WWE Condemns Former Talent For Gay Slur

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Scorpio Sky (real name Schuyler Andrews) has drawn the attention of WWE after Tweeting a gay slur and attacking the people who didn't like it. WWE issued the following response:

WWE strongly believes that everyone should be treated with respect and this principle is the foundation of our anti-bullying initiative, “Be a STAR”. Mr. Andrews no longer works for WWE and we have no plans to work with him in the future.

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  • Patrick Peralta

    good job Scorpio Sky great way to lose a job.

  • Jon Robertson

    Because making fun of J.R.'s Bell's Palsy is TOTALLY showing him respect.

    • Van

      And so is Linda McMahon giving her campaign workers bounced checks & condoms telling them that they're screwed.

  • Me.

    Can you say hypocrites?

  • Snap

    What I find ironic is the article itself doesn't shy away from using the gay slur itself. If you click on the link which brings up the full story, right below the last tweet is the offending comment. You don't condemn someone for using the slur and then casually use it yourself.

    I agree about the mocking of JR's Bell's Palsy, though, but WWE will "rationalize" it by saying it's just entertainment because it appeared on RAW. It's a shame they don't practice what they preach, it's a prime reason why non-fans don't take them seriously or see them "entertainment" suitable only for the lowest common denominator.

  • Stoney

    showing respect by making fun of JR's bells palsy, fat jokes about Vickie Guerrero, Tensai saying racist jokes, and necrophilia storylines

    • Louis

      Not to mention, the WWE having Michelle McCool make fun of Mickie James' "weight issues." That and two of those that you mentioned Stoney won the WWE the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award for the "Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic" in 03, 09, & 11 respectively. In fact, they are so good at being jackasses, you should see their other wins over the years for said award and the nominations they got in that category.

  • Matt

    That's just Harold being Harold 🙂

  • William Shatner

    Yes, because a few black pixels on a field of white pixels is so horrendous. A whole lot of fuss over nothing. People are far too fragile these days.
    It's a troll insult on Twitter for crying out loud. It's not someone up in your face insulting you. It's someone sat at a keyboard or behind a smartphone. Just ignore it and get on with your lives.
    Sure, homophobic insults are about as low and ignorant as you can go, racial insults likewise, but some people are just like that and will never change no matter how hard you try to educate them. They only have the power to insultpeople because people allow themselves to get wound up tight.