WWE Attitude Era DVD Canceled Amid Political Criticism?

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Remember the criticism from the Stamford Advocate regarding WWE pulling edgier footage from its digital platforms only to release an Attitude Era DVD after Election Day? Well it looks like plans for the project due out in November may have been called off.

WWEDVDNews.com is reporting that listings for WWE: The Attitude Era on DVD and Blu-ray formats have been removed from internal schedules for both the United States and Australia. The DVD is still listed on some retail websites but at BestBuy.com, the standard version is no longer available for pre-order.

As of this writing there is no confirmation the DVD has been canceled but it certainly looks like the criticism has caused a reaction from the company.

  • Eric

    dam u linda hope u lose

    • fan

      Seriously? No stance on issues, but hoping for a winner based on a wrestling dvd? lame. I don't want her to win either, but has to do with my political views and not the fact that a dvd MAY/MAY NOT be released.

      • Eric

        yes u lame

  • Wwe4L76

    Wwe… So sad… Even My kids find wwe to be to much off a kids show 😛

    • and

      So sad parents cannot distinguish between to and too

      • n1ck

        so sad there are morons like you still pointing out grammar mistakes on the internet even in the age of auto-correct

        • ChrisH

          Oh yes, because every instance is autocorrect and not inability to spell. What, so hard to take ten seconds to read what has been typed to make sure you don’t look like a moron with awful errors?

          • KVB

            Who cares you all know what was said and understood what was written. Leave the spelling alone and focus on the article.

      • Joe

        The very idea that people point out spelling mistakes on the Internet so patronisingly makes me shake my head

  • Van

    everybody vote for Linda's opponent.that way she'll no longer run and Vince will get his grapefruit back causing him to run the WWE HIS way and make his own decisions without it affecting Linda

    • jake

      I understand where you're coming from, but Linda is running for public office. Her affiliation with WWE should be the last thing you think about when deciding on who you are voting for. There are much, much more important issues than how her political aspirations affect WWE programming. That said, I still think she would be a terrible choice in her election.

    • fan

      Quick everybody register residency in Connecticut and vote… disgusting how some fans think… Do you seriously think Vince is holding back "attitude" in his company, just because of her political aspirations.

      Please Richard, post a blog or something, reminding fans "attitude era" is gone. In the 80's (under VKM control) Hogan and the rest of the Superstars, were meant for family and kids, as he realized profit ($ in his pocket, and the wrestler's by default) wasn't as good with the "blood thirsty" crowds of the 60's and 70's, as it was with the "family friendly" crowds. This is when merchandising and branding was discovered (yellow Hogan shirts, action figures, magazines with kids favorites', etc.) It will not be coming back, and the only reason we ever got an attitude era was because of WCW's pressure. I love reading your site, but these posters that cannot wrap the "business" aspect of the wrestling business, is beyond annoying. We want attitude, we hate cena, wah, wah, wah, its annoying!

      We all want blood, and the a**hole rapper that Cena can portray, but I'm not holding my breath. All I can do is enjoy what I do like, D-Bry, Ziggler, Y2J (whenever he's around), etc.

      • RobUK

        Couldn’t have said it better…

      • SDD619

        Yes we understand that, but we want TV that does not insult our intelligence. i mean did you even watch that stupid Promo Cena did on Raw? That is just stupid

  • snap

    Chances are Linda will continue to run for office until she loses all support and exhausts the McMahon family coffers.

  • Sjenttivensventa

    Instead of hhh getting his balls outta stephs purse maybe Vince should get his outta Linda she’s not gonna win didn’t she get slaughtered last year

  • Who cares. This so called “attitude” era dvd will probably be highly edited anyways. Just buy old dvds from the attitude era if you want to watch it.

  • ted

    why can't the iwc fanatics geit through their heads that wwe will stay pg regardless if linda wins or loses her race.

    linda's senate run is more important to vince and family right now. wwe is doing fine financially. wwe makes millions each year in profit.

    wwe has zero "competition" in the rassling world. HAS BEEN HOGAN and his boy toy, eric b. don't have ted turner anymore to carry them in his pocket.

    • Van

      Smackdown was PG back when it made its debut on TV except they were able to get away with more stuff.plus having almost all of the Attitude Era stuff removed from the internet isn't cool

    • getoveritiwc

      they won't get the message until TNA either gets past 2.0 or higher or a new investor decides to start a new promotion and merge tna,roh,njpw and challenge vince mcmahon as that would've happend with that WWP promotion that was supposed to get off the ground 3 (?) years ago but we all know what happend with that!

  • Spike westphal

    She better dam losse Vince those not seem to care about the older fans

  • Kleck

    What a freaking shame…

  • Matt

    They need to use their head here. WWE 13 is going to sell better than 12 because of the inclusion of the Attitude era and doing a DVD would introduce so many of the new fans to the old days and sell so well from everyone else who was around during it. The Attitude Era had 4 times the wrestling fans of today, ask anyone who used to watch and they'd say they stopped when Stone Cold or THe Rock left. WWE needs to put their head on straight with all this senate stuff.

  • Joe

    “Breaking News” wwe just announced that they will no longer have wrestlers from the additude era in wwe 13 due to the fact that it was just to violent for the lil Jimmy’s to play with

  • Stoney

    this is just a giant middle finger to all wrestling fans

  • n1ck

    this will all be completely irrelevant by the end of next year when the country is broke and Obama is handing out free phones

  • m.ali29

    History is history regardless if it’s good or bad and those who lived it will always remember it regardless.
    Bottom-line stop rewriting your history and take responsibility for it.
    Don’t give us lame excuses about politics or youth protection.
    It’s not up to you to tell us what to watch or not.