WWE.com Gets Redesigned - New Roster Pages, Extensive Collection Of Classic Videos, More

The official WWE website has been redesigned. The homepage has an increased focus on social networking, including a Twitter feed of WWE talent at the bottom. In addition, each Superstar's roster page has been redesigned, a new comments section has been added, and more.

The new Classics section also includes classic clips and matches from the WWE video library, as well as full-length matches such as Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25 and John Cena vs. CM Punk at Money in the Bank.

Click here to see the new design.

  • Ranveer

    The new design is actually really good… WWE should promote their own website on RAW & SmackDown! more than twitter!! unfortunately I can't see the matches and other videos as they are not available for viewing in India! But overall wwe.com is really worth visiting now especially the classics section and the superstar pages with the new milestone features is very good as well!


    wwe should be more focused on evolving there superstars becuz no one is top tier there all mid card. Instead of wasting there time with new look to their website. Not to mention no creative what’s so ever

    • proud

      That is a pretty narrow minded thing to say mate, so what one higher up got 5 pissants to redesign the website whilst the rest of this massive company went about doing their jobs.
      Oh I didn’t say you were wrong though champ

  • Ian Myers

    Is Joey Styles still in charge of dotcom?

  • TakerMania

    this new version of WWE.com is the best one ever
    I've been hating the site for many years
    but now I'm really impressed
    I absolutely love it !