WWE Bringing Back Past Stars To Carry The Main Event, How Injured Stars Are Paid, Kane In Bryan vs. Punk, Randy Orton's Future

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Seeing as how WWE is short on top tier talent, do you think they should call some older guys to come back for a couple of months? Like Shawn Michaels, possibly the Undertaker? Or maybe reach out to Batista and see if they can get back under contract?

WWE has already done what you are asking, hence The Rock and Brock Lesnar coming back on part-time deals. Shawn Michaels is under WWE contract but is retired from the ring and only desires to do things that do not involve him wrestling. The Undertaker is also under WWE contract but is semi-retired and used for Wrestlemania. Batista is a guy the company has interest in but no deal has been put together as of this writing. Now is the time of year where competition is light and can be used to develop new main event stars. Rather than WWE relying on the older and more established names, it's a good time to create more stars to mix with the aforementioned talent when competition gets stiffer and Wrestlemania season draws closer.

When a WWE star is injured, how is he/she paid? Is it their normal pay or do they take a cut since they are missing shows, PPVs, etc.?

WWE contracts are structured with downside guarantees and bonuses. The downside guarantee is based off a yearly percentage that is paid out to workers regardless if they are working or not. The only time WWE workers do not collect their downside is when they are suspended. This is how a WWE star is able to make a living while out with an injury or any other ailment that would prevent them from working.

Was Kane included in the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan feud because of the WWE's lack of faith in them or was it to add a big name to help get them over?

As I reported here on Richard's Backstage Blog, Kane was inserted as a "smack at smarks" for thinking Punk and Bryan could carry the top program on their own. Immature, I know.

What will WWE do with Randy Orton in two months?

A lot of readers have wondered my thoughts on what the future holds for Randy Orton given his latest WWE suspension. While I obviously cannot predict the future, things don't look good for Randy right now. He has a considerable amount of backstage heat and there is concern for how they will book him going forward. Orton is going to have to convince WWE officials this isn't going to happen again but given his history, that's going to be a very difficult thing to do.

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  • Bault16

    You don’t think there is any other reason Kane was put in this feud?

    • marcus

      I don’t believe that. Kane’s in there to extend the feud longer so they can headline multiple pay per views.

  • Kris Hardy

    Why would the first guy want to see old guys come back to main event? I'd rather see new guys main event (Ziggler more precisely) than Batista.

    • EricDraven86

      I agree completely. I am very glad that it seems Ziggler is finally getting that push. I'd like to see Batista back ONLY if he is there in a "talent enhancement" role. If he is there to carry the WWE title or WHC, then no thanks.

    • Frankii

      I would love to see Batista come back.

      • Anand

        Me too 🙂 Batista was one of WWEs most intimidating stars both as a face and as a heel. Who can forget the epic matches he had with Taker… The last man standing match, the Wrestlemania classic etc

        Come back Batista the wwe universe misses you

    • Dave

      Ziggler reminds me of a young HBK heel. He has the Mr. Perfect "look" but his ring works reminds me of HBK back when he was running with Diesel. His character feels natural and his mic work isn't bad. I wouldn't mind seeing a push.

  • Vince

    Would love wwe to fire orton

    • Tna

      Lets be honest you say that nOw but if they actually did everyone would miss him ,much like Batista

      • Vince

        I wouldnt i said i will miss dave but im glad ortons suspended

    • Henry

      Same, even Cena is more entertaining to me than Orton.. and I am far from a Cena fan. At least Cena has a slight personality and is known to be entertaining on the mic on occasion

  • Justin

    I don't think Kane being added was a "smack" to the smarks. People on the internet need to realize that the general WWE audience doesn't really care for this Punk-Bryan feud. Did you hear how quiet the audience was during their match?

    We need to realize the the non-smark audience doesn't have a clue at the history between Punk and Bryan, going back to their ROH days. So for them, this feud is not all that exciting.

    • HugeRockStar

      Did you watch their match at the last ppv? The crowd was hot that entire match.

      • Hunter

        Yeah, just keep thinking that. The crowd was nuts for both guys at Over the Limit and didn’t pop at all for much else all night

  • Brandon

    Well, if that's the purpose of Kane in Punk vs Bryan feud, then WWE's creative is really plain and simple, lazy and stupid. No offense, but that's what I think for WWE thinking Punk vs Bryan can't carry the top program. That is why WWE is still lacking top names till now. No greater chances given to new names like Bryan. Just give them chances for what they do best and magic will happen. But still, a pretty typical creative…

  • Lil Wayne(YMCMB)

    randy orton should just quit wwe n go to tna where there is no backstage heat and become the champion with no politics of vince and triple h around!!!!.

    • I think that would be a push that TNA would need and perhaps get them closer to being a contender with all that is Vinnie Mac.

  • Zach Folsom

    Hey richard. For the next Ask WNW, I'd like to hear your opinion on this:"In 2009, the storylines where a homerun everytime. But today they seem..kind of empty. What do you think the reason for that is"? Sorry if that isn't related to the topics listed in this edition, but it is something i've been curious about for a while now.

  • bobcavic

    I think Kane was inserted so WWE doesn’t ‘blow it’s load’ on Punk/Bryan too soon. This could be a Shawn/Bret long-term rivalry.

  • The Breaker

    "Smack at smarks"? What is Vince's problem??

  • Frenchfry

    I think its funny what theyre doing with Kane, calling it immature just shows that its working beautifully! Let the -1's begin

  • Jeff

    Lol it seems like most of the stuff WWE does is making fun of/taking shots at internet fans. I think its funny and definiitely well deseved, about 95% of the fans on the Internet have NO IDEA what they want, but think they do. They think they know so much about the wrestling business when they really know absolutely nothing. They are so annoying and i cant stand these little basement dwelling nerds anymore who have probably never spoken to a girl in their sad lives.

    • H.M.

      This comment would be better suited for the wrestling smarks over on Youtube but word lol.

    • Anand

      I agree with Jeff. The Internet wrestling fan community is going to complain no matter what the WWE does. If they let Kane take the win at WM they complain that Orton must have won. If they had let Orton pin Kane, it would have been it is too predictable.

      What can the wwe book a match outcome to be ? A win or a loss to one wrestler. If we will complain on either outcome what can people do with the match outcome 🙂

      Same is the case with almost all scenarios

  • Lenny

    I see Hogan’s and Bishoff’s eyes wide open with this Orton situation! Im willing to bet that they are already contacting him about possibly joining TNA if it gets to a point where Orton is not happy with WWE. Hey it is possible, just look at Kurt Angle! It was the biggest shocker of 2006 when he jumped ship.

  • Trina

    If wwe fires randy then they will lose a huge amount of wwe fans

    • Alejandro

      Huge? I don’t think that word means what you think it means. Under 50 people is not a “huge” amount of fans.

      • Shin_Mudhar

        its not under 50 man… Orton got really huge support. U can check on twitter, fb also. u will get to knw aft that… Orton, cena, Kane, Punk, Big show these are the only big names left with WWE. others are just side liners

  • Andrew

    This is the perfect time for The Miz to become a main eventer again. I find it stupid how he was never given another shot at the top but others were.

    • #1 Awesome One

      True. Miz had headlined WM27 and won, lost the Steel Cage match at Extreme Rules, and was in the 'I Quit" match. Miz was the champ and had a great rivalry with Cena. He has AWESOME mic skills and great potential. For a house show I was at, Miz was on the mic for at least 10 minutes and was in a street fight against Cena. That was a main event match. If we could get rid of having a different opponent every month, let's stick with Cena against Miz for a while. Maybe he could be against Punk when this feud with Bryan and Kane is over. Can someone at least +1 me?

      • Toast

        I agree.

        • #1 Awesome One

          Thanks. At least one person wrote that they agree.

  • Dave

    I thought Kane had been put into the feud for one. keep Kane in the main event and keeping him relevant and two. as a placeholder until the two (Punk & DBry) will meet again at MITB and finally Summer Slam

  • Adam O’Brien

    For some reason I find the Kane thing hard to believe. That sounds stupid.
    Anyway, even though I’d love a lengthy Punk vs. Bryan singles feud, if you had to add another guy, Kane is one of the most intriguing. He’s one of my favourites in the company, and I’d prefer him in this feud to Randy Orton or John Cena or some other huge name.

  • Monty

    Batista make Cena look like Bret Hart in the skill department. Randy Orton is overrated and one dimensional. Let him go. Push the Miz to the moon but as a Arrogant Face like Rocky was in the Attitude Era. I think that Kane has been introduced to prolong the Punk vs D-Bry feud.

  • Jbreed

    Back before the Attitude Era when the WWE was desperate for new stars they never had to depend on bringing back stars from the Rock n' Wrestling era or the Generation X era, they went and created new stars and the Attitude era became the most awesome era ever. Nowadays they don't care about the lack of star power or low ratings as long as John Cena remains the number 1 guy in the company and sells merchandise to the Little Jimmies. CM Punk, despite the belt around his waist, is being treated like nothing more than a glorified mid-carder. The Big Show/John Cena the main event at NWO…WTF! Anybody who thinks the WWE is gonna create new stars is totally clueless. We've been having this discussion for years and nothing's ever changed. Smeamus? Daniel Bryan? They're in the same boat as Punk. The WWE is a joke!

    • #1 Awesome One

      Punk should be main-eventing matches like he did with Cena at MITB last year. Now, a feud with Bryan and Kane? Like I stated above, have a Miz vs. Punk feud. That will get the ratings boosting.