WWE Changes Rusev's Name

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WWE has made a significant change to Alexander Rusev as they have dropped his first name and are now simply calling him Rusev. The change has already been reflected on his profile on dot com.

The company recently shortened the names of Cesaro and Big E.

Looking at this, one can also think of when WWE changed Lord Tensai to Tensai.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    You can change a name all you want but until you change the character it means nothing

  • Luke

    Lol at him being Russian

  • They dropped his name in the lower-third they gave him but both Cole and JBL still said “Alexander.”

  • Bo

    This name shortening fad is STUPID. It only works if it’s like 1 guy that nobody ever heard of, like Goldberg was. If you display a guy for weeks or months with a full name and then shorten it, fans just don’t like it. Is this the best vince’s stupid creative team can do?

  • Jim Evans

    So when are they going to change Triple H to just H , or The Game to just Game ? John Cena to just Cena and so on.

    • thepowerserge

      Wonder if the Brooklyn Brawler will just go by Brawler from now on. Or how about Okerlund, Piper, Jim, Hart, Duggan, Finkel, Patterson & Atlas.