WWE Confirms Mae Young Dead At 90

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WWE confirmed Tuesday night on dot com that Mae Young has died. She was 90-years-old.

Young had been in failing health and there were inaccurate reports she had died last week. WWE noted she was the "oldest living squared circle personality."

Stephanie McMahon paid tribute to Young on Twitter shortly after the news broke:

  • BIG M

    RIP Mae you will be missed.

  • Christen

    She fought her hardest until the very end she held on as long as she could. Her memory will live on forever in the hearts of the fans and those who loved her. Mae and Faboulous Moolah along with all those wrestlers/divas who have passed are now entertaining in the big ring in the sky. Rest In Peace Mae Young!

  • Frenchfry

    RIP Mae, always loved getting a chance to see you

  • Stoney

    She’s now up there with Fabulous Moolah

  • Jeff Chambers

    RIP mae you will be missed and not forgotten

  • George


  • _JIM_

    I’m sad to hear about Mae’s passing. She was one tough old lady. Even at her advanced age she took some of the most wicked bumps possible back in the Attitude Era. Some of them were so hardcore that I’d wager guys on the current roster would be hesitant to take them. Plus she was involved in some of the most memorable and funny skits ever. Her stuff with Mark Henry will always make any highlight video made about the Attitude Era. She seemed to be up for doing darn near anything, and I as a fan definitely appreciate somebody willing to do that to entertain us. R.I.P. Mae…

  • Donnie Stuart

    RIP Mae

  • RIP Mae, you are now reunited with Moolah.

  • ezduzit

    I’ve been a wrestling fan for a good 50 years and losing Fabulous Moolah and now Mae Young is like losing my own relatives. My heart is breaking especially for her family, whether it be her wrestling or her personal family. It is hard on us all and we will truly miss you.
    R.I.P we love and miss you. My whole hearted condolences to the family.