WWE Belt Maker Profiled, WWE's Stock Could Climb To The Top Rope

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WWE Belt Maker Profiled

WWE belt maker Dave Millican is featured by CNN Money in the video embedded below:

WWE Stock Analysis

Sean Williams has a new article on The Motley Fool where he puts WWE's stock on his watch list. He believes (as do I) the stock could easily "climb to the top rope" if given some time and investors bring their expectations back down to earth. On the flip side, Williams would be willing to "turn heel" on the stock if the company halved their dividend of $0.12 or cut it altogether. You can read the piece at this link.

  • Bob’s Diner

    The reason investors have unrealistic expectations is because WWE keep giving them unrealistic expectations – and they still don’t seem to be stopping that

    • David Jr.

      Maybe Vince McMahon has been with the WWE so long, that he forgot there’s a difference from the WWE stories and the business side. He’s a wrestling promoter first, so he’s use to over-hyping, wrestling shows. He needs someone else to run the business side. I wonder if they would have this problem if Linda McMahon was still the CEO.

  • Kleck

    The stock will be fine. The business model is changing for WWE as they are forging a new path with the Network. The stock is trading at a heavy discount right now at $10.85 at market close.