WWE Being Sued By Their Title Belt Manufacturer

Florida based Figures Toy Company filed a lawsuit against WWE in Connecticut federal court on Wednesday. They allege that WWE tried to back out of their agreement and purchase products directly from their Chinese manufacturer instead.

WWE has worked with Figures Toy Company for the past 12 years as they've manufactured licensed championship belts for them. As part of the suit, Figures Toy is seeking a ruling that their agreement with WWE is still valid and they have not infringed on WWE's intellectual property rights by continuing to sell belts.

LAW 360 has more at this link.

  • _JIM_

    If that’s true and WWE tried to cut this company out of their deal and deal directly with this company’s supplier that’s dirty pool, and I hope this belt company gets a nice chunk of change out of the WWE. I get trying to save a buck, but that’s just not how business should be done.

    • Jim

      The WWE is bad because they want to cut out the middle man and get things cheaper? So if I bought bananas through a farmer selling bananas, that makes me a bad guy?

      • Snap

        If you have an exclusive contract with a middle man to provide you with the bananas and then you renege on the contract because it would be cheaper to deal directly with the farmer, then yes, it would make you a bad guy.

        It would be entirely different if you simply let the contract expire and opted not to sign a new contract, in which case cutting out the middle man wouldn’t be an issue.

        • BlazeKing

          The problem:

          Figures Inc never made it upfront that they were middlemen. They made it seem that the belts were produced in Figures Inc owned places. Misrepresentation at the most.

          • Snap

            Well, regardless of where the belts were produced, my point was a contract is a contract. If WWE had or still has a valid contract with the company, then they are definitely in the wrong in this scenario.

            If the terms of the contract have expired, then it’s strange that Figures Toy Company would be suing WWE for such a breach of contract, but WWE would be well within their rights to opt to deal directly with the manufacturer instead.

  • Dave L

    As someone who works directly with the factory regularly in china. The belt company should have NEVER allowed that proposers information to leak. As bad as it is that WWE did that its not unheard of. and is no different then going to another cheaper supplier.

    • Dave l

      Proprietary not proposers lol