John Cena & Triple H High Up On WWE Bringing In A TNA Star; Details On Who It Is But Why A Deal Has Been Halted, Secondary WWE Title Change Discussed At This Week's TV Tapings; Who It Involved & Why Some Are Suggesting To EliminateThe Strap Completely, Two Up-And-Coming WWE Workers Slated For Pushes & Quality TV Time

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- I'm told WWE is still interested in Matt Morgan but like other workers from TNA, any potential deal has been halted due to ongoing litigation. John Cena and Triple H are both big on Morgan returning and Vince McMahon likes his size.

- There was talk this week of taking the WWE United States Championship off Santino Marella as I'm told there is "no need" for him to carry the title and the company is exploring new ideas for the secondary strap. Some are in favor of eliminating it completely while others would like to see it used to push younger workers.

- Dean Ambrose and Antonio Cesaro are both slated for decent pushes and quality television time very soon.

  • Hitman310

    I agree with removing the belt from Santino. The US title had a great run but it has lost its prestige ones it arrived in WWE. Now that the IC title is back and around Christian , that belt should be used to push younger talent like it did back in the days.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I'd like to see the US title used to push younger workers. They are right Santino is over enough as it is he may be used mostly for comedy but he can be taken seriously and has had some good matches either way he is over enough he doesn't need the title.

  • AntGilroy

    I agree get rid of US and have more tag matches. Some of the greatest superstars of all time came from tag teams. Plus there’s to many belts they should have one world title the IC , the tag, and the divas title… I mean they already are having a super shows so to have a belt for each show is kinda pointless now

  • Evon Reese

    I wish they would give it to Tyson Kidd or Slater. I like them both. Also Justin Gabriel would be great.

  • chelu671

    When Matt Morgan does return to the WWE, I hope they allow him to compete under his real name & not under another gimmick. I s-s-swear, h-h-his l-l-last g-g-immick w-w-was a-a-anooying. No stuttering Matt Morgan. Let the genetically stacked near 7 footer be the Blue Print of WWE.

  • Jamie

    United States Champion to Zach Ryder?

    • Kleck

      He needs to get back on TV first