WWE Board Of Directors, Kharma's WWE Return, Where's Vince McMahon?, Mainstream Media Exposure, My Pick For A Title Change At Wrestlemania

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Recently we've heard the WWE Board of Directors mentioned on both Raw and Smackdown. Is there such a board? If so, how many members and who is it comprised of?

There is a WWE Board of Directors, however, the stuff mentioned on WWE television is storyline and not really determined by the board. The material shown on television comes from the creative team and not the board. You can read who the Board of Directors are at this link and who the Executive Officers in WWE are at this link.

With what unfortunately happened to Kharma and her child, how has the WWE office reacted to that? Are they allowing her the take indefinite time off, during the grieving process, and has it affected her standing in the company?

The tragic situation with Kharma has been very secretive. Kharma told many people, even friends, that she delivered a healthy baby boy. I am sure the WWE office is working with her and are patient regarding a possible return. For those hoping for a return feud against Beth Phoenix for Wrestlemania XXVIII, that will not happen as Beth has been announced for a tag match which you can read about here.

Where is Vince McMahon? Is it too much to ask for him to make an annual appearance for Wrestlemania? When he does show up he phones it in. What is going on with him?

Vince McMahon is as busy as ever, working backstage at all WWE television tapings and in the office when he isn't on the road. I actually think the Mr. McMahon character is well played and I can't remember a specific time he's "phoned it in." Some workers could learn a lot from McMahon and how he portrays himself in front of the camera. As for an annual appearance at Wrestlemania, the character can be useful but it can also be overdone. I have been surprised McMahon hasn't played a part in the GM situation with John Laurinaitis but it's not over yet.

Why does Vince McMahon and the WWE want mainstream exposure for their company? I don't see what they get out of it and as much as I know, the media will just forget about them like 5 seconds later.

Any time WWE can generate attention from the mainstream media, it's free promotion. WWE embraces any opportunity they can to draw a buzz from the mainstream media and get their product in front of as many eyes as possible. On the flip side, WWE tries to limit negative attention at all costs.

I think Daniel Bryan's character has evolved really well, I wasn't sure at first but now I absolutely love his heel character. Do you think WWE will risk Sheamus becoming World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania?

If I were booking Wrestlemania and had to book a title change, I would put Chris Jericho over CM Punk for the WWE Championship before I would put Sheamus over Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship. Punk is clearly established and a loss to Jericho wouldn't hurt him. While WWE has shown more confidence in Bryan than I thought they would when he first won the title back in December, a Wrestlemania win would really help solidify his main event position.

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  • Hitman310

    i agree with you richard, i also do see Y2J beating Cm Punk for the title and keep the story line going. maybe not a clean win but a thr witile will change hands.

  • Shayne

    I agree with both of you, Y2J is the one that started the whole best in the world and he should win the title to prove it. As for Bryan and Sheamus, Bryan has played the heel thing up so much that he doesn't need the title to annoy people, wouldn't it be a twist if AJ costs him the title, sure looks like it by the way things are going, plus he never once said I love you to her, he says the feeling is mutual.

  • Curtis

    Jericho needs a clean win at Wrestlemania, ever since he came back he's lost all the major matches, he deserves to win something big. Punk won't be affected as Richard pointed out by a loss to Chris and then the feud can continue with rematches and so on, as for Sheamus going over Bryan, I personally don't want that to happen, but I think it will.

  • Scotty

    YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Daniel Bryan should Retain the title because if he loses to Sheamus, all the build up he’s been having would have been for nothing. I know I know, they built him up do he would be a credible champion going into mania, but then what? He loses to Sheamus and goes right back to the midcards? That Would be so wrong and I hope it won’t happen. Also I get that Sheamus won the RUmble and that means he should win the title but Sheamus is already a established main eventer so for him to win wouldnt do anything except add
    Another number to his title reigns.

    • XKonn247

      God forbid Sheamus get a third title reign. That would be over doing it!!!

    • WWE NERD

      I want Sheamus to win,because I think Bryan is acting like a bully,and if he loses Sheamus would then probably be the bully again,while Bryan would turn face again.

  • Nick

    What happened with Kharma and her baby?

    • kevin

      Kharma lost the baby.

  • liam_fan

    im not sure how many people would agree with me on the Bryan/Sheamus outcome but I think it would help both workers if they put on a 4 or 5 star match (which they are both capable of) with no decisive outcome. A double KO after both superstars are phsically and mentally exhausted would keep the title on Bryan, keep Sheamus looking strong and potentially carry the feud over into the summer. A no-win situation could easily become a win-win situation if handled correctly and both superstars manage to put on a great performance. It could even give them their "WrestleMania Moment"

    • Paul

      I think they can put on a great match but the lack of build up suggest to me that the world title match will open wrestlemania like edge and del rio last year.

  • Kleck

    Brian Danielson

  • Alejandro

    I see Daniel Bryan getting the nod at Wrestlemania to solidify him as a main event star,and then probably losing the title to Sheamus at Extreme Rules.

  • Bryan

    Isnt Fozzy touring this summer? Why put the strap on Jericho if hes just going to be taking more time off? Punk will get the win in this match. Im not saying that Jericho is a "has been", but he doesnt have anything left to prove…why not continue to build Punk? Guys like Bryan and Punk are the future, not Jericho.

    • Jg

      This^^^^ what does Jericho give us when he is pulling a “rock”

  • Tim

    I think Bryan will win cause since Sheamus picked him he is the one standing tall every encounter

  • Luda

    CM Punk over Y2J @ mania

  • MVP

    "While WWE has shown more confidence in Bryan than I thought they would when he first won the title back in December, a Wrestlemania win would really help solidify his main event position."

    We thought that would happen with Miz, and look what happened to him…

    • The arbiter

      I dont remember thinking that. I remember thinking "Miz vs cena will suck because it will all come down to the rock jumping in at some point".

  • @jblack424

    I believe that it matters more what they do after wrestlemania then what they do wrestlemania. Miz and delrio both in world title matches both faded with their characters. Punk used tlc and summerslam to make his mark. He lost to orton in non title grudge match at mania. Daniel bryan used this winter to build himself up and sheamus made build as face in winter also.sheamus booked average and bryan horrible before both took off.neither had a match at wm.Though miz and delrio both in was around hw picture but it really comes down to how wwe books you. Henry always more as glorified jobber is most dominate and we eat it up. WWe can make and break you in their company but wm time they try to put best show off year so we will always be excited no matter what card long as santino and hornswoggle vs jtg and teddy long isn’t main event

  • Crane

    bryans wrestlingskills are awesome (sorry miz) but his micwork is the absolutely terrible. his relatioship with the little schoolgirl aj and all his yes! yes! and vegan talking really sucks to me. dont give him a mic but a shave and a haircut and let him just wrestle. thats what he does

  • Crane

    jericho has shown nothing to me since his comeback. plz ajatollah, leave the whole thing again

  • John

    I could see Jericho going over at Wrestlemania, but if he does then he'll drop it pretty quickly afterwards as he ain't sticking around in WWE long after WM.

  • John

    I know it makes it a little predictable but i think the Royal Rumble winner should always go over at WrestleMania. It's been 4 years since it last happened & in my opinion it has destroyed the prestige of the royal rumble.

  • ryan

    jericho is a douche bag he only shows up to benefit himself just like hogan did its all about money to them nothing else a pair of losers

    • Joe

      I’m not saying this as a Jericho-holic, which I am, but because here’s the truth. What more does he have to prove? Jericho has been in this business for 15+ years. He’s been part of and done it all. So what if he’s in it for only the money? It’s a business. If its good for him and the WWE makes money too what’s the problem? He’s most certainly not a loser. Mark time- he’s the “Best in the World at Everything” he does. Haha

  • Moe

    Bryan should go over, clean or dirty, without AJ. That would really ruin everything in my opinion.

  • rjc

    Thats exactly the point everybody is making about the rock…he’s done everything…won. every title…there’s nothing left to prove so he’s moved on to new ventures and comes back when the business needs him

  • Jaryd

    Not to diss but I can't believe the question about McMahon not bothering to be on TV and "Phoneing it in" when he does. McMahon works like crazy backstage and I'm surprised he's found as much time as he has over the years to appear in front of the camera.