WWE Battleground Results - Who Is WWE Champion?

WWE Battleground Results
Sunday, October 6, 2013
From the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York
Report by Sean Hopkins of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Quick Results:

Pay-Per-View Open:

The show opens with a video package that spends a good bit of time focusing on the Randy Orton/Daniel Bryan feud, along with all the background players. We also get a bit of focus on Ryback vs. Punk as well.

Battleground Hardcore Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
- Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam w/Ricardo Rodriguez

The entrances:

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. Cole throws it right to the ring for the first match of the evening, as Rob Van Dam makes his way to the ring with Ricardo Rodriguez in tow. RVD gets a nice pop out of the crowd on his way down the ramp.

Alberto Del Rio is out next, and he gets a bit of heat as he makes his way into the arena for this match.

We get formal ring introductions for the match, with Ricardo doing RVD's, and Lilian Garcia doing Alberto's intro. We're ready to begin things in this one.

The start:

The bell rings and Del Rio kicks RVD right away before laying in with a couple of head butts and a quick suplex. Del Rio heads to the outside and looks under the rings but Van Dam catches him with a baseball slide before hitting an inverted atomic drop. Van Dam leaps on the barricade and moonsaults off on top of Del Rio for a big pop from the crowd. Van Dam picks up Del Rio and brings things back into the ring. RVD goes under the ring for a chair, hitting Del Rio in he gut on his way back in, then slingshotting in and DDT'ing Del Rio on the chair for a two count.

Mid-match notes:

Del Rio sends RVD into the corner and hits the backstabber for a two count of his own. Del Rio picks up the chair and waits for RVD to stand. He hits RVD in the stomach, then across the back. Del Rio winds up and hits RVD again, then pins him for another two count. Del Rio locks in a rear chin lock and buries his knee in RVD's back. RVD stands and fights his way out of the hold, but Del Rio hits RVD with a boot to the side of the head, then a stiff kick to the back.

Del Rio picks up the chair and wedges it into the corner, but he turns around right into a huge spin kick from Van Dam. RVD chokes Del Rio with his boot before hitting him with a slingshot legdrop out to the apron. Ricardo looks under the apron and shows Van Dam a ladder, which he promptly brings out. Van Dam brings it into the ring and Del Rio grabs it, but has the ladder driven right into his stomach. Van Dam heads to the top and hits a single leg drop kick to knock away Del Rio before setting up the ladder in the corner.

Van Dam kicks at Del Rio, then launches him into the ladder in the corner, sending Del Rio flying to the outside. Van Dam brings things back into the ring for another two count. RVD goes to the corner and resets the ladder before turning around and stomping Del Rio's head. RVD sends Del Rio into the ladder again and follows with a spinning heel kick. Van Dam tries to set up for a monkey flip, but Del Rio moves, RVD grabs the ladder, and Del Rio hits an enzugiri. The ladder falls on RVD and Del Rio hits a double stomp on top of the ladder on top of RVD. Del Rio goes for the pin and gets a two count.

Del Rio mocks RVD before heading to the outside and grabbing a trash can from under the ring. Del Rio heads back in the ring and wear out Van Dam with a series of trash can shots. Del Rio heads to the middle rope and holds the trash can, he leaps off right into a big dropkick from Van Dam and both men are down.

Both men rise and trade blows with Del Rio getting the upper hand. Van Dam ducks a clothesline and delivers a couple of his own. Van Dam hits a nice thrust kick, then picks up the ladder and lays it down in the corner. Van Dam picks up Del Rio and slams him down across the ladder. Van Dam hits a split legged moonsault on top of Del Rio and he pins him for a two count.

Van Dam hits Del Rio with a big kick that sends him back down on top of the ladder. Van Dam goes for rolling thunder, and Del Rio moves, causing Van Dam to crash into the ladder. Del Rio goes right into the cross arm breaker. Ricardo goes under the ring and grabs a bucket. He swings and hits Del Rio in the arm. RVD rolls up Del Rio for two. Del Rio throws RVD from the ring and stares down his old announcer. Del Rio yells at Ricardo, and Ricardo hands over the bucket, but kicks Del Rio, and gets in a couple more bucket shots. Things go to the outside where Del Rio throws Ricardo into the barricade before kicking him in the head.

Van Dam is in the ring and he sends the ladder crashing into Del Rio on the outside. The ladder is on top of Del Rio and Van Dam leaps from the apron with a huge five star frog splash, and both men are down.

Van Dam brings things back into the ring for another near fall. Del Rio sits up in the corner and Van Dam grabs the chair from out of the corner. Van Dam heads up in the far corner and holds the chair high. Van Dam goes for the Van Terminator, but Del Rio moves and Van Dam crashes to the mat. Del Rio picks up the chair and sits it in the middle of the ring.

The finish:

Van Dam catches Del Rio with a jawbreaker, but Del Rio catches him with a drop toe hold that sends him crashing into the chair. Del Rio hits a big kick, then stomps on RVD's arm wrapped up in the chair. Del Rio locks in the cross arm breaker through the chair and RVD is forced to tap out.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger are backstage with Zeb Coalter. Coalter says he doesn't know why anyone would cheer their home town. They saw a growing segment of illegal immigrants, including Canadians who are sneaking across the border. Buffalo's biggest claim to fame is a chicken wing. They're going to take Santino and Great Khali, and toss them into Crisco before tossing them into the ring so they'll be fried, something else, and tossed to the side. They get their 'we the people' out before the promo ends and we go to the ring.

Great Khali makes his way out with Hornswoggle.

Tag Team Match
- Santino Marella & The Great Khali w/Hornswoggle vs. Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

The entrances:

Santino is out next, and he gets a little bit of love from the crowd in the ring.

Cesaro, Swagger and Colter are out to the ring next, and they seem to have at least a small following as they race to the ring and throw their flags in the air.

The start:

The bell rings and it looks like Swagger and Santino are going to kick things off. Swagger locks Santino right into a headlock. Santino fights out of it, but falls to a shoulder block. Another lock up and Swagger takes Santino over into another headlock.

Mid-match notes:

Santino fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but falls to another shoulder block. Santino tries to kip up but can't pull it off. Santino gets caught in another head lock, but he's able to fight out once more, and put Swagger into one. Swagger fights out of the headlock, and Santino hits a shoulder block of his own. Santino slams Swagger, then gets out the cobra. Santino hits a hit toss, and sends Swagger scared to the outside. Hornswoggle shows Swagger a cobra of his own, and Swagger takes it off and tears it to pieces. Swagger catches Santino throat first across the top, and we get a couple of quick tags that leads to some double team work from Cesaro and Swagger.

Santino tries to fight back, but he gets a double team Swagger bomb, double stomp from Swagger and Cesaro. Cesaro puts Santino in a headlock, and Santino fights out, almost making the tag, but Cesaro puts him back into his own corner and makes the tag to Swagger. Swagger slams Santino to the mat and gets a two count before trapping Santino's arms and wrenching back. Santino stands to his feet and fights out of the hold, hitting a belly to back suplex on Swagger.

Khali and Cesaro tag in and Khali shrugs off Cesaro. Khali takes Cesaro into the corner and hits him with a series of elbows, then a giant chop. Khali hits another giant chop, then the big chop to the head. Khali goes for the pin but Swagger breaks it up. Swagger traps Santino on the apron, but Khali hits Swagger with the chop to the head, and Santino leaps over the top on Swagger.

The finish:

Cesaro goes low on Khali and knocks him down, then picks him up for the Cesaro swing in an amazing feat of strength. Cesaro goes for the pin and gets the three count, while Khali counts it out for some reason.

Winners: Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger

We get a quick video package and explanation for the pink ring ropes, because WWE has partnered with Susan G. Komen foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
- Curtis Axel (c) vs. R-Truth

The entrances:

Curtis Axel is out to the ring first, with Paul Heyman by his side, but it doesn't seem like the crowd is giving him too much of a reaction.

R-Truth is out next, and the challenger gets a nice pop from the Buffalo fans on his way to the ring.

The start:

The bell rings and we get a lock up. Truth backs Axel into the ropes, and Axel shoves Truth away. Truth ducks a clothesline and hits a punch, then a kick, and a forearm. Truth catches Axel with a rear elbow for a one count. Truth pops Axel with a right to the side of the head before slamming his head into the turnbuckle. Truth tries to take Axel into the corner, but Axel blocks it, so Truth lays in with a series of punches. Truth mounts Axel in the corner and hits him with ten more punches before suplexing him over for another one count.

Mid-match notes:

Truth sends Axel crashing to the outside, and he follows, hitting a giant clothesline from the ring apron to the floor. Truth brings things back into the ring for a two count. Axel rolls back out to the floor to get some advice from Heyman. Truth heads to the outside and Axel heads in, kicking Truth back into the barricade. Axel heads back to the outside and picks up Truth, ramming him into the barricade.

Axel brings things back into the ring for another two count. Axel lays in with a couple of forearms to the back of Truth's head, and a flying forearm to Truth's face that's good for a two count. Axel tips at Truth's face for a bit before hitting a beautiful dropkick that's good for a near fall.

Axel clamps Truth in a rear chin lock, wrenching back while Heyman smiles. Truth fights to his feet and out of the hold, catching Axel out of nowhere and turning the tide with a couple of elbows, and clotheslines. Truth misses the axe kick, but rolls up Axel for two. Truth connects with the axe kick, but only gets another two.

The finish:

Truth hits a sit out front suplex that's good for another two count. Truth tries for the lie detector, but Axel holds onto the ropes and Truth crashes to the mat. Truth kicks Axel in the gut, but Axel drops Truth face first into the top turnbuckle. Axel hits his neckbreaker, then pins Truth for the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

WWE Divas Championship Match
- AJ Lee (c) w/Tamina Snuka vs. Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella

The entrances:

Brie Bella is the first woman out for the next match, and of course she's accompanied by her sister Nikki.

AJ Lee is out next, and the champion gets a nice reaction from the crowd as she's accompanied to the ring by Tamina.

The start:

The bell rings and AJ gets slapped by Brie right away. Brie hits a couple of forearms and mounts AJ in the middle of the ring, but AJ's able to scramble away to the outside. AJ hides behind Tamina on the outside before making her way back into the ring and getting rolled up by Brie for two.

Mid-match notes:

Brie slams AJ into the corner, then does it on the other side of the ring, not stopping the assault as she heads to the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Brie goes up in the corner and tries for a headscissors, but she's tossed out to the apron and AJ attacks the knee to send her falling to the outside. AJ brings things back into the ring for a quick two count.

Aj wrenches away at Brie's arm, trying to wear down the challenger. AJ bridges over in a hammer lock, but Brie is able to fight out of it. AJ fights off a suplex and hits a single arm DDT, getting a two count. AJ screams at the ref before getting in Brie's face. AJ puts her knees on Brie's shoulders and chokes her against the middle rope before tossing her into the corner. AJ charges Brie in the corner but misses. AJ's able to catch Brie by the arm and pound away at it, driving her to the mat where she's able to clamp on an arm bar.

The finish:

Brie tries to fight off AJ, but AJ tosses her into the middle rope. AJ skips around, and runs right into a dropkick from Brie. Brie is able to roll AJ up sloppily, then she hits a flying clothesline and another dropkick. Bella sends AJ crashing to the mat, then she sends her into the corner and follows up with a backbreaker for two. Brie hits AJ with a running knee, and Tamina attacks Nikki on the outside, causing a distraction. AJ rolls up Brie on the inside, and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee

Tag Team Match
If Goldust and Cody win, they will be reinstated by WWE. If the Shield wins, Dusty Rhodes will lose his job as an NXT trainer and the Rhodes Family is banned from WWE.
- Goldust & Cody Rhodes w/Dusty Rhodes vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins w/Dean Ambrose

We get a video package that highlights the recent events between the Rhodes family and Triple H and The Shield. It's a good recap of the stakes of this match, where, if Dustin and Cody lose, Dusty will lose his job at NXT and the Rhodes family will be banned from the WWE.

Backstage, Dusty Rhodes is standing alongside his sons Goldust and Cody. Dusty says that family is at stake tonight. People who are out of work know what it's like to really be down, and no matter what happens tonight they're going to leave with their heads held high. Goldust says the Shield has been running roughshod over the WWE, and they'll expose them as the regime's puppets tonight. And the Shield will never forget the name of Goldust. Rhodes says he's be lucky if he had half the charisma as his father, or half the natural ring work of his brother, but there's no length to which he'll go to protect his family's future. Tonight, they fight for their lives, and their family.

The entrances:

The Shield make their way to the ring first, accompanied by Seth Rollins.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust are out next, with Dusty in tow, and they come out to the old American Dream theme music to a nice pop from the crowd.

The start:

It looks like Rollins and Cody are going to kicks things off. Cody ducks a clothesline and lays in with a couple of shots on Rollins before hitting a nice back drop that sends him to the outside. Reigns is in and he eats a dropkick from Cody, and Goldust tags in, getting in a couple of good shots of his own. Rollins pulls Reigns from the ring for a regrouping session with Ambrose.

Mid-match notes:

On the outside, all six men square off before Goldust heads back into the ring, followed by Reigns. Goldust catches Reigns with a couple of right hands before hitting a nice clothesline. Cody tags in and they hit double fists to the gut of Reigns. Reigns comes back with a knee to the gut before tagging in Rollins. Rollins chokes Cody with his boot, then runs right into a high hip shot. Cody stomps away at Rollins in the corner before picking him up and blasting him with a big right hand. Rhodes continues to stomp away at Rollins, but he's caught with an STO into the middle turnbuckle. Reigns tags in and hits a giant shoulderblock that's good for a near fall.

Rollins tags in and he pressed Cody's face into the middle turnbuckle before hitting a big neckbreaker for a two count. Ambrose is shown talking smack to Dusty on the outside. Cody fights up to his feet, and he tries to fight out of the Shield's corner, but Rollins won't let him out. Rollins catches Cody in a tree of woe and kicks away at him. Rollins runs into a kick to the face from Cody. Cody heads to the top and hits a moonsault press on top of Rollins. Cody crawls to the corner and tags Goldust who comes in with a couple of clotheslines, and a big right hand to Reigns. Goldust hits an atomic drop, then hits Reigns with a series of right hands in the corner. Reigns misses a splash in the corner, and Goldust hits a giant crossbody for two.

Goldust misses a crossbody and he flies to the outside. Rollins heads out after him, sending him into the apron and barricade. Goldust makes it back into the ring at 9, and Rollins goes right for the pin, getting a two count. Rollins hits a kick to the side of the head, then backs Goldust into his own corner, tagging in Reigns. Reigns clamps Goldust into a rear chin lock, grapevining his legs around Goldust's body. Goldust fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but he runs into a back elbow and a giant clothesline from Reigns. Rollins tags back into the match and comes in with a slingshot senton to Goldust for two. Rollins goes right into a rear chin lock.

Rollins traps the arm of Goldust, but it's not enough as Goldust fights to his feet. Rollins goes for a dropkick but misses. Goldust misses an elbow drop. Reigns tags in and stops Goldust, sending him into the corner. Goldust catches him with a big boot, then he gets Rollins with a giant powerslam. Goldust makes the tag to Cody, and Cody comes in with a springboard dropkick. Rhodes clotheslines Rollins before hanging him up on the Ropes and hitting a kick to the chest. Cody hits Rollins with a spinning Alabama slam and sends Reigns from the ring, pinning Rollins for two. Cody runs into a big elbow from Rollins in the corner. Rollins is on the top turnbuckle and Cody hits the muscle buster. Cody pins Rollins, but it's broken up.

The finish:

Cody hits a disaster kick on Reigns that sends him crashing to the floor. Ambrose distracts Cody and that allows Rollins to attack from behind. On the floor, Dusty takes off his belt and uses it to blast Ambrose with a couple of rights. Goldust cuts off Reigns on the outside, and Cody hits Rollins with the crossRhodes on the inside to get a three count.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Cody, Dusty, and Dustin all embrace in the middle of the ring before celebrating this win and their reinstatement into the WWE. A good portion of the WWE locker room, including agents like Mike Rotunda and Arn Anderson, make their way out to celebrate with the Rhodes family.

Josh Mathews is in the arena with Miz, Titus O'Neal, and Tensai. Miz says the Dusty bionic elbow stands out the most from the show so far. Titus welcomes back Cody and Goldust, then says that the match with Alberto and RVD was great, and Tensai talks about how impressive seeing Cesaro hit the giant swing on Khali was, then says no titles have changed hands so far.

Brad Maddox is backstage talking on the phone. Maddox tells Vickie Guerrero that the McMahons and Triple H have left him in charge tonight and he needs to make the show go smoothly. Vickie begins laughing and walks away.

Singles Match
- Bray Wyatt w/The Wyatt Family vs. Kofi Kingston

The entrances:

Kofi Kingston is out to the ring first, and he gets a nice reaction from the fans in attendance.

Bray Wyatt is out next, with Rowan and Luke along with him.

The start:

Wyatt blows out the lamp and makes his way into the ring. The bell rings and Kofi catches Wyatt with a couple of kicks and Wyatt begins to laugh. A couple more kicks, and Wyatt catches one, shoving Kofi down to the mat. Kofi catches Wyatt with another kick and a couple of big forearms before hitting a nice double boot in the corner. Kofi heads to the top, but Wyatt hits the ropes to stop him. Wyatt splashed Kofi's back as he hangs down from the top turnbuckle. Wyatt drags Kofi to the apron and hits him with a clubbing blow to the chest.

Mid-match notes:

Wyatt brings things back into the ring where he pounds on Kofi in the corner before bringing him out and hitting a quick short-arm clothesline. Wyatt hits a head butt before locking in a modified chin lock stretch. Wyatt yells out things while stretching Kofi. Kofi fights out of the hold, but Wyatt slams him to the mat and hits a big elbow to the chest for two. Wyatt goes right back to the chin lock, wrenching Kofi's neck. Kofi fights up to his feet, and reverses a suplex into a splash. Kofi rolls out to the apron and leaps into the ring, right into a quick powerslam from Wyatt that's good for two.

Wyatt goes right back to the chin lock, grinding down on Kofi. Kofi fights out of the hold, and he's able to hit a giant crucifix to send Wyatt crashing down on his shoulders. Kofi hits a back chop, then another, then a big dropkick. Kofi hits a leaping clothesline, then follows it up with the boom drop. Kofi tries for the trouble in paradise, but Wyatt ducks and the two collide when Wyatt launches himself into Kingston.

Wyatt does a bit of a spiderwalk toward Kingston, and Kofi freaks out and slides from the ring. Kofi low bridges Wyatt and sends him to the outside. Kofi leaps over the top rope and wipes out all members of the Wyatt family.

The finish:

Kofi heads to the top and hits a giant cross body that's good for two. Wyatt shoves Kofi away and is caught in a sunset flip, but fights it off. Kofi tries for the SOS, but Wyatt turns it into the sister abigail for three.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Following the match, Rowan picks up Kofi and drops him with a giant backbreaker before sending him into a big clothesline from Harper. Wyatt grabs a mic and says there is no right, there is no wrong. All that is left are the mannequins trying to force feed you their ideals of what purity are. In time there will be none of them left. One by one, they all will fall. Follow the buzzards.

Singles Match
- CM Punk vs. Ryback w/Paul Heyman

We get a video package that shows some of the more recent history between Punk and Heyman, which includes Heyman beating Punk last month at Night of Champions after Ryback was revealed as the newest Paul Heyman guy.

The entrances:

Ryback is the first man out to the ring for this match, and he's got Paul Heyman out with him.

CM Punk is out next, and he gets a huge pop from the Buffalo crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and both men begin circling each other before locking up. Ryback backs Punk into the corner, and breaks, yelling at Punk to bring it on. Ryback shoves Punk to the mat and calls him a joke. Another lock up and Ryback backs Punk into the corner and buries his shoulder in Punk's midsection. Punk comes back with a couple of kicks to the legs, and Ryback drops to the floor and talks to Heyman, asking him what to do.

Mid-match notes:

Ryback gets back into the ring and Punk lays in with kicks and knees and Ryback bails to the outside again. Punk follows this time, hitting a dive through the ropes on top of Ryback. Punk stands on the barricade and leaps off, but he's caught by Ryback. Punk drops down and shoves Ryback into the ring post. Punk brings things back into the ring and goes to the top rope to hit a big cross body for a two count. Punk hits Ryback with a couple of kicks to the chest and a couple of knees to the face, but Ryback sends Punk face first into the middle turnbuckle. Ryback seats Punk on the top turnbuckle and slams him to the mat.

Ryback throws Punk to the mat and he skids into the ring post. Ryback gets in a couple of shots before pulling Punk out of the corner with a snap mare, then kicking him in the chest. Ryback clamps Punk in a rear chin lock. Punk is able to fight up to his feet and Ryback hits him with a huge belly to belly suplex. Ryback hits Punk with a big legdrop for two. Ryback picks Punk up to his feet and takes him into the corner, hitting a big chop to Punk's chest. Ryback hits Punk with a huge running clothesline in the corner before simply standing on Punk's head. Ryback hits an elbow drop, then a couple of kicks to the back.

Punk begins to mount a comeback, but it doesn't last long as he's mowed over by Ryback. Ryback picks Punk up and suplexes him into the ropes, hitting him with a big kick to the side of the head. Ryback heads to the outside and hits Punk with a couple of clubbing blows to the chest while he's laid on the apron. Ryback heads back into the ring and kicks at Punk's chest. Ryback takes Punk into the corner and buries his shoulder in Punk's midsection before backing up and charging in with another big shoulder to the gut.

Ryback clamps on a rear chin lock. Punk is able to fight to his feet, but Ryback falls back to the mat with the hold still on, trapping Punk with his legs. Punk turns over and begins hitting Ryback with a series of forearms to the face and elbows to the top of the head. Ryback charges right into a big boot in the corner, then misses a spear and ends up charging shoulder first into the ring post. Punk hits Ryback with a couple of stiff kicks, then a forearm. Punk kicks Ryback's chest, then hits him with a nice back heel kick. Punk doesn't stop continuing on with a swinging neckbreaker.

Heyman grabs the mic and says he's the best in the world. He pinned CM Punk with both hands tied behind his back. This allows Ryback to sneak in a cheap shot on Punk. Ryback picks Punk up for a giant powerbomb, but Punk kicks out at two. Another cover, and a third, and it's still a two count. Heyman tells Ryback to powerbomb him again. Ryback picks up Punk and goes for another power bomb, but Punk lands on his feet and catches Ryback with a kick to the side of the head.

Punk hits the running knee in the corner, and he goes up to the top. Punk points to the sky and drops a giant elbow for two. Punk hits another high knee in the corner, and another. He stares down Heyman and goes for a third, but Ryback catches him. Punk counters with a hurricanrana, and he shoulders Ryback. Ryback fights out of it and slams Punk to the mat for another near fall. Ryback hits Punk with a couple of big clubbing blows to the side of the head while Heyman gets in his face. Ryback keeps attacking, causing the ref to pull him off.

The finish:

Heyman grabs a kendo stick, but the ref sees it. This allows Punk to kick Ryback low, and pin him for the three count.

Winner: CM Punk

WWE Championship Match
- Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

Josh Mathews is in the arena again with Miz, Tensai and Titus O'Neal. Miz says that the Authority is gone, and that's good for Daniel Bryan. Titus agrees, and Tensai says that a dream becomes reality through hard work, and his pick is Daniel Bryan.

This leads into a video package detailing the events of Night of Champions, where Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship, but had the title stripped from him the next night, and the events over the past couple of weeks.

During the video package, the feed cuts out, and we're greeted with the dreaded 'technical difficulties' screen!

Cameras are back on and Justin Robers is just standing in the middle of the ring. Michael Cole says there was a power outage in Buffalo which caused the interruption, but they're back on. JBL blames the government shutdown. The WWE title is sitting on a pedestal in front of the announcer's table. Cole asks who has the momentum heading into the match tonight. King says Bryan knows he can beat Orton and he thinks Bryan wants it more. JBL thinks Orton will win.

The entrances:

Orton's music interrupts the announcers and the Viper makes his way to the ring.

Daniel Bryan's music hits, and the goat-faced superstar makes his way out to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd. Bryan has the entire arena chanting 'yes' as he hops down to the ring.

The start:

The bell rings and Justin Roberts does formal ring introductions for both men, and we're ready to begin. Both men circle each other, then lock up. Bryan traps Orton in a headlock, taking him over and to the mat. Orton turns it into a roll up for one. Bryan rolls back over into the headlock. Orton pushes Bryan back into the corner to break the hold. Orton backs off and we get another lock up. Bryan goes right back into a headlock and Orton pulls on his hair. Orton turns things around with a headlock of his own. Bryan fights it off, but falls to a shoulderblock.

Mid-match notes:

Orton catches Bryan with a couple of boots before taking him over with a headlock takeover. Bryan fights out of it and scores with a giant dropkick. Bryan wrenches Orton's arm across his shoulder, then does it again before kicking at Orton's arm. Bryan gets caught with Orton's across the back backbreaker, and Orton shakes his arm. Orton stands on Bryan's ankle and stomps down hard. Orton rakes Bryan's face across his boot and stomps on him for a two count. Orton works on Bryan's arm, but Bryan's able to fight to his feet. Orton tries to work on Bryan's arm, but Bryan fights out and hits a knee to Orton's gut. Bryan hits a series of kicks to Orton and follows with a dragon screw, then a knee drop to Orton's knee.

Bryan continues to work over Orton's knee, trying up his legs like a pretzel, and dropping down and raining down forearms on Orton's face. Bryan traps Orton in the corner and kicks at his chest before seating him on the top turnbuckle. Bryan heads up after Orton, but Orton pushes him off and crotches him on the top rope. Orton leaps off the middle rope with a huge clothesline and Bryan lands on his head. Orton gets two. Orton hits another clothesline for two. Orton mounts Bryan in the corner and goes to work with a series of right hands, dropping Bryan to the mat. Orton chokes Bryan with his boot, then backs away.

Orton hits Bryan with a clothesline in the corner, then runs into a big boot from Bryan. Orton responds with a snap powerslam for two before transitioning right into a rear chin lock. Bryan gets up to his feet and fights out of the hold, but runs right into a giant knee to the stomach. Orton picks Bryan up and suplexes him across the top rope for another two count. Orton stands and slowly stalks Bryan. Orton and Bryan trade right hands, and Orton kicks Bryan in the gut. Bryan flips over Orton, and Orton tries to toss Bryan to the outside. Bryan skins the cat, and catches Orton with a leg scissors that sends him over the top to the outside. Bryan skins the cat back into the ring and hits a dive through the ropes on Orton before hitting a series of kicks to the chest. Bryan sends Orton into the barricade and hits a huge running dropkick.

Bryan sends things back into the ring, heading to the top and leaping off. Bryan is caught with a huge powerbomb counter. Orton slaps Bryan in the Boston crab and rears back. Bryan reaches for the ropes, and Orton pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Bryan twists it around into a small package but only gets two. Bryan tries for the yes lock, but Orton makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Orton rolls to the floor.

Orton avoids a baseball slide and tosses Bryan into the ring steps. Orton slams Bryan's head into the Spanish announcer's table before pulling him into the ring post and tossing him into the barricade. Orton brings things back into the ring at 9 and tries for a cover, but only gets two. Orton mounts Bryan and hits him with a series of right hands. Orton picks Bryan up and seats him on the top turnbuckle, blasting him with a right hand. Bryan fights it off with a head butt. Orton charges in and crotches Bryan on the top turnbuckle. Orton stands on the top with Bryan and hits a huge superplex.

Orton goes for the pin and gets a two count. Orton picks Bryan up to his feet and the two trade European uppercuts. Neither gives any ground until Bryan backslides Orton for two. Bryan hits Orton with a huge kick to the side of the head for another two count. Bryan stands and tries to suplex Orton from the apron to the inside of the ring, but Orton suplexes Bryan out to the floor. Orton drops to the floor and begins taking apart the Spanish announcer's table. Orton tries for a powerbomb, but Bryan escapes, catches Orton with a series of kicks, and throws him into the steps. Bryan breaks the count, then heads to the top turnbuckle. Bryan leaps to the outside and hits a giant cross body.

Back in the ring, Bryan hits a top rope flying head butt for another two count. Bryan has the crowd totally behind him as he hits two giant dropkicks in the corner, then a third, and fourth. Bryan won't stop as he backs up for a fifth huge dropkick to a seated Orton in the corner. The crowd is going nuts for Bryan. Bryan kicks Orton in the chest repeatedly. Orton catches Bryan and hits him with a giant exploder suplex, dropping Bryan on his shoulder.

Bryan rolls to the apron, and Orton brings him back in with the suspension DDT. Orton mocks Bryan before dropping to the mat. Orton tries for the RKO, but Bryan blocks it. Orton ducks a kick and turns it into a roll up, but Bryan counters into the yes lock. The Big Show's music hits, and Show runs to the ring, pulling the ref out. Bryan looks shocked and confronts Show, but is punched in the face for his troubles. Brad Maddox is at the top of the ramp and he calls out Scott Armstrong. Armstrong heads to the ring and Orton covers Bryan. Armstrong begins the count, and Show pulls him from the ring and knocks him out too.

Show gets into the ring, and Orton is calling him stupid. Orton continues to berate Show, and he pushes him. Show hits Orton in the side of the head, knocking him out, and everyone goes nuts. Maddox stands at the top of the ramp, completely stunned. Show stares down Maddox while everyone around him is laid out.

The finish:

Show heads out to the apron and climbs the turnbuckle, saying no more. The show ends with Big Show heading to the back.

  • Stoney

    And the most boring World Heavyweight championship reign of all time continues.

    • K! ng

      Jbl’s reign was worse

      • ken

        At least JBL was good on the mic and had some bloody classics with Eddie

        • K! ng

          Decent matchesnone were classics.Srry

          • Kris Guenther

            JBL vs. Eddie in Judgement Day 2004 was a classic. It will be one of the most memorable matches due to it being the bloodiest match in WWE history.

          • K!NG

            that is your opinion just because there was a lot of blood doesn’t mean it was a classic it ended in a DQ for a main event finish. the feud was classic the matches them self not so much. I’m very careful on what i consider a “classic” and what a “5 star” match is.

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      I seriously wanted RVD to win and Sandow to cash-in so that RVD can put-over Sandow at hell in a cell and go back on a vacation…

      Just before ADR won the title it was considered a main-event level title and now after months of being world champ, ADR has successfully managed to bring down the prestige of the title to a mid-card level.

      • H.M.

        Whenever ADR has been in the title picture it’s just been an utterly dull run. I feel that the recent World Champs have just failed to deliver; we barely got to see anything from Ziggler but Swags, ADR and Sheamus were all admittedly very boring. I felt NOTHING for any of them as champs. Though, I’d posit that the WHC started falling from grace in 2011 when ADR FIRST started chasing Edge for the title as the Rumble Winner…only to be the opening match at a very forgettable WM 27

        • Anand Vijayakumar

          As long as guys like Batista, Edge and Taker were chasing the WHC title, it was actually the bigger deal and now ๐Ÿ™

    • Kris Guenther


    • K! ng

      Plus what title looks more valuable the wwe title which is vacant n has been passed around a lot in 3 months or the world title which has been held all but 60 days this year by the same guy.

      • thepowerserge

        Forget the Attitude Era! I miss the WWE in the 80’s, when one, count it, 1 guy would win the belt and, spoiler: HOLD ONTO IT FOR MONTHS AT A TIME! These last few months it’s been the village bicycle, traded around like a worthless trinket and then put into whatever the hell Triple H says it is, while the WHC has been held consistently by one guy, regardless of whether he has fans or not. And here I thought Vince wanted to make the WCW Championship look 2nd rate.

        • K!NG

          this isnt the Universe era it the ADHD era. everyone wants someone to be pushed then when they get what they want they hate it n want someone new. honestly i could careless about who is champion, I look for who is constantly performing at high levels. my eye balls have told me in the past year there have been 6 guys who have been out performing everyone else Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Cm Punk, Orton, Del Rio and John Cena.

  • frenchfry

    awesome match rhodes vs shield, i was as into that match as any match ive watched in a long time

  • Craig

    I wonder what HHH will have to say about Rhodes winning tomorrow night

  • Stoney

    Alberto Del Rio is the heel version of john cena

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      I disagree. Cena evoked reaction from the crowd (Be it cheers or boos). when ADR shows up, the crowd goes to sleep.

      Even his ex assistant Ricardo used to get better reaction from the crowd than ADR…

    • jdl

      That would require ADR to have charisma, to actually be able to get the audience involved. This is clearly not the case.

  • Xavier

    With Triple H & Steph out of the building, this is probably when we find out if Big Show is truly a face or if he was in alliance with them this whole time. And the 40 clowns in the front who are trying to hijack the show by chanting random crap are making themselves look like dumb asses.

  • Xavier

    With Triple H & Steph out of the building, this is probably when we find out if Big Show is truly a face or if he was in alliance with them this whole time. And the 40 clowns in the front who are trying to hijack the show by chanting random crap are making themselves look like dumb asses.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Totally agree – their chants were very annoying. Really sick of hearing people try and start JBL and Michael Cole chants

  • Craig

    Big show for wee champion after knocking out Bryan

    • Dan

      Big show vs Daniel Bryan vs randy orton at hiac. Show wins and is face of the company.

  • Anand Vijayakumar

    Was Punk able to deliver a memorable performance with Rybotch? Was the match good enough??? I havent seen it yet but – anyone who saw it live comment please…

  • Fetcher

    They just end it after two refs, Bryan and Orton get knocked out? What the hell was that…

    • Nostaljack

      Plot exposition…though I don’t believe a PPV is the place for that. It’ll force us to watch “Raw” to see where Big Show’s career goes from here. I don’t know how they can do Orton vs. Bryan again.

      • Anand Vijayakumar

        Hole in the storyline

  • H.M.

    Interesting conclusion to the main event. It was obvious that this was a bridge PPV for Hell in a Cell in 2 weeks. And to be honest Battleground was the lacklustre throwaway I was expecting it to be.

    Biggest negative in all of this? The tag match where the Real Americans won – which was the only salvaging moment of that match and the fact that the WHC match was the opener.

    Let’s not forget that MOST of this card felt like nothing but pure filler other than the Rhodes/Shield ordeal

    • H.M.

      MOST of the undercard* was what I meant to say.

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      I knew that DB winning was a long shot but at least they could’ve put the title on Orton to legitimize his heel turn and push his viper gimmick. Instead he is just a non-champ viper who is eventually gonna lose to DB at hell in a cell. I feel sad/bad for Orton…

  • Scott Davies

    The only match that stood out tonight I think was The Rhodes v The Shield. The match I think made Cody Rhodes a Main eventer.
    I also thought Kofi & Bray Wyatt had a really good match.

  • Dawn

    After reading what happened, I’m kind of glad I passed on getting this PPV. Especially since the only match I actually cared about was Rhodes family vs. Shield. I agree with a lot of the comments – this was just a filler before HIAC PPV.

    • Nostaljack

      After watching the Rhodes family match, I’m glad I ordered it and know you should be kicking yourself for *not* ordering it. It was “Match Of The Year” stuff.

      • Dawn

        Oh, I don’t doubt that. I got that much from reading it, and wish that I did get it, but I can’t see spending $50 to watch one match.

      • Pluto

        Ummm .. Pay $50 for one match?!? No thanks .. I’m SUPER glad I didn’t WASTE my money on that garbage PPV!..

        • Nostaljack

          Your loss. I would do it again. It really was *that* good. The Wyatt’s were great too.

          • Pluto

            How is it “my loss” if I saved $50 bucks?!? You’re really *that* dumb!..

          • Nostaljack

            Do yourself a favor and catch it on YouTube or something. Really. I absolutely loved it and the crowd was hanging on every move.

          • JJ

            Or just not pay the money for 1 match and go watch it online ha

          • Nostaljack

            I may very well be biased by the fact that it was the very first PPV I’ve ever ordered. Still, that match was spectacular and I’m glad I caught it in the moment. Adding to the fun was the chat room. Totally enhanced the experience. Thanks to everyone who was in there last night. You too, Robbie!…LOL!

  • King A sshole

    Y’all got knocked the fuck out!

  • Navin T. Ramkissoon

    It was an ok PPV, better than Night of Champions. The ending was overbooked, we have to see what the fallout is tomorrow night. The Rhodes Dynasty vs The Shield was the best match of the night. Seeing Cesaro swing Khali and pick up a win was epic. Creative needs to step up their game though or they risk having this angle flatline and leaving us back in the hands of Super Cena and Sheamus in just over 3 months.

  • JasonT2300

    Give Punk the Damn title already

  • Justin Lal

    One thing was apparent after watching this PPV: the WWE MUST push Cody Rhodes. Forget about CM Punk or Daniel Bryan winning the Royal Rumble, Cody Rhodes needs to be pushed hard. He should in the WWE Championship match at WM 30.

    • Kris Guenther

      I disagree, only if we have Cody and/or Goldust turn on the other at the Royal Rumble, making it Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust at WM30. Maybe they could also put Goldust in the Hall of Fame that year as well. Again, only if they go that direction.

    • Nick K

      Codys got momentum but to just scrap Daniel Bryan the most over and hottest star in wrestling…no, as usual your dislike of Bryan leads to a failed statement.

  • MrOldSchool

    Feel like a triple loser blew off this PPV to see the Dodgers did not happen then the 49ers beat a team whose own QB was helping them win – Strike two. Now I read a recap and the only thing I got right was that nobody will leave as champ between Bryan and Orton. Which show you that “You can save $60 by saying NO !!! NO !!! NO !!! to bad PPV’s”. Raw will show what should have happened tonight !!!!

  • BMGabe

    I called it like a week or so ago. They needed a reason to use the Cell for Hell in a Cell (that i’m going to yay) in a few weeks. I said there would be outside interference and would cause the match to end the way it kinda did. In order for them to have a reason to use the Cell

    • mr. haha

      Uhh the ppv is called hell in a cell, it was fairly obvious to anyone. Lol

  • Xavier

    Everyone keeps saying Del Rio has brought down the value of the WHC but yet he’s constantly putting together good matches thru out the year rather it be against Ziggler, Big Show, Sheamus, Christian or Rob Van Dam. Tonight was no exception.

    The Rhodes Family vs The Shield was the best match of the night, boy is Cody over. Which may potentially become problematic for this Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton/Big Show angle which appears to have come to a creative halt at the moment. if I was a beating man I’d beat Triple H forces Big Show to be the ref for Bryan/Orton inside HIAC. Cubed56 stated after Night Of Champions that Bryan winning the title off of Orton only to get screwed the next night on RAW would hurt this angle and in looking back at everything it really has.

    CM Punk vs Ryback was pretty average. Which I expected looking back at their matches from last fall. Hopefully this “Punk getting his hands on Heyman” angle is wrapping up soon because it’s run it’s course.

    All & all it was a solid PPV with some good matches. Loved the Cesaro giant swing on The Great Khali. Hopefully he’ll get the hell away from this “Real American” stuff which doesn’t suit him at all and get real legit push soon. I’d also love to see Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes at some point down the line because Cody is getting more over by the second and has really arrived as a performer inside the ring, his mic skills are coming along nicely as well.

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      Xavier – ADR is able to put together good matches but has the charisma of a rock. The crowd just does not care… If the WWE wants to maintain the prestige of the big gold belt, they need to take it off this guy and do it fast…

      I really want Cesaro and Ziggler to get pushed… Cesaro Vs Sandow or Sandow Vs Zigger for the WHC

      • Xavier

        If the WWE wants to maintain the prestige of the belt then they need to go back to the brand split. The belt losing it’s prestige really has nothing to do with ADR and a whole lot more to do with the brand split ending. Why have two belts on one show? With the corporate angle monopolizing so much time o both RAW & Smackdown it leaves very little room for storyline progression for the WHC. The WHC didn’t really mean much when Bryan, Big Show, Sheamus, Randy Orton & Mark Henry held it either because of the merge.

        • H.M.

          You’re right, the brand extension has a hand in the deterioration of the value of the WHC but as I’d mentioned above, it was losing it’s lustre in 2011 as a secondary title around the time Del Rio began chasing for it. The FIRST PPV it ever became an afterthought was WM 27 as it was headlined by Rock/Cena 1 and Taker/HHH II but that aside, it could have EASILY filled the void for the 3rd big time match of that card. I so vividly recall everyone expecting a Christian vs Edge feud for the title which sadly never ended up happening. Instead he was a cheerleader for his boy Edge. I don’t want to place the blame all on Del Rio, but that guy has really been stinking up the main event on SD even before the end of the brand extension (which, although not robust was still in effect around the time he came to main event relevance – I believe this was when the Raw Supershow concept was around).

        • Anand Vijayakumar

          Xavier – the roster right now does not have enough upper mid-card and main card guys to survive two separate brands like it used to back in the days…

          Anyways, I do agree that placing the blame squarely on ADR for this is unfair but this guy has just done absolutely nothing to keep the prestige of the title intact. When your valet gets a bigger reaction than you do, it is time to rethink stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

    • H.M.

      Swagger can also put on great matches. The problem he and his WM 29 opponent share is that they fail to connect to the audience. They draw little reaction and most of their promo work sounds forced. As far as ADR is concerned, I was a big fan of his up until the whole Royal Rumble win which I felt was a bit too sudden for him. And even then I gave him a chance. I was burnt out on him after he lost the title to Punk at SS 2011 and didn’t really care until he turned face. The turn was a bit refreshing for a few weeks, but then went flat to the extent that the crowd reactions forced him to turn heel(Ziggler too of course). Truth be told he brings nothing that will catch one’s eye to the table. True, his in ring work is actually very solid (though I’d like for him to have had a hard hitting finisher instead of just the arm bar) and the guys facial expressions are very convincing. But he just lacks that “it” factor that makes a Superstar a Superstar.

      One thing that also needs to be noted is that simply wrestling good matches does not make someone entertaining when looking at a Superstar in his/her entirety, nor a worthy title holder. Perhaps its the manner in which he and the previous champions of the past few years have been booked. The title today is basically the IC title of old (but that’s a whole other discussion). None of Del Rio’s feuds have really been any good. They’ve just been a matter of ‘You face me for title?!! I will attack you maliciously backstage, cut bland promo about how I’m the best and how I’ll remain champion and then proceed to butt heads with my no. 1 contender after his matches!!! Oh, I’ll also call you a perro and say cacas!!!’ Though you may argue that this has been WWE’s formula for title matches as of late period.

      Seriously though. That’s it. No substance. No REAL intensity. Nothing. I don’t feel invested in anything this guy does. Nothing feels genuine about his character. I think I’ll end this somewhat lengthy diatribe here. My point is that I think many people (particularly the IWC) gave this guy a chance and wanted to get into his character but he failed. You know there’s a problem when the announcer/manager gets a vastly louder pop than the WHC he’s siding with. That’s plain ridiculous. And the funny thing is, when you see the guy,not knowing what he brings to the table, you expect something new, something fresh, something truly exciting and worth your time. Turns out, he just flat out sucks at getting over and ultimately fails at what he’s set out to do as a heel or face.

    • BIG M

      The Rhodes family vs the Shield was by far the best match of the night your right.
      Cody is over big time but he’s been over since MITB so I don’t think it will be a problem for the Bryan, Orton and now Big Show angle.
      I think since RVD’s getting time off soon They will have Cody feud with ADR for the WHC.
      And Ive heard rumours Ceasaro is being repackaged as a face because of the pop he gets when he does the giant swing (good thing too).
      Maybe its because I’m Australian but I don’t understand this Real American anti-immigration stuff.
      Quite frankly it all sounds a little racist to me.

      • Xavier

        Cody/ADR sounds like the right move to me as well. Cody is over in a big way right now and they need to capitalize on that ASAP. So either have him feud with ADR for the title or at least have him & older brother take the tag team titles off the Shield. The reason why I say it could become a problem is because Bryan/Orton is losing it’s appeal to a lot of fans while the Rhodes/McMahon angle is gaining appeal among viewers. It’s starting to become apparent.

        I heard those same rumors as well about Cesaro. And yes the The Real America stuff is racist, that’s the point of the gimmick. But it’s hard to take the anti-immigration angle seriously when Cesaro is a immigrant himself. I never understood why he was put in this stable to begin with, it killed the gimmick for me.

    • Cubed56

      Thanks for the reference bro. Im not one to toot my own horn, but in this case I feel I’m spot on. The corporation angle involving DB and Orton has become an absolute mess and is by far trumped by the Rhodes angle, which IMO is by far the best and most compelling angle right now. It feels like DB and Orton are now second fiddle in the angle and it’s become more about big show overcoming steph and HHH. Like I say I’m always gonna let it play out, but right now, myself and I believe many others are finding this angle angle hard to get into and quite frankly have lost almost all interest in it thanks to the shotty creative decisions that started at NOC and the ending to BG last night.

      • Xavier

        Agreed. Honestly though, I didn’t have a problem with the ending of Bryan/Orton from last night. It makes sense with HIAC right arounf the corner and with the mistake creative made with booking Bryan/Orton at NOC this was the only logical outcome they could of went with right now. Having Bryan or Orton go over clean would of killed this angle completely. However, I think the WWE made a huge mistake by not having the Rhodes Family-Shield close the show.

  • BabaBooey

    RAW has become the pay-off to the PPVs, rather than the PPVs being the pay-off to regular televised events.

  • I fell asleep during the main event. I felt that the only good match last night was Rhodes vs Shield.

  • K!NG

    wow punk has NEVER beat ryback cleanly

  • Avalanchian

    So the Big Show has finally figured out his money problems it seems. The way to get paid big is to be the Champion and destroy anyone who wants it.

  • winnipeg

    I don’t know about anyone else but man Im glad I watched Battleground for free. It just seemed so slapped together last minute.

  • Mohan Ramnath

    cesaro for the rumble:)

  • mezzmer

    This is longest that I seen raw without a champion

  • Sandeep Agarwal

    Since the built to this PPV was poor and i had an off day, for the first time in last 3 years i decided to watch a WWE show without first checking the results online. I kept myself away from WNW whole day just to be disappointed by a boring like hell PPV. It’s good that i don’t have to pay for PPVs in my country, but i still want my 3 hours back. ๐Ÿ˜

    I wanted to see Usos instead of Santino and Khali. It’s a shame that even after performing so well they didn’t get a match on this PPV. But the Cesaro’s version of spin-o-roonie on Khali was just awesome.

    And i wonder why divas run towards the ropes when they don’t even bounce of it on to their opponent. They just touch it and come back.

    Rhodes family vs. Rollins and Reigns, this was the match of the night! Outstanding! I totally marked for Cody and Goldust and the crowd too went wild when they won. It’s nice to see Cody putting on such great matches. When he joined WWE, he looked so thin and weak that i always felt like WWE is trying to find another Nunzio. But i’m happy with the progress he has made and the personality he has developed. BTW, did anyone noticed that guy from crowd who was annoying Ambrose during Shield’s entrance? That was so stupid! It’s a good thing that Ambrose kept his cool but whoever did that deserved to be punched in the face. ๐Ÿ˜

    About the end to DB and Orton match, i don’t have a problem with ending the match as a no contest. But not after just few punches from Big Show. They could have had a series of outside interference from different people with both DB and Orton still going after each other through all of it. The quick ending by Show was too disappointing.

  • JJ

    Positives; Cody Rhodes, the highlight of the ppv,Ryback hopefully going to fall back a bit and CM Punk finally getting a W again. And Kofi vs Wyatt was actually really good. The woman’s match literally was so boring. RVD vs Del Rio I was bored about half way through, but that’s more because I don’t buy Del rio as much. Axel vs Rtruth could take or leave not much either way. Oh and I completely forgot the tag match, it was that forgetable, outside of the ending.The crowd didn’t seem into the ppv, the announcers didn’t seem in it (probably watching NFL again) because it was horrendous commentary most the night. I thought the concept fell really flat too for this ppv. But then again I guess they can’t be all home run ppvs ha.

  • ravi

    order?i don’t order I watch it live on my computer

  • ravi
  • LBP365

    They either act like TNA and over think it looking for a shock( there’s nothing wrong with common sense move y’all. You don’t have to try and surprise ever time.) or they went ROH and try to drag it out( in another words drag out this title war till Cena returns)