WWE Battleground & Survivor Series Tank - Official PPV Buyrates For Fourth Quarter 2013

WWE reported earnings for the fourth quarter of 2013 and full year results on Thursday. In them, official pay-per-view buy rates for the quarter were announced. There were some ugly numbers that you can view below:

  • WWE Battleground - 114,000 buys
  • WWE Hell in a Cell - 228,000 buys (compared to 199,000 in 2012)
  • Survivor Series - 177,000 buys (compared to 208,000 in 2012)
  • WWE TLC - 181,000 buys (compared to 175,000 in 2012)

This of course is all about the change with the launch of the WWE Network but it's safe to say WWE is probably less than thrilled with the way Battleground and Survivor Series performed.

  • eskymi

    Easy to see why Survivor Series failed….Randy Orton and Big Show in main event..a womans elimination match, Big E and Axel, Ryback and Mark Henry, Cena and Del Rio, really which of those matches would sell a PPV….NONE of them.

    But as stated, it doesn’t matter now as we’ll all be watching on WWE Network.

  • LeBron James

    With Bryan & Punk in the main event & co-main event it’s not surprising that numbers were so low. Fans just won’t except that these can’t draw, they are talented but they don’t draw well at all. 114,000 buys is terrible

    • Bob’s Diner

      Yet you don’t blame Randy Orton, despite the fact he was the main event in all of those PPVs?
      Or the fact TLC was supposed the biggest match in WWE history, with countless hours of television time – not to mention HHH doing his online promos – dedicated to building that event, yet it only scored relatively close to the previous year’s event? Ever think Battleground was the third PPV in 6 weeks and not everyone can be bothered shelling out $150 in such a short space of time?

      But no just keep blaming CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

      BTW the word is ACCEPT, not except

      • LeBron James

        TLC drew better this year then last year so sure I’ll blame Cena/Orton for that. All I keep hearing is how no one wants too see Cena vs Orton which may be true but it did 182,000 buys while Bryan/Orton did 114,000 buys. And Bryan vs Authority was being built up as the second coming of the attitude era. Personally I don’t Bryan, Orton, Cena. All of them are boring and repitive. I watch the for the Sheild, Wyatts, Cesaro and Ziggler.

        • Bob’s Diner

          So you think 6,000 more buys for “the biggest match in pro-wrestling history” is a success? As I stated, they poured everything into building that match. Raw was dedicated to it for weeks on end. HHH started his online interview series to promote it. And you think 6,000 extra buys over a John Cena/Dolph Ziggler main event with little build proves it was worth all the promoting?

          Look, I don’t blame a single wrestler for PPV buyrates – but to blame two wrestlers because one PPV did terrible buys is stupid, especially when one of those wrestlers was in a crappy match against Ryback. I get it, you love Orton. You are always complaining that no one gives him the love he deserves. But you gotta be consistent

          • LeBron James

            I don’t like Orton either. But I do know you hate Orton which is why you blame him but I would expect nothing less from you. Did you ever think that maybe TLC doesn’t do buys is because it’s the holiday season? People spend a lot of money that time of the year on presents and stuff. But for your biggest angle of Bryan vs authority which got way more build then Cena vs Orton IMO to do 114,000 is just sad. Only that crappy ECW ppv did worse. I know it upsets people like you on here but the fact is Bryan cant draw. He’s super repitive and his whole move set consist of kicks. Thats not gonna put asses in the seats my friend

          • Whammaster

            What? Bryan v Authority had more build then Cena v Orton? Are we watching the same show? What channel do you get because i want that channel right now.

            We were shoved Cena v Orton # for a solid 4 weeks, and then even more afterwards. How in the hell can you say that Bryan v Authority had more build -.-, if you mean constant screw job over screw job over screw job over screw job, and then no finish? Yeah sure what an amazing run that was.

            Your pretty good at twisting facts and reality though ill give you that.

          • LeBron James

            I believe you’re the one twisting facts. Bryan vs The Authority was built up from Summerslam thru Hell In A Cell. That’s well over 2 months of that angle being in the spotlight. Whenever Bryan vs Orton headlines the Shows drew terribly. I’m begging someone in the IWC to quit being bias towards Bryan all the time. The dude can’t draw and the ppvs, house show numbers prove that.

          • Bob’s Diner

            You really don’t know how to read – I never blamed Orton for any of it. I was pointing out how hypocritical you are for blaming two wrestlers when a PPV drew badly, yet you only blame ONE of the participants in the main event. And you blamed CM Punk as well, because his match against Ryback was supposed to be a main event match or something? What a joke

            Orton vs Cena to unify the titles was built as – repeat – THE BIGGEST MATCH IN THE HISTORY OF PRO-WRESTLING. 90% off all WWE airtime was used to promote that main event from the day after Survivor Series through to the event (and even after). All resources were put towards promoting that. Daniel Bryan vs The Authority was in no way pushed as much as that one match was – even Jim Ross said that angle was more about Big Show and HHH than Daniel Bryan. If I was Vince McMahon, I would be much more disappointed with the result of that one show than any other from 2013, except WrestleMania

    • Xavier

      PPV numbers are down in just about everything including Boxing, MMA & TNA. It has nothing to do with Punk or Bryan headlining. I don’t know how anyone could possibly put the blame on one or two people.

  • Bryan N.

    Well when they poorly book and poorly execute storylines, especially ones that garner little interest from the fans, it shouldn’t come as a shock. And if they alienated enough fans with the way the Rumble was booked, then I don’t see terribly optimistic numbers for Elimination Chamber either.

  • TheD33j

    I swear, Vince tanks the Survivor Series on purpose each year. I’ve heard he’s never liked that gimmick, and it’s apparent with the way it’s been booked in recent years…

  • Bob’s Diner

    TLC should be the biggest disappointment of the lot – they built up the idea that it was the biggest main event in pro-wrestling history and still the show didn’t break 200,000

    • D-Bag

      They try to build every main event like it’s the biggest in history.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Not the way they built that main event.

    • Jonathan Salcido

      In WWE’s defense, they only gave themselves 2 weeks to build up “The biggest match in the history of WWE.” That was sarcasm by the way.

  • Padres4life

    has anyone noticed that EVERY ppv Orton has headlined has done horribly? take Bryan out, and the numbers are crap even more so…..what does that say about Orton? they say the company cares about buyrates, then if thats the case, why is Orton champion?

    • Bob’s Diner

      In all fairness, all PPVs in 2013 did terribly compared to 2012. I think only 2 or 3 did better the whole year – hence they have accepted their PPV business is done and putting them all on the network will make them a lot more money in the future

    • Xavier

      Bryan/Orton at HIAC & Cena/Orton from TLC did better then last year’s. And Orton has headlined PPVs in the past that have done well over 250,000-275,000 buys. PPV buys have been down across the board the lat few years. Compare PPV numbers from 2011 thru now to PPVs from 2006-2009. As a matter of fact PPV numbers are down across the board in Boxing & UFC as well. This is much bigger then Orton.

  • BrooksOglesby

    Wow, you mean a show that was built by having Bryan get destroyed by the Authority every week and screwed out of opportunity after opportunity without him ever getting revenge failed to draw viewers? Wow, you mean putting the hottest guy in the company in a feud with (at the time) midcarders and replacing him with Big Show failed to entice buyers? You mean “the biggest match in history” that was built on nothing but “these guys have fought each other a billion times before but they’re still more interesting than anyone else on the roster, we promise,” underperformed? Absolutely shocked.

    • Xavier

      Summerslam was built around Bryan getting his shot at the big one and that didn’t do well either and going into Summerslam it was pretty clear that Bryan was going over so….. It’s not about the wrestlers or the feuds as much as it is about PPVs being to costly. PPVs numbers from 2010-2013 have been down across the board in WWE, TNA, Boxing & MMA.

      • BrooksOglesby

        Oh, definitely. “Communal viewing habits” is a weak excuse for jacking the prices and I think prices are more to blame than anything for the slow general decline in buys. There’s still something to be said in terms of the builds having some impact though. Draws are built over time, as a result of a company getting behind a guy. Part of the reason why Cena is a draw is because he’s pushed and protected (obviously his talent is also a factor). To blame him for a low buyrate in 2003 would be ridiculous. Likewise, to write off Bryan as having no drawing potential after his first real shot at the top is short-sighted, in my eyes.

        • Xavier


        • Jay El Bee

          I’m not sure why you brought up Cena’s run in 2003 unless you’re saying the WWE needs to wait another year and a half before they start to push Bryan again. Also people blame Bryan because it was 3 straight PPVs that main evented that had low buyrates and he’s supposedly the most popular/over guy in the company.

          • BrooksOglesby

            I’m saying that draws are made. I just used John Cena as an example because he wasn’t just born a draw. He became the draw he is today over time, in part because of a sustained push as a top talent. To compare Cena and Bryan’s initial main event pushes is dicey, especially since Bryan is still in the midst of his, and he has yet to be given the sort of huge star-making moment given to Cena, e.g. his early wins at WrestleMania and lengthy top title reigns.

            He’s almost certainly the most over guy in the company in regards to crowd reactions. That hasn’t yet translated over into PPV buys, like you said, and that’s largely a result of time (he’s new; reliable draws aren’t built overnight) and inconsistency (Cena never had to rely on impossible-to-ignore crowd reactions to keep his push, he got the support of the company along with growing reactions).

            And of course the “solid B+” guy that gets continually screwed out of wins wasn’t going to entice viewers. Why would a casual fan dole out $60 if they just assume that Triple H will screw Bryan again? There’s a way to translate popularity into drawability, and the fact that Bryan hasn’t drawn as well as he could be is largely, if not 100%, WWE’s fault. To think that people just will never pay to see Bryan under any circumstances is an absurd, out-of-touch way of thinking. It’s all about portrayal, and Bryan was portrayed far worse than any other “future megastars” they’ve pushed.

          • Jay El Bee

            You’re assume casual fans had any interest in Bryan in the first place, if I go by the friends that I have that are casual fans most of them quit watching back in September mainly because of Bryan. Also blaming the WWE for his inability to draw is just sad seeing as how over the last 6-8 months he has been one the strongest pushed guys that I can remember in years.

          • Not You

            “he’s supposedly the most popular/over guy in the company”
            15,000 people turned on the 2nd biggest PPV of the year because of the lack of involvement of Daniel Bryan. His ‘Yes!’ chant has become a mainstream phenomenon. WWE themselves use Daniel Bryan as the main draw for upcoming house shows.

            Oh yeah, he’s not popular at all

          • Jay El Bee

            And yet ratings, buyrates, house show attendance & even social media numbers you know things that actually matter instead of having a popular chant have been pretty pathetic for the so-called most popular/over guy in the company.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Preach it!