WWE Confirms 30-Man Royal Rumble Match

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WWE has officially announced this year's Royal Rumble Match will be a 30-Man Match in an official preview posted here on WWE.com.

WWE Royal Rumble 2012, the 25th, will take place Sunday, January 29, 2012 from from the Scottrade Center in Saint Louis, Missouri. We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • sal

    30 is better then 40 as with 40 it even gets more diluted there is no need for 10 more wrestlers who are not even good enough to appear on raw or smackdown

    • ken

      Agreed. 30 is more than enough for the forseenable future. And I'm picking either Kane, Dolph Ziggler or The Miz.

      • Man

        Big dady V

        • Bob

          30 sweet

  • infamous743

    Well said Ryder for the win

  • Man

    Hope big dady V returns

  • Ilyas

    I hope Rey Mysterio,John Cena,Big Show,or Randy Ortan get to win the 2012 Royal Rumble!

    • seakc87

      Fortunately, there’s no way Cena can win the rumble

      • Conlan

        Cena will win. Hustle Loyalty Respect is what will make Cena win

        • Tyll

          Big dady V return would be awsome!

  • BTB

    I'm personally hoping that Jericho returns at RR (not 1/2/12) and goes on to win to set up his feud with Punk.

  • Ricardo

    30 is traditional and always will be !!

  • Zach

    I hope Jericho wins it

    • Conlan

      Jerico said he will NEVER return to the wwe. Rey Mysterio will wim

    • Conlan

      Jericho. HELL NO. Cena all the way

  • Andy

    i know everyone is joking when wanting big daddy v to return but can we stop, he wouldnt last in the new world of actually WRESTLERS that rule the titles. #wherearethewweicecreambars

    • Krim

      Wtf?!?! He would own many of the guys in wwe

  • Sabastian Isaac

    I hope taker returns at the rumble then wins and has a title match at wrestlemania for his last run

  • Not that I got anything against Big Daddy V but why is everyone hoping for him to return??

    • ease9310

      I don't know,and don't care!

    • Krim

      He kicks ass!!!

  • jack preston