WWE Bringing Back Saturday Morning Recap Show?

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WWE sent out the following survey:

Imagine a weekly, half hour WWE television show on Saturday mornings that included highlights of the best action and funniest moments from recent WWE events and from the past. The show would feature fun segments with WWE Superstars both in the ring and behind the scenes to give viewers a chance to get to know them even better. Every episode would also include one action-packed match featuring different WWE Superstars each week.

Based on this description, please rate the following show titles on a scale of 1-5 (5-excellent; 4-good; 3-neutral; 2-fair; 1-poor):

  • WWE Saturday Morning Slam
  • WWE Jakked
  • WWE Amp'd
  • WWE Supercharge
  • WWE Turbocharge

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader CJ Blaze for sending this in.

  • Austin

    It’ll just be 30 minutes of touts.

    • Mason

      The sad thing is that you are right

  • smithmiester

    Ugh they are all pretty poor

  • No Todd Pettengill. No care.

  • PainOfDemise

    More than likely I would guess this would go with their WWE Network.

  • havoc525

    Just put Are You Serious on TV, there ya go.

    • Ken

      I would love for them to do that. Are You Serious for a 1/2 hour, and then a 1/2 hour of Download. That would be far better than the extra hour of Raw has been so far.

    • Mason

      I know are you serious is Better than watching raw and smack down

  • Ken

    Why do they need a Saturday morning recap show when they already have a Prime Time 3 hour long recap show?

    Pretty soon all Raw and Smackdown will be is a recap show of last week's recap show, which of course is a recap of the week before's recap show, which is a recap of…
    It'll be like looking in those infinite mirrors.

    • Mason

      Last time on the recap show we racaped the recap of the recap that Brock lesnar will face triple h at wrestlemania. Now here’s a three hour promo for the match

  • Lenny

    # garbagejuice!

  • WWEFan316

    If WWE does a recap show on Saturday morning then they don’t need to recap anything on Raw or Smackdown.

    • Kleck

      Yet still 10-15 minutes will be sunk into recaps

  • Callum

    In the UK the replay raw and smackdown 3-4 times a week also with WWE experience and WWE bottom line.