WWE Continues To Build Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes

The official WWE website has a video interview online with Booker T where they follow-up on the program with Cody Rhodes from Monday's Raw Supershow. Book said stuff such as "I'm a journalist," it's "nothing personal" and that he has "no beef with Cody Rhodes." He also said he has no plans to get in the ring with the reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion. You can watch the full interview at this link.

As I reported here in October, there are plans to program Rhodes and Booker T in the ring and they are advertised in singles matches on upcoming Smackdown house shows.

  • JP_Punk

    Booker T would destroy cody rhodes! can you dig it suckaaaaaaa

  • Nite

    i love booker t, he is a good worker or was in the business, i think he would definately take the opportunity to put over cody if wwe offers it to him. he is all about whats good for business and a short to medium program with cody followed by cody going over him would really help elevate cody a little higher. i just hope it doesnt interfer with his commentating too much as i enjoy his broadcasting, even if its not perfect it is so much better then coles horrible job.

  • kbunyon

    I actually think this could be good for both Cody and Booker. I look forward to this growing feud.


  • Having the old guard put over Cody is a good thing. A lot like all of the old guards putting over Orton duringhis "legend-killer" phase. cody's a rising star.

  • sforester

    Let's be fully honest, we know that Cody will go over in the end, but having a five-time (yadda yadda) WCW champion that's still in good shape around is a good way to take that next step and get that heat a main-eventer requires. Personally I would have booked this BEFORE a feud with Orton, but that's just me.

  • Dave

    Cody vs. Booker T can anyone say AWESOME. Booker was/is a damn good worker, and Cody can hold his own with the upper card. I have high hopes WWE does this right.

  • H.M.

    Stop being such a good guy and show us the real badass Booker we all know! 😛

    This will be a good program though, considering who is involved. I have only recently gotten into Rhodes and I never saw the hype in him for the most part. But he has managed to win me over. I think a match between these two at TLC is most possible and seeing Booker in the ring again will be awesome.

  • ZackPack

    I hope this doesn't mean Booker will be off announce permanently – he is GOLDEN

  • Matt

    Booker T: Cody Rhodes we comin for u Nigga

  • bad news brown

    For those who don't remember.This feud was in the works when Cody paper bag man would hand him a bag,and booker would be looking upset.I knew this would eventually be Bookers next feud

  • andrew

    As a wrestling fan since I was in pampers I love Booker T.As an African American I loved when he became champion KING BOOKER and when he was in Wcw.I hate how just about all black wrestlers are shown as dumb r truth or a thug when the public knows that light years away frm the truth.anyway I also love Cody Rhodes his dad thats a legend Dusty so hopefully Booker can put him over.