Is WWE About To Blow Up The Wyatt Family?

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If you missed this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown, there was more dissension within The Wyatt Family.

Below is an excerpt from our Smackdown results:

“2) American Alpha retained the Smackdown Tag Team Titles over the Wyatt Family in 15:31 via pinfall when Gable pinned Orton with an O'Connor Roll. Bray and Orton represented the trio with Harper in the corner this time. The match started at some point during the commercial break so the time is not 100% accurate. Gable got a hot near fall with a rollup counter to Sister Abigail and then later hit a very impressive German suplex where it looked like he dead-lifted Orton up and over with no help from Orton at all. Again, we got more dissension in this match between Orton and Harper as the former accidentally knocked Harper off the apron and then later when they collided, it led to the win by the champions. After the contest, both Orton and Harper very nearly came to blows until Bray Wyatt separated the two and then became the accidental victim of a superkick from Harper. Each of the family then left the ring separately to fuel the tension between them all.”

Footage of the bout is available here:


  • Avalanchian

    I was really hoping Orton would put a wedge between Wyatt and Harper. So then it’s just Orton and Wyatt. Then when the time is right Orton attacks Wyatt when his guard is down. Can be the snake plotting his attack on the prey ever so carefully knowing no one will help him. Then you got an WM match where Wyatt can win.

    • Gogandantess

      Orton sabotaging the Family from within and causing their overall downfall sounds excellent. Wyatt getting revenge at Mania.

  • Stoney

    And put them back together again six months later because WWE
    UN-creative don’t know how to book anyone who isn’t name Roman Reigns or John Cena

  • Naoto Date (虎マスク)

    They’re booking Orton with Wyatt better than they booked Bryan with Wyatt imo. It’s been awhile since I’m pretty intrigued with Orton’s storyline.

  • 1molly23

    One can only hope, when the Wyatt family explodes – they’ll explode in a vat of sudsy water – clean clothes, new looks…how much better could their lives be?