WWE Commentary Changes, CM Punk's UFC Line Nixed, Hornswoggle Update

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WWE Commentary Changes

There were some commentary changes at Thursday night's Smackdown taping. JBL and Josh Mathews called the July 31st episode of WWE Main Event while Michael Cole and Alex Riley called the August 2nd episode of Smackdown.

CM Punk's UFC Line Nixed

CM Punk's line on Monday Night Raw where he called Brock Lesnar a former UFC heavyweight champion was edited out of international airings of the show.

Hornswoggle Update

The WWE Studios production, Leprechaun: Origins, is close to wrapping. Hornswoggle, who stars in the film, posted the following on Twitter:

  • Kenneth

    Oh Sweet Jesu, now we’ll have to endure Hornswoggle on TV again.

  • Gary Robert

    Why would it be edited out AT ALL?

    • Rus

      Yeh I reckon its just more to hype Brock up and look more like a monster, I remember when they brought Ken Shamrock in they sold him on the fact he came from UFC