

      Add guys like Daniel Bryan to that list as well. He’s gotten really sloppy lately. He botched at least 3x during the Bryan vs Cena match at Summerslam. Even Richard pointed that out during a audio version of ask WNW the night after Summerslam. He botched a couple weeks ago as well in his match against Seth Rollins. Dude’s ring work is so overrated but knowing everyone on here though they probably just turned the other way during Bryan’s obvious blunders and only attack the guys they don’t like. I;ll probably get a bunch of dislikes for telling the truth followed by some weak name calling.

      • jdl

        Making a few mistakes does not somehow make him sloppy or overrated. He’s the best all around worker in the company and one of the safest. I’m sure you’ve made mistakes at your job, or in your day to day life, no one is perfect.

        • Anderson White

          Funny, you reply to me but not 1Molly23. It’s okay from him to attack other guys’ mistakes but I can’t point out Bryan’s? Bryan is not the best all arounf worker in the company. He’s move set is real predictable. He uses a lot of kicks to get the crowd to chant YES and he does that back flip off the top turnbuckle which he botches often and he has the YES lock, he has a 5 moves of doom set just like the boy everyone loves to hate (Cena). It’s only a matter of time before people start to turn on Bryan, this whole I’m a underdog the deck is stacked against me crap is going to get old quick, just like it did with Cena. If you go to the comment section on wwe.com you’ll notice that many posters are already growing tired of Bryan.

          • TheDeadOwl

            Jdl replied to you and not molly because he disagreed with your opinion and not hers (which didn’t mention Bryan), did that clear things up. I completelydisagree with you in regards to Bryans work in the ring, but that aside my question to you is why are you so frustrated with Bryan about the whole “underdog”story line when the last time I checked he doesn’t work in creative or write scripts for the show. You’re frustration should be pointed elsewhere.

      • Steve pritchard

        I agree he has his moments . But his ring work is second to none right now. He rarely puts on a bad match imo. But i agree he can look sloppy. As far as cena . It depends on who he works with . That match he had with punk earlier this year was epic. But if his opponent doesnt have the same work expierience , he gies to the same move set that he takes heat for.

      • Lebron James

        True, all though he doesn’t botch often, he has been botching as of late. I don’t think Bryan is the best in the world like most do. I hold Cesaro, Ziggler, and Orton right above him.

    • Kevin

      Funny how the attitude era (HBK, Jericho, Taker, Bret Hart, etc.) had more careful workers than today’s PG era.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    The need to go back to the old style of wrestling when they would call all the moves on the spot. However there should always be a ring general going against a less experienced wrestler that way it works out. Chris Jericho talked about this in an interview earlier this year when they had the poll about who would face Orton in a match and the choices were him, Punk and someone one else I can’t remember and they had done a test poll on the site the week before and the top choice was Punk but when they did it on the app Jericho got the overwhelm votes and Jericho mentioned how he called most of the spots on the fly. Ring generals, that’s what’s missing these days!

    • Robbie

      It was to face Punk and the options were Jericho, Orton and also someone else I don’t remember. So Orton had to go against Jericho’s original planned opponent in Wade Barrett.

      • Hercules Rockerfeller

        Oh yeah that’s right! Thanks!

  • Winnipeg

    Yep, It’s WWE’s own fault for humbling Ziggler. Cry baby Randy’s heal turn has been a failure due to creative plans. Blowing money on Brock as the hype about him is now almost dead. Making RVD look weak. Not capitalizing on a Stone Cold Vs CM Punk match at Mania. In reality just bad investing and no long term vision regarding story lines and hype as Battleground is looking weak as well.

  • Steve pritchard

    The problem isnt as much the lack of talent. Which i will agree its pretty thin at the moment. The problem is the creative team being a little too predictable with the story lines and not pulling the trigger quick enough. With stars like the wyatts and shield for example. I think the wyatts could be used in a big way in this corporate story angle. As either heel or face . I dont mind the long story line but they could throw a couple of suprises here and there and it would be great.

  • Jay El Bee

    The voting is legitimate as long as it’s not between Kane-Bryan right. I remember when you tried to say the voting between those two was rigged just because Bryan lost, even though I was on a Twitter hashtag comparison website right around the time the winner was announced and Kane had over 60% of the votes.

  • stoney

    I love how WWE show us how to download apps as if we’re all stupid and have been diagnosed with alzheimers disease

  • Matt

    Its seems like some wrestlers that make it to the main event scene or get close get built up only to get knocked back down.
    Christian: won his first ever world title (TNA title doesn’t count) only to lose it two day later to Orton, I don’t think i’ve ever seen a heel look as weak as Christian did in that feud
    Swagger: Pushed to the moon and blew it because of attitude problems and wellness violations
    Miz: Was WWE Champion, then in an I quit match with John Cena (which was really a handicap match with Alex Riley being his partner) ha dthe majority of the advantage in that match and he used a tape recording of John cena saying I quit and the match is over right? WRONG ref saw the recording, Cena got up locks Miz in the STF, Miz says I quit, cena wins and Miz hasn’t really been the same since. Plus he was blamed for the poor buyrates at Survivor Series 2011 and he dated a former diva who pissed off Vince.
    Ziggler: Went through being Chavo’s caddy and a male cheerleader, jobbing to the likes of Brodus Clay, finally gets in the main event scene, suffers an injury, loses the title to del Blando, and apparently got into a confrontation with randy orton.
    Kofi: Because Randy orton threw a hissyfit about him botching a move.
    Zack ryder: got popular without Vinces help (how dare he) held the United States Championship for 5 weeks then loses it to Swagger, after that became Kanes bitch, had an angle with Eve Torres which ended at WM 28, and after that he is back in the land of irrelevancy
    John morrison: Was almost on his way to the main event scene then he snubbed Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania 27 why? because he his girlfriend Melina thought she should be on the wrestlemania card. Melina was a bitch backstage who thought she was above everyone else and she cheated on JoMo with batista but JoMo is still with her despite that, despite having no charisma or mic skills, he was also held down for being a whipped boyfriend.

    • TheBigKing1

      Well I’m not sure about Miz girlfriend pissing off Vince. And as far as JoMo, he has been off and on with her. Last I heard right before he left, they broke up. Haven’t heard anything about that since then.

  • Robert Olley

    If they want to bolster the roster what happened to barretts push?