WWE Banned Substances, Importance Of Cena/Bryan, Who Pays Hogan, TNA In Financial Trouble?

We hear a lot about WWE performers violating the Wellness Policy. What are these violations usually for?

WWE has a banned substance list attached to their Wellness Policy. If a performer tests positive for one of these substances they must be able to produce a valid prescription for what they are taking that causes the positive result. If they are unable to produce a valid prescription, they are flagged with a Wellness test failure and are given a "strike." There are substances that are banned outright and will cause an immediate Wellness strike whether or not the performer has a valid prescription. If a worker tests positive for taking a drug known under the trade name of Soma or Miltown, which are common muscle relaxers, they are flagged with a Wellness violation regardless of a valid prescription. With all this being said, I have serious questions about the validity of the WWE Wellness Policy given the list of suspensions.

Is John Cena's WWE title defense against Daniel Bryan the most important defense of the title since SummerSlam 2002 between The Rock and Brock Lesnar?

I do not see that as being the case as the main event of this year's SummerSlam is considered to be Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk. The WWE title bout is seen as a co-main event as a way for the company to tie in the new "Total Divas" reality show. Daniel Bryan is very deserving of this opportunity and hopefully he comes out as a main event staple, regardless of the outcome.

Who pays Hulk Hogan in his work for TNA Wrestling? Is it Spike TV, TNA or Panda Energy?

Hulk Hogan, like everyone else in TNA, is paid by Panda Energy. Panda Energy accounting handles the payroll for the company and it's out of their office where checks are issued. They are the financial backing for the company and are the reason TNA is able to operate as they are.

With the myriad of TNA departures is the company in financial trouble?

TNA is dealing with a significant rise in expenses by moving television to the road. The added expense has to be dealt with in one of two ways. Either, it's offset by increased revenues or offset by decreased expenses. Since revenues have not increased, the company is cutting back expenses. This is how a budget is managed whether it's a company or a personal bank account. What would be more problematic is if TNA saw the added expense and did nothing to offset it.

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  • Tna

    So far tbh every wrestler that has been released has either been dead weight or just not being used and I think it’s good to see them taking action and looking after their company

    • Robert Olley

      So tara and gallows are dead weight yet robbie e,jesse godderz and garrett bischoff arebt?

      • LeftyTosser

        Robert, Morgan and Bruce are probably the only significant releases and in all honesty there have been rumors of Morgan being a bit of an issue from a locker room standpoint. I agree that some of the others you mentioned probably should be gone, but the payroll savings of Morgan alone would cover a lot of others that are being kept. It would be a matter of releasing 10 to keep 1. Tara has outside interest that cut down on her availability and Gallows was OK in the group, but not as an individual performer. Just my humble opinion.

        • Loren Goldstein

          Morgan asked for his release

      • Nostaljack

        *Exactly*! This is being painted as an intelligent move and it absolutely isn’t. That people aren’t seeing through this is just hilarious to me.

      • Jimmy

        As far as i heard, Matt Morgan requested a release.

  • Robert Olley

    The answer to the cena/bryan question didnt really answer the question it asked is it as important as the rock lesner match in 2002 which richard never said yes it is or no its not just that its a co main event

    • k_day

      It says “I don’t see that being the case” Which I take as a no.

  • Stoney

    TNA is an overcrowded kitchen, a kitchen nightmare that not even Gordon Ramsay could fix

  • John

    The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar was important because it was a passing of the torch moment. Everybody knew Lesnar was going over, yet everyone wanted to witness it happen. Cena vs. Bryan doesn’t compare simply because a) it’s not a passing of the torch moment, & b) Cena isn’t losing.

    • Jimmy

      They’re on the right path. But you are right, this match isn’t a passing of the torch. How could they have a “passing of the torch” match between Rock & Cena at WM just to have Cena pass on the torch to someone else only a few months later?

  • JJ

    Once CM Punk vs Db for the title is set up..then that will be the most momentous title match in years. Truly can’t wait; this could rival the angle benoit rivalry (sorry to bring it up but it was a great rivalry)

  • SmarkKiller

    Pal, not everyone in TNA is paid by Panda. King Mo and Rampage Jackson get NOTHING from TNA. They are paid by Viacom!