WWE.com Reports That John Laurinaitis Suffered Multiple Injuries At WWE Over The Limit

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The official WWE website is reporting that John Laurinaitis suffered a number of "injuries" during his match with John Cena at WWE Over The Limit. The following excerpt details the reported injury:

"WWE.com has gotten word that Mr. Laurinaitis was rushed to the emergency room from Raleigh, N.C.’s PNC Arena, showing signs of a possible concussion, possible ACL damage to his knee and a possible spinal injury. To add to this litany of serious injuries, the executive also suffered contusions over his entire body and was said to have difficulty raising his left arm and left leg, which can indicate possible nerve damage. The General Manager may have also suffered a broken clavicle."

Click here to read the full announcement.

Note from Richard: In case for some reason you were wondering, this is all a work to try and help better legitimize the beating he took from John Cena. I will have more on what I consider to be a failure in my Richard Reacts piece later today.

  • voice of wrestling

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yeeeeeeess

  • Cenator 4 life

    I am sooo glad that Johnny is in pain I hope he doesn't recover 😀

  • Still not as bad as the Trauma my body went through from watching the main event. I think my eyes have been forced into retirement.

  • Ellen Brennan

    Work, work, work!

  • smithmiester

    Really? He just so happens to have all of the injurys? How realistic is that…

    • Andre

      about as realistic as big show not taking his changes with a new GM but deciding on turning heel, that would have been more believable if the firing was done after the letter from the board, then again the whole johnny heel is a cheap ripoff of the awesome mr. mcmahon character so can't expect much creativety from the writers.

  • Dave

    I should have hated the main event, but I really enjoyed the beatdown and especially Ace on commentary!
    Yes the ending was predictable but Show had yellow shirt swag

  • Jaryd

    So I'm assuming the consensus is this is a work then? 😛

    • proud


  • Dangerous Lee

    Wait, this was a work? You mean getting water poured down his crotch didn’t cause any real injuries? Well I’ll be…..

  • _JIM_

    Was this guy in a car accident or a wrestling match last night?

  • _JIM_

    Was this guy in a car accident or a wrestling match?

  • _JIM_

    Was this guy in a car accident or a wrestling match.

  • R.A.

    Of course,this is a work.Bring back Trish Stratus as a blond and dress her like a schoolgirl.

  • Kleck

    I hope he gets hit with a bedpan