WWE Confirms That Jerry Lawler Suffered A Heart Attack

WWE has released an official statement regarding Jerry Lawler's condition following his collapse on last night's edition of Raw:

Jerry “The King” Lawler suffered a heart attack while commentating during last night’s broadcast of Monday Night Raw in Montreal.  We are hopeful Jerry makes a full recovery and returns to WWE in the near future. Our thoughts are with Jerry and his family.

We wish Jerry Lawler the very best and are hoping and praying for a full and speedy recovery.

  • Code

    This might not be cool this incident screams of the movie "The Wrestler"…..might be time for The King to hang em up before its too late

    • Nostaljack

      I agree and sincerely hope he stays out of the ring now. He doesn't need to be there. His tremendous gifts can be better used elsewhere. It was a fun novelty from time to time. It officially isn't fun anymore. The look on Michael Cole's face was absolutely heartbreaking and he was absolutely beside himself with fear. The show took a very eerie turn and I never realized how much commentary added to the show until it wasn't there anymore. Graphics flew by and action continued with nary a word and it was just the most uncomfortable thing I've ever seen. I wish Michael Cole comfort and sleep as he did a tremendous job last night. I also wish the same for those who competed with him this evening. It certainly wasn't their fault and I pray they realize that. Get well soon, King.

  • leonard

    My prayer go out to Jerry Lawler, and his family. You can actually here Jerry start to break down at 1.59 almost 2 hour mark with heavy breathing in the mic.

    • Moose666

      I heard the same thing when I reviewed my DVR last night. VERY scary!! Just imagine how scary it was for him. I lost an uncle a few years back to a massive heart attack and they are no joke at all. I hope he makes a full recovery and also hope WWE doesn't pressure him to return too quickly. I'm just glad the latest news sounds as if he will pull on through it.

  • Ray

    What did Ziggler do?

  • Mark3man

    I hope this is taken the right way, but he is really lucky that this happened to him when it did. All it would of took was him to havethe heart attack 2hours later in his hotel room and it could of been so much worse. Get well soon Jerry.

  • Anand

    King – We will definitely miss you… Get well soon and come back to the WWE. The Commentary table needs you !!!

  • mm

    at what time did jerry lawler fell during which match

  • David

    Jerry get well soon. Been watching you for a lot of years. Take the time to get well and stay out of the ring.

  • Bertie

    Micheal Cole has gone up in my estimations after all that! Respect to him! He was awesome

  • Oliver Fisher

    I think wwe and Vince messed up big time having punk attack him the way he did in the steel cage. That must of contributed to this.

  • Rick

    Hope you get better Jerry “The King” Lawer

  • Hassan

    Get well soon Jerry!!

  • Jake

    Get well soon jerry! I felt so bad for him last night. Cole was almost in tears :'(

  • Steve Pritchard

    Get well soon Jerry! Them puppies are waiting. U day man Jerry.

  • Prprince1205

    Hes lucky that it happened at raw and there were paramedics there. Cause if it happened at home he might not be so lucky

  • Ant

    Hope he makes a full recovery. As hectic as it must've been for everyone involved at least it happened someplace where doctors an ambulance and E.M.T.s were on the spot and ready to help. The outcome could have been much worse had he been driving or taking a shower or sleeping or something like that.

  • Joe

    Man hopefully he recovers don’t want to sound negative but michael Clark Duncan had a heart attack and past away 1 months later….hope he has a speedy recovery

  • So I take it The Miz will take over King's duties now on the desk? Let's hope so! Thoughts go out to Lawler and his family though. Although I've never been a fan of his, it's never good to see on-air talent suffering heart attacks mid-show, good luck to him!