WWE Claims Brad Maddox Was "Attacked" At Smackdown Taping

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The official WWE website released an article about Brad Maddox and his cameraman being attacked prior to the Smackdown tapings in Sacramento, California. An excerpt is below:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – WWE.com sources have learned that Brad Maddox and his personal cameraman, Carson, apparently have been victims of an attack during the SmackDown television tapings and have been transported to a nearby medical facility. Further details are very limited at this time.

Click here to view the full release.

  • Michael

    Really getting tired of the Brad Maddox storyline either allow to get a kayfab contract or leave the story alone.

    • tex

      The Brad Maddox storyline has only just started, get use to it.

  • Do a Danny Davis, let him wrestle then go back to refereeing and forget he ever did anything else !

    • Pluto

      LOL now that’s old school

  • I quite like the Brad Maddox storyline – it’s not getting lots of TV time – at the moment it’s a side story, but there may be something yet to be revealed.

  • Mike

    Paul Heyman is probably behind the attack (not personally, but someone on his behalf).

  • Would be epic if he got buddy buddy with Punk and Heyman then reffed the match and cost Punk the title. Then gets a contract from the Rock.

    • Chris

      Rock is GM now???

  • Joel

    Maddox is clearly the secret leader of the Shield.

    Every person the Shield attacked was someone who had beaten Maddox in his attempts to get a contract [in the same order]

    Once they went through those guys they went after whoever was against Heyman.
    Now Heyman isn’t getting the hints he’s gonna shun Maddox and loose his chance to be “in” with the Shield an turn them against him/Punk.

    Also Maddox cameraman films everything on a home camcorder, which is the same quality all the Shield vignettes have.


      oh my god you are right :DDDDDD

  • tex

    I like Brad Maddox, i think he has a great future ahead of him.

  • Lukas von Lumdsen

    Further details are limited? Aren’t they always filming? Just rewind the tape and hit play!