WWE Championship Match Set For Next Week's Raw Supershow

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WWE Champion CM Punk will defend the title against Mark Henry in a no-disqualification, no count-out match on next week's Raw Supershow from the O2 Arena in London, England.

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  • Ricky Valdez

    I guess it just a matter of time before the 3 stooges are inducted in to the wwe hall of fame, with there showing on raw tonight.

    • Nick/UK


  • The Breaker

    Henry's been on SmackDown so long that he called himself the next World Heavyweight Champion during the backstage interview.

    • craig

      Yep it would be impress for him to win that title when Punk is the WWE Champ

  • Noah


  • monty

    hoping for a good match titles usually don't change on weekly shows. am i the only one who feels like titles mean less and less by each passing wekk with all these other big feuds?

    • Anand

      Yes, am starting to get that feeling too. The personal feuds between behemoths like Rock or Cena or Lesnar is kind of overshadowing the title matches. The WWE title is atleast getting some push with the Jericho Punk storyline but I feel the WHC has been almost forgotten.

      Hopefully the WHC Sheamus gets a good rivalry to revive the title

  • Adam

    Sheamus vs del rio vs orton vs daniel bryan in a classic tlc match at extreme rulz tht would be epic and maximum carnage