WWE Broadcasting Pre-Show Dark Matches, Nikki Bella's Title Win & Contract Status, Lord Tensai, Hogan's Controversial Tweets

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With WWE showing the pre-show dark match at Wrestlemania XXVIII on YouTube and now scheduling a pre-show dark match for YouTube at Extreme Rules, is this something we can expect to see on a regular basis?

Pre-show dark matches are done prior to all WWE television tapings and pay-per-views. They are used to get the crowd going before the show goes on the air. WWE decided to air the pre-show dark match from Wrestlemania on YouTube to give some exclusive live content to their YouTube channel as their agreement with the site is working out very well. I don't know if this is something that will become a regular occurrence now that they are promoting it for Extreme Rules but it is likely. I ran a story earlier this morning about WWE's deal with YouTube you can read at this link.

Is Nikki Bella still leaving WWE given the fact that WWE put the Divas Championship on her last night?

WWE wanted someone to beat Beth Phoenix for the Divas Championship so they could get the belt back on Kharma shortly before her return to the company. They did not want Kharma to go immediately over Beth so the idea was someone that could job had to take the belt off Beth.  If the Bella Twins have signed new WWE contracts, I haven't heard it.

How long do you think WWE will keep ramming Lord Tensai down our throats?

WWE is obviously not ready to pull the plug on the gimmick yet, having Lord Tensai squash R-Truth a week after beating John Cena. I can't give you a timeframe but can assure you WWE officials are doing all they can to get him over. Company officials were probably hoping by acknowledging Tensai's WWE past the fans would recognize improvement from his time in Japan but so far his matches are still greeted with "Albert" chants.

Do you think Hulk Hogan should be making any sort of comment publicly in regards to what TNA should be doing? Wouldn't it be better to discuss this with the other higher ups then with his Twitter followers?

I'm not so sure Hulk Hogan completely understands Twitter or social media in general. His Tweets over the weekend that 70% of TNA's problems would be solved by going live weren't the first time his Tweets have drawn criticism. Remember when he put Garett Bischoff over and said others in the locker room could learn a lot from him? Perhaps he feels by taking the comments public they will create support from the TNA fan base and help his position with Dixie Carter. I don't know for sure but Twitter makes my job a lot easier.

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  • Bob

    Im sure the use to show the pre show match on heat (in uk)

  • G Ilyas

    Maybe (just maybe) they got inspired by the way UFC airs prelim card matches on Facebook?!
    I would not complain in both cases though…

  • Jaryd

    I think that if they want to get Bloom over, they need to just cave in and revert him back to his Albert/A-Train gimmick somehow. Even though that was a mid-card gimmick. Having him as a solid mid-carder is better than him being dead-weight in the main event (see Vladimir Kozlov)

    • ol skewl fan

      or if he could cut a good enough promo to explain he isn't the same man he was when he was Albert and it was more of an evolution than just a gimmick change, could help too.

    • Scottyo614

      I understand what they are trying to do with the character… But I think like you said revert him back.the crowd would go nuts if he just attacked that manager and got on a mic and said you wanted it, you got it. Then just smashed everyone as A-Train

    • Mr.Love

      Bloom hasn’t shown us shit, he is very boring and he dominated Japan? It looks like he ate Japan since he’s been gone. Anyone else notice that blooms “tattoos” on his face where coming off before his match with truth, common really either have the balls to really get the face tat done or don’t bring it to the ring. Because I will make fun of you everytime I see you and it here on wnw

  • Logan_Walker

    yeh but i think Heat Is not airing anymore

  • Jordan

    Should've put Tensai under a mask.

  • H.M.

    Tensai was actually better last night in the ring then we've seen him in weeks. He upped the pace of his match. I for one actually really like his gimmick. To the questioner who said he's being shoved down our throats…he's had 3 squash matches and 1 main event vs Cena where he won due to outside interference(albeit legal)..I wouldn't call that shoving down our throats.

    But the WWE should acknowledge WHO he was and have his character go from there, as a mental and spiritually evolved performer who is not the man he used to be.

    Also maybe he should use more of the moves he used in Japan (assuming WWE would let him). He actually has had some pretty legit matches while he was there.

  • smark

    I think Mickie james has heat in tna by tweeting about Garret she did not like what hogan said there a video on youtbe called is mickie james in the tna doghouse?

  • Maze

    I think Bloom just wanted to retire with the wwe I dont think he is really trying or wanting to climb to the top of the mountain so to speak. The guy is 43 years old and is winding down now so take his gimmick for what its worth.

  • smarky

    can someone post the link to the wee channel please?