WWE & Big Show Sued Over Alleged Backstage Incident At Royal Rumble

Andrew Green is suing WWE and Big Show (real name Paul Wight) over an alleged backstage incident that occurred at Royal Rumble from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona in January.

According to court documents, Green claims another WWE producer told him to get an interview with Show after his match against Alberto Del Rio to be posted on the company's official website and/or YouTube channel. Green says Show refused to do it until he said it was at the request of former creative head Eric Pankowski.

Green claims Big Show began using "profanely indecent language," saying if he wanted an interview he would give him one. The complaint continued:

"Big Show toward Green enraged, shouting obscenities, and waving his fist in Green's face. Big Show then grabbed Green by the collar and throat, striking Green in the face and backing him up against a trunk while declaring 'You son of a bitch ... Are you having fun right now ... Don't even come up to me again ... I don't give a shit who you are'." (Ellipses in complaint.)

Show then requested a re-tape saying he would just walk away. Triple H requested a third take but Show said he didn't think he would be able to do it because his emotions in the original shoot had been real. A third interview was shot but Pankowski ultimately decided to air the first interview.

Green claims he was unable to continue working for WWE after January 29th because he was uncomfortable working around Big Show and other wrestlers. He alleges in the complaint that WWE had previously "suspended or terminated Big Show's employment because of his behavior, including his engagement in violent and/or unlawful and/or improper activities outside of the wrestling venue."

Click here for an article by Jamie Ross on CourthouseNews.com.

  • PainOfDemise

    Big man, big temper.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    really? wow…
    show really is in-character even off screen

  • frenchfry

    this guy is full of ****, he wont win a dime

  • sir-rusty82

    In australia that is work place bullying and if the company doesnt do something about it the company is liable of being sued & to the people that think this guy is a sook try being in the way of the Big Show and tell me you wouldnt be intimidated everytime you had to do an interview with him after

    • the arbiter

      Sorry rusty but what a load of BS. First of all, this happened in the US and not Australia, employment law is a bit different over there. Secondly, the guy was working as a pro-wrestling interviewer. Being yelled at by big scary men IS THE JOB! Look at the interviews Josh does, and see how often someone is yelling at him, its the freaking product.

      • sir-rusty82

        Well I feel a hell of a lot safer in my work place and might aswell say school in Australia than the freaky united states of Crazymerica, read the article this was not a shoot the guy asked to interview him (cameras off) and thatsa how the BigShow reacted if that’s not a bully what is??? But yes if it was on TV nothing wrong with it at all

        • the arbiter

          I’m not from or in the US myself, but having a shot at the US on this site probably won’t win you many friends. Also, if the camera wasn’t on then why did they need to do “retakes”?

          You don’t retake random assaults, you retake promos.

          • sir-rusty82

            lol fare enough I didn’t mean to have a dig at the US you had a dig at me but it was kinda a question anyway like I said in Australia we have laws against work place bullying. Was it on TV or was he asking the BigShow to do an interview before it went to air, like I said in my comment if it was on TV theres nothing wrong with it read what Im saying and stop your BS mate 😉

  • I think if Big Show actually hit someone in the face they wouldn’t be alive right now

  • GuyLandau

    Sounds to me like he was in character. His real emotions stem from being in character for a prolonged period of time and building frustration from within the character for Del Rio beating him. It becomes clear since he asked for a re-take, and that the first incident was apparently shot on camera.

  • JJ

    I’ve met show in person before, as a heel and as a face, he isn’t the most friendly of people and I bet he did do this. This man isn’t a performer and I doubt he has anything in his contract about having physicality done to him, as some refs do for the buy, so since he doesn’t he has a case. You have to remember if this man had an interest in interviewing people and was simply starting here the worst experience you could have is one of the biggest men alive putting his hands on you and not having professionalism. WWE settles out of court for an undisclosed amount.

  • _JIM_

    Didn’t this guy get that he worked for a wrestling company, and interviews like this are done all the time? Why would he be afraid of a guy who was just doing his job and doing a taped interview? This just sounds like a oppritunistic little chuckle head trying to take advantage of Show’s size, in order to get a payday, because of things Show has done in the past. I hope the judge sees through it, but if WWE didn’t get the transfer they wanted I’m guessing that’s not a good thing. There was some reason that they wanted this out of the original judge’s courtroom.

  • BigMike

    If Show grabbed the guy by his throat and punched him he would still be in the hospital