WWE Begins Airing Vignettes For Bray Wyatt & The Wyatt Family

WWE began airing vignettes for Bray Wyatt (pictured above), Eric Rowan and Luke Harper (formerly Brodie Lee) on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. The trio is known collectively as The Wyatt Family and are developmental standouts in WWE NXT.

Wyatt's real name is Windham Rotunda and he formerly had a stint on the main roster as Husky Harris.

  • Dustyn

    I would love to see the three of them star in a horror movie! They just have that look! Loved the vignette, and can’t wait to see them on the main roster.

  • BIG M

    If anybody hasn’t seen Rotunda as the Bray Wyatt character you are seriously missing out he is the main reason i watch NXT brilliant promos great matches and sick intro music all reasons that remind me why i became a fan of wrestling when i was a kid.

    But Rowen and Harper are slow clumsy and have less skill in the ring and on the mic then The Great Khali.

    They need to bring in Rotunda in solo and make a new “Family” with some mid carders like Alex Riley and Heath Slater.

    And while there at it give Drew Mcintyre his long overdue return to upper mid card status remember his run with the IC title EPIC.

    Don’t know who he pissed off to be stuck in this 3MB crap.

    In fact Scrap 3MB altogether and put Jinder back with Khali the stuff he’s doing with Horswoogle and Nattie Niedhart is getting annoying anyway.

  • Addd

    @0ce456b1168782516bba3377cb734388:disqus Well you just lost all your credibility, Harper is actually better than most of the current roster in-ring wise.

    • BIG M

      Your joking right are you related to him or something.
      The guy has zero skill zero agility zero charisma and is just riding rotundas coat tails.
      NXT has so much talent right now from PAC to chris hero and you think harper is better then the whole roster and you question my credabilaty.
      Seriously mate are you high or something? LOL.

  • Robert Olley

    Just a awesome gimmick very creepy only reason i enjoy nxt tbh looking forward to the debut already