WWE Cashing In On "Cena Sucks" Without Turning Him Heel; John Cena Responds

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WWE is now selling "Cena Sucks" t-shirts as they were spotted at this weekend's Raw house shows. Wrestling News World reader Nick sent us a photo of the anti-Cena garment:

One of Cena's Twitter followers asked him about the t-shirt and he wrote the following:


  • Aha Cena haters

  • bcrescen

    Honestly… Very smart business decision. Kids buy the Cena shirt, everyone else buy these. Guess who will be #1 in merchandise sales again.

    • Da KiDD

      I feel what u saying, but realistically, why the h*ll should you buy a shirt that represents someone you dislike? Whether the shirt says "Go Cena!" or "Cena sucks!", its still representing him. You gotta b an idiot to want to buy this shirt to display your dislike. There are so many more inexpensive ways to do so. Just make a sign. At least you can get creative with your dislike there.

  • Paul


  • Mike

    Lets go CENA

  • Alejandro

    Pardon me,I’m going to go place my order for one right now.

  • Jim

    I want one!! In a month or two I’ll be curious to see which shirt is selling better. The pro-Cena shirt or this new Cena sucks shirt.

  • A.E.

    People do not buy these t-shirts because this is nothing more than WWE efforts to raise John Cena’s merchandise sales. Believe me when I tell you WWE is not dumb, they know ppl don’t like Cena & they always find a way to try & capitalize on it. As much as I don’t like Cena, I will not buy those shirts b/c that’s more money in Cena’s pocket. Trust me it’s not………..HE’S not worth it!

    • XKonn247

      So glad you cleared that up for us!! Where would we be without you!!!

    • Kadeem

      Exactly!… Mr. Mcmahon thinks we're stupid

    • denise

      Such a jealous response…Idiot.

      • Matt Scott

        Guess thats aimed at me? It's not jealousy. Its sarcasm. I honestly believe marks, like you, should be sent packing from an actual backstage news site. God forbid it ruins your views on WWE being unscripted… #WarOnMarks

  • CaliburUK

    I guess Cena will be taking the merchandise sales bonus from these shirts too, it’s gonna be funny seeing all the anti-Cena ‘smarks’ wearing what basically amounts to John Cena merchandise…

  • Mike L

    We need a Cena’s Ladies Parts for Wrestlemania.

  • waltzbd0101

    What’s next? A “Shut up Cole!” shirt?

  • Joe

    Hahahhaa sick I don’t care if it counts as his merchandise as long as it says cena suck

  • JakShowtime

    Nick apparently had too much caffeine.

    • Jim

      LOL! Nick definitely had the shakes going. Maybe he was really cold…

  • bobsponge

    how do you have a rise against hate shirt right next to a cena sucks shirt..hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • @RatedMKD

      You think they'd place the Cena T-shirt just above the Cena Sucks one…

    • Me.

      Simple merchandising. You keep similar products together, so someone looking for all t-shirts for a particular wrestler need only look in one place.

  • Blazeking

    I always said that WWE were cashing in on those guys (Cena sucks people). They've been doing it for a while. I kept telling people if they want Cena's gimmick to change, stop booing & cheering him and no sell him (don't respond to him; period. No cheers, no boos, like a rookie.)

  • nick

    it was'int me that took this pic it was my friend Xd

  • joe

    is it me or has anyone else noticed cenas really seemed worn out over the last month or so?

    • lukey

      I agree completely. He seems not as into it anymore. It’s like he’s kinda depressed

  • larry

    I will never buy this shirt just to show wwe i really do hate cena. This is dumb, cena gets a cut of those shirts, so of course he doesnt care.

  • spike westphal

    i guess the haters will support cena and more cena crappy merchdise

  • kbunyon

    You know all these merch sales go to Cena, so he's raking it in! Very, very smart move by the WWE.

    Honestly, Cena should just be happy he's getting reaction from the fans. When that stops is when Cena will be done.


  • Van

    I wonder if they'll soon have a shirt for both Cena & Anti-Cena fans where one side would say "Let's Go Cena!" and the other side would say "Cena Sucks!".you'll never know since he's their main guy

  • ThatGuy

    I honestly don't see why people have a problem with Cena. He's a class act who supports our military and is constantly active in charity. I guess his shirt represents him well since he has to Rise Above Hate consistently. Oh well, people have the right to their "liking" of whoever.

    • Alex

      People are ok with all the charity work he does and the military support, that's all well and good. The problem people have with Cena is that he's so squeaky clean that it's annoying. Even 80's Hogan would still get mad at someone if they went too far. When Randy Orton attacked Cena's dad repeatedly years ago, all Cena did was say "well you're still a tremendous athlete and I have all the respect in the world for you". When Rock cost Cena the WWE title at Wrestlemania this year all he had to say was "Rock still hasn't lost his step, that's why he's the great one." Just a few weeks ago when Roddy Piper slapped him across the face in front of the world, all Cena had to say was "You still got a heck of a hook, Hot Rod". Cena doesn't get mad at anything, and when does get mad its for something stupid. An example of this is when Rock attacked him again after Survivor Series the next night he came out and sung the praise of the Rock. When Awesome Truth came out and told him he was ridiculous for not getting angry he snaps on them two telling them that "how dare they talk about the rock like that.". That's what people hate about Cena. It's ok to be good, but sometimes you got gotta get angry too and he doesn't do that. Now that's not Cena's fault, that's booking's fault.

  • Alex

    I'm not going to lie, this is actually a very big step up for WWE. You gotta remember this is the same company that use to ban and confiscate any signs that said "Cena Sucks".

  • Matt

    They need to run with this. When The Rock was Rocky Maivia people chanted "die rocky die", he turned heel, joined The Nation and he took off from there.

    • bestintheworld

      U know wwe won’t turn him heel. So that’s not gonna happen. It’s a great shirt but i’m not buying it simply because it’s more money in his pocket. And Cena’s rich enough as it is.

  • gary

    Perfect Christmas gift

  • michael torres

    there are people who will cheer for the heros,And there are people that will boo the heros.villan or not,that is just how some people are,whether they like you or not,it doesn't matter.

  • Blazeking

    Nah, they'll just change his gimmick. Cena can make it work.

  • Captain Booger

    Finally, a Cena shirt with a non-pandering message to it.

  • Jamie

    You know what it’s all a bit of fun at the end off the day if it was any of u running the business you would be trying to make as much money as possible…..