WWE Champ Congratulates TNA Destination X Winners

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WWE Champion CM Punk congratulated Austin Aries, Samoa Joe and Zema Ion for victories at TNA Destination X on Twitter. Below is the Tweet:


  • _JIM_

    I agree with Punk whole heartedly. Someone at TNA does seem to finally be getting it. Though I could’ve done without Zima winning the X-Division title. There were others more deserving, and I think having him win depreciates all of the value that A-Double had restored to the X-Division Championship.

    • Phill

      Zima will be an interim champion (to bring Jesse Sorenson back via feud)
      I imagine in the long term, we'll see Kenny King lead the X Division.

  • LeftyTosser

    Agreed on Joe and Aires big wins. Great to see guys that are deserving getting their pushes. Aires is going to be a huge plus with the possible programs it opens up. Ion, don't understand this one at all. Maybe if they would get rid of the hairspray crap and let him win some clean it would help. But he's just not my cup of tea.