WWE Begins Airing Return Vignettes For Wade Barrett

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WWE began airing return vignettes for Wade Barrett on this week's Raw. Barrett, who hasn't worked since February with a dislocated elbow injury, is advertised for this week's Smackdown tour overseas.

  • Chris

    I thought it was kinda corny myself, but it worked its magic and we are all hyped. Just do something other them Barrett barrage

  • wrldindsk89

    Just get rid of that god awful theme song he switched over to a few weeks before getting injured.

  • Chris

    So u kinda noticed this and it’s proving true. A wrestler gets hurt, leave, or whatever have you. They come back with a beard and the power to wrestle better.

    • WyFo

      It’s all in the beard!

      • Chris

        May the day never come when cena starts sporting a beard.

  • Hunter

    Can’t wait for the Barrage to come back!