WWE.com Articles, Where's Chris Hero?, Booker T's Character & Announce Work, Booking Del Rio

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Given the recent articles featured on WWE.com such as a revamp of the John Cena character, a new WWE Championship belt or the return of the Hardcore Title is WWE listening to the Internet and are these changes happening?

There is no way I can give you an accurate answer of what is featured on WWE.com. Some of the stuff is kayfabe, some of it legitimate and some of it (turkeys in the ring) is completely uncalled for. The articles you mentioned have generated a lot of buzz but I'm not sure if they mean serious changes or are used to get people sharing on Facebook and Tweeting on Twitter. WWE uses their website as a means of promotion for the company as well as yet another revenue stream for their well-oiled machine. There isn't always the best communication between the WWE website staff and the WWE writing team but it is what it is. We try and highlight some of the stuff WWE posts on their website but I would not use it as a source for accurate information.

While Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli) is now in WWE's Florida Championship Wrestling developmental territory, where is Chris Hero?

Chris Hero ended up not getting signed by WWE. He's still working the indies and is part of Jeff Katz's Wrestling Revolution Project, however, he's not under any type of WWE contract.

Is Booker T a heel or babyface?

Booker T is meant to be a tweener, however, he's playing the role of a babyface in his program with Cody Rhodes. There are big plans for Rhodes and working with Book is part of the process of his elevation. On another note, I want to take a moment to applaud the work of Booker T. When he first returned to WWE as a color commentator I had questions about his work but he's gotten much better and is entertaining. He still has a tendency to "over talk" but overall he's greatly improved.

Has the way Alberto Del Rio been booked lately hurt his character in the long term?

The booking of Alberto Del Rio has been telling and questionable. WWE has elevated him quicker and stronger than any worker in recent history as he won both the Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank briefcase this year. However, during his title reigns the company has made it blatantly obvious they have no confidence in him as "the guy." What I don't understand is if WWE doesn't have confidence in him to defend the strap, why give it to him in the first place?

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  • Ruck

    I think that the real reason they let ADR have two title reigns is because they wanted to create a lot of buzz when thy did their tour in Mexico and to have Del Rio as the first ever Mexican to be WWE champion is enough to get butts in seats.

    • Nick

      What about Rey Mysterio? I can agree on the part of having him as champion during the tour though.

    • JOHN

      Uuuummm EDDIE GUERRO waz WWE Champion. LOL

      • Nathen

        Hey guys, despite popular belief, Mexican is not a race but a Nationality. The only possible way to be truly considered Mexican is to be born in Mexico. Eddie Guerro and Rey Mysterio are Hispanics of Mexican decent, but can't truly be considered Mexican.

        I am of Mexican decent myself. WWE generally avoided this confusion by calling ADR the first Mexico born WWE Champion.

        • Ruck

          THANK YOU! Unlike Rey Mysterio and Eddie! Alberto Del rio was actually born in Mexico! Therefore he is the first EVER Meheecan WWE champion!

        • Daniel

          Totally, great wording there Nathen.

  • @RatedMKD

    I find Del Rio instantly interesting when he's not the champion. Maybe the character's better suited to chasing a title, maybe the man struggles with the stress of being champion, maybe there's an underlying subconscious desire to prove a point when he's not the champion, maybe it's the booking. Or maybe it's just how I perceive things. Whatever it is, I hope it changes. I'd love to see ADR have a compelling and lengthy WWE Title reign.

    As for the articles about the WWE Title design, turkeys in the ring, etc., it's probably no coincidence that it's happened around the same time WWE's gone Twitter-crazy. This is all presumption on my part, but perhaps they reckon the IWC crowd that took to Twitter in force when Christian lost the WHC in May (for example) aren't the type to fall for the whole "Trending Now" inserts on RAW. Posting articles like these on WWE.com offers an easy alternative that not only links easier to social networking sites, but has relatively zero impact on their mainstream-driven programming.

    • mehartze

      I completely agree.

  • Hello

    Booker T's loquaciousness

  • Thumbs neutral

    Sooo ummm…..Does anyone here "Thumbs up" their own post?

    • Juice Bronson

      I just did.

    • christianrocker90

      you can't

      • Me.

        Sure you can. And I will tomorrow after this is posted.

    • H.M.

      Awww yeah 😉

  • Ellen

    ADR = diversity plain & simple, talent or none doesn't matter. WWE needs to fill the seats and make money no matter how you look at it, and ADR brings in the Hispanic population. But, I have to say, looooose the Espanol!

  • Jbreed

    ADR needs a character change and to get rid of his geeky sidekick then maybe he'll be taken seriously. Then again the WWE sabotages anybody's title reign who's name is not John Cena. It will be interesting to see what CM Punk does as champion. I'm sure he's only keeping the belt warm for Cena until Cena is done with The Rock.

    • H.M.

      Pretty pessimistic don't you think?

  • Bruce

    Im sorry I don't enjoy Booker T's commentary-I wish they'd bring back the Hall of famer good old JR!!

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