WWE Confirms Mike Tyson's Hall Of Fame Induction

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WWE has confirmed Mike Tyson as a 2012 WWE Hall of Fame inductee. You can read their official announcement at this link.

As Brooks reported earlier here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Tyson joins Edge, The Four Horsemen and Mil Mascaras as members of the Class of 2012.

  • Philip Thompson

    I'm not comfortable with Mike Tyson being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    His contributions to the WWE were minimal? It's not like he's had an association long-term with multiple appearances over many years and is a true fan of the sport. Then there is the small matter of him being a CONVICTED RAPIST! I'm not sure that that fits in well with WWE PG or Linda McMahon wishing to get elected as state Senator. There are many more deserving cases, I'm not completely against the 'celebrity wing' but I do think it should be for true fans who have gone above and eyond what they're being paid for over many years.

    • Brandon Ceielo

      Who fits your description for having gone above and beyond what they're being paid for over many years?

    • kyle

      His contributions were minimal? are you serious bro?

      Mike Tyson's involvement with the WWE and with Austin were huge for the company. It got so much publicity and to say the stuff with tyson and austin were better than austins start with the 3:16 gimmick. Tyson deserves to be in the HOF instead of Drew Carey…

      • Blazeking

        C'mon… they both deserve to be in there. Nothing wrong with Carey being in the celeb wing and I don't understand the hate towards him. It's not right at all. He was the 1st celeb in a royal rumble. Let him have that and give him some respect for actually trying to do what he know he wasn't really physically able to do like everyone else. It's a celeb wing people! Legit Hall Of Fame's even have these wings (read: "Rocky" getting inducted into the celeb wind of the Boxing HOF.)

        Tyson more or less could go into the wrestlers wing and nobody would care because he did more than Carey.

  • Sorry this man is a thug he bit as he bit a mans ear off
    This is sick he is a Rapist and a idiot as I said on my Facebook page WWE EVERYTHING I believe this to be a bad decision as the hall of fame is turning into even more of a joke c’mon Edge, The four horseman and a rapist

  • Adamtrace

    So mike Tyson more acceptable than Benoit?

    • ceedot

      get over it.

  • Jeremy

    Why aren't legends like Paul Bearer, Owen Hart, Randy Savage, The British Bulldog, Brian Pillman, Paul Heyman, Bradshaw, Ron Simmon (Faarooq), Lance Storm, DDP, Dean Malenko, and Rick Rude not inducted in the Hall of Fame yet? For shame WWE.

    • Matt

      Thanks cause we didn’t know who Ron Simmons was

    • Blazeking

      Owen isn't in the HOF because of his wife. She will sue Vince for using his likeness. Savage: Needs to get in the HOF not because of his death. Nobody wants a pity nomination for Macho Man. The rest? It just isn't their time yet.