WWE & BSkyB Extend UK Television Distribution Deal

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WWE and BSkyB have extended their television distribution deal for another five years in the United Kingdom, carrying their partnership into a 30th year.

BSkyB will continue to carry Raw and Smackdown and will add WWE Main Event to its lineup. All 12 WWE pay-per-views will also be available on Sky Sports Box Office, including Wrestlemania.

You can read the official press release at this link.

While financial details of the new contract weren't disclosed, The Hollywood Reporter noted its value is believed to be approximately three times that of the previous five-year agreement. The old deal was reportedly WWE's biggest international TV rights deal at the time.

This deal was important to WWE and one they've been negotiating over the last several months. WWE's domestic partner will be chosen by the end of next month/beginning of March.

  • Chris Eccles

    Does that mean no NXT anymore? Also, all 12 PPV’s on Sky Box Office isn’t cool! As if we don’t pay enough for SKY. Hurry up WWE Network so I don’t have to subscribe to sky sports anymore lol.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Pretty much word for word what I wanted to put.

  • MyBrokenKnees

    Watered down WWE Network coming to the UK & Ireland then I guess! PPV on Box Office or for 9.99 on The Network I can’t see Sky letting the 9.99 happen after paying so much money for rights.

    • Chris Eccles

      Maybe you’re right, I hope not. They can’t justify giving one of the companies biggest markets a product with half the content of the US. *Cough* Netflix *Cough* If that’s the case, most people will just pay for a VPN blocking site and use the US version.

  • GDogg

    Excellent, well I’ll be watching zero PPVs a year now!

  • Wrestling lovers in UK would likely to go on treat by hearing this news. Both WWE & BSkyB have taken a sensible decision to extend the contract. Thanks for share this press release here.