WWE Changes Their Mind, Will Televise Mick Foley's Hall Of Fame Speech

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Mick Foley announced on his social media Thursday evening his WWE Hall of Fame speech will be highlighted on the USA Network special next Tuesday night at 10 PM/9 CT. You can read more details on the broadcast at this link.

Foley was originally off the special to make room for Donald Trump as the plan was for  Bruno SammartinoTrish Stratus and  Trump to be highlighted in the one-hour special.  Foley said he hoped it was just a rumor  but was later in a better frame of mind after watching his new DVD.

I discussed how Foley went from being the face of this year's class to a possible snub here in Ask WNW.

  • Jeremy

    This is awesome! Foley truly deserves to at least be on the broadcast. Donald Trump has nothing on him when it comes to all Foley has done for the WWE and wrestling in general.

  • Karen Keener

    I know there’s heat between Foley and Triple H for whatever reason, but to not have him on the HOF broadcast, would have been beyond wrong. I know social media is part of anything that has an audience to it, but had they replaced Foley with Trump, of all people, would have been unforgivable by the majority of the people who watch WWE programming.

  • lee

    So they would have just showed the ones that the McMahon family are inducting if Schwarzenegger would have said no.

  • Kacie

    They better not bump off Trish! Personally I could careless about Bruno and Donald speeches.

    • Matt

      Bruno Sammartino, one of the biggest reasons wrestling is even a thing these days. Without Bruno you wouldn’t have a Trish, a Foley, a Rock. His title reign was historic and deserves phenomenal amounts of recognition and respect. Scripted or not, it’s a huge achievement that will never be topped. I remember Richard saying he doubted this generation of fans even care a out Bruno, because he wasnt that fussed by it. But I can tell you now, the majority of this generation know and respect everything Bruno did!

      • Kacie

        I’m not saying that I don’t respect him, I respect all wrestlers, I just don’t know him so since I don’t know him I really don’t care about his speech. Bruno was way before my time.

    • John 3:16

      Bruno is awesome

  • Terra Ryzing

    The WWE came to their senses eh? That’s a first.

  • The Cactus Dude of Mankind

    Trump just made some impact in just a few days.

    Foley made a lot of impact in a longer period of time, lengthy and more than Trump’s. Not only that, but that impact is memorable and involves greater achievements.

    But Foley has to be highlighted in a separate program.

    Why does celebrities get the spotlight of an improper place to their profession?

  • I’ve got a question where is the original news post that said which HOF speeches were being aired on the USA Network, because if their isn’t one then I’m guessing that Foley speech was always scheduled to air since he’s the biggest star to todays fanbase in this years HOF class.

    • Matt

      About three reports yesterday. Click the links in the bloody article. Jesus.

      • Actually I did read the reports yesterday and none of them said anything about which HOF speeches would air on the USA Network, other than maybe Trump’s.

  • tym

    what about booker t being shown on tv