WWE Bringing Back No Way Out Pay-Per-View?

It looks like there are preliminary plans to resurrect the WWE No Way Out pay-per-view.

The newly-designed WWE website lists No Way Out under "shows" after Money in the Bank but before SummerSlam. This would make it WWE's July pay-per-view that was listed as "to be determined."

At this point nothing is confirmed but you can view the listing for yourself at the newly-designed dot com.

No Way Out  in February 1999 and 200-2009 but was replaced in 2010 by Elimination Chamber.

  • Karl

    I wished they kept No Way Out instead of Elimination Chamber because the formal name still has the same concept name ring to it.

  • The Skinner

    Memories of eddie v brock. Good times

  • Sergio

    Would rather see it in Feb where it belongs.

  • Graham

    I say bring bak a wcw ppv

    • mr shwo

      wcw has been dead for 11 years now…its time to move on

  • Ryder

    I went to the last No Way Out in 2009 before it was changed to Elimination Chamber WWE should put No Way Out in February instead.

  • unknown

    i always thought elimination chamber should just been called no way out.

  • Stoney

    WWE should just change all the PPVs back to the original names ie No Way Out, backlash, Judgment Day, Vengeance, Great American Bash, Unforgiven, No Mercy, Cyber Sunday, and Armageddon

    • Ryder

      I agree but I wasnt a big fan of Cyber Sunday though WWE should consider just scrapping all of the gimmick ppvs in my opinion

      • Stoney

        Cyber Sunday for Bad Blood


    I hope the WWE still has the Elimination Chamber,and the No Way Out PPV,I like both,but the most that I like is WWE Elimination Chamber,because that type of match is more dangerous.

    • CMpunk FAN

      I agree,but no way out has more enclosed matches like:HIAC,Steel cage,And Elimination chamber

    • [email protected]

      the title no way out is much better because of two reasons. first reason it sounds ridiculous to have elimination chamber as a title when only 2 of the matches are actually going to be in them. look at tna’s lockdown every match is contested inside of a steel cage. 2nd reason being is that they could not be bound to just the chamber match wouldn’t be stuck for just that ppv for instance in October there was the hell in a cell ppv and now at westland is there’s going to be another hell in a cell match. they could do a 6 man hell in a cell or 2 to determine who goes to wrestlemania or remember the barbed wire steel cage or one of the cage types from the past. if they really wanted to be creative they could combine match types inside a cage like on wwe 12. like a last man standing match surrounded by a cage or first blood or sumission match. I think that would be cool.

  • LLL

    I agree with karl and sergio.

  • Fetcher

    Just bring back the In Your House name to all the second-tier PPVs

  • Karl

    I miss No Way Out, Judgment Day, Vengeance and Armageddon the most because the names just sound real badass.

    • Vince

      Vengeance came back last year

      • brock made a mistake with his wnsitlerg and ground game which was why he couldnt hold velasquez down.when brock took him down he ended up in cains butterfly guard and got greedy and tried for a standing pass right away which gave cain space to get to the feet.what he should have done instead of passing was stack cains butterfly guard and land some GnP.once cain started getting jumpy he could have went for a quick pass into the half guard cuz its pretty easy to pass butterfly guard

  • DragonSupernova

    There just names people the superstars that perform on the shows are the same just the names have changed who cares what there called I just want to see the wrestling get over it people .

  • Luda

    Bring back In Your House PPV SuckA

  • hurrigame

    My wish: go back to WWE PPV names circa 2002, but substitute No Way Out in Feb, Bad Blood in June, The Great American Bash in July, and Halloween Havoc in October.

  • monty

    i know wwe tries new things but how about mixture of wwe/wcw ppv names.

    starcade should be a PPV in december
    use either great american bash or bash at the beach
    no way out
    judgement day
    no mercy or uncensored
    Armageddon should be used also

  • Amsterdam

    Lets bring back Fully Loaded

    • If I tell you that I understand your ooniipn on Alberto Del Rio and respect it but feel as though we must agree to disagree, would that be enough to keep you from mentioning him in increasingly negative ways in every single comment ever? A lot of people dislike wrestlers because of their race or nationality, that’s where the terrible Jinder Mahal stuff comes from. It’s an accurate statement.

  • The Criddler

    Starcade was really cool competitor to wrestlemania but its dead.

    No Way Out .. NWO?

  • Ale

    Is anyone else azmead that Mark Henry is the only one who doesn’t look positively baby sized next to Shaq? Not counting Big show of course.Also, does this mean Big Show is becoming a heel, then?